1. dniepoko

    The Game


    For this assignment, I took related clips from The Wire and put them together. Of course when I thought of something that reoccured in The Wire throughout all season is the game.  So here, I focused on people talking about the game.


    I searched for youtube clips to …

  2. dniepoko

    Fritz Lang’s M Reflection


    I personally enjoyed how clip was in black and white, it really changes the vibes it gives off. The clock seemed to portray tension, for example, when the clock went off at noon in the house, as well as in other places, all the focus was solely on the noise …

  3. dniepoko

    Silly dogs!


    This assignment was to create a 5 second frame. Here I created a film, debuting my dogs! One thing my parents do not like that I do with them, is feed them human food. One day at dinner, I told my parents I taught them to eat corn off the …

  4. dniepoko

    What is it?


    For today’s daily create, we had to make an interesting indoor photo with the blinds closed so your audience has to guess your subject. So here it is!

  5. dniepoko

    Inspiration is key


    This week was focused on inspiration and reflection on the radio shows. Everyone did such a great job on their radio shows, I was so impressed! Unfortunately, I was unable to live tweet about one, so instead I did two more inspire post


    The Wire

    Episode 5- Avon is …

  6. dniepoko

    For Sale: One Wired Greek Inspiration


    Here is another design assignment that inspired me. You can locate the original here.

    This inspired me because if you have seen The Wire, you can clearly tell that this is the Greek. He is perfect to put a barcode on because ‘everything is always business’ to him. The …

  7. dniepoko

    DSTW 76.5 Reflection


    DSTW 76.5 was such a great radio show! It was well put together and a lot of effort was apparent. I love how you guys played different characters! The news theme was great, very accurate of what happens in Baltimore. They did a great job summarizing main events in The …

  8. dniepoko

    Bell-aconda inspiration


    Here is a design assignment that inspired me. You can located the original here

    Relating Stringer to an animal is tough because he has multiple roles in The Wire. This design was inspiring because the face was incorporated perfectly on the snake’s face to really give off the effect. It …

  9. dniepoko

    30 Circle Challenge


    For today’s daily create, I took the 30 circle challenge. This was actually harder than I expected. I started to run out of ideas towards the end, despite the fact there are so many options! After I finished, so many idea came to mind.

  10. dniepoko

    Lights! Camera! Action! Inspiration


    Here is one of the pieces of art that inspires me. You can find the original here.

    This was a daily create assignment, I just love the design principle to it. The colors are so vibrant, which draws the eye to the work. The variation in the depth, and …

  11. dniepoko

    The Wire Banner inspiration


    Here is another piece of work that inspired me. You can located the original here.

    This banner has many detail to it, such as the coffee stains that give off a nice vibe. The flow of the pictures works so well! It is inspiring how much thought was put …

  12. dniepoko

    Audio Inspiration


    Here is an audio that inspired me. You can locate the original here.

    I absolutely love how this was done! One person did the whole thing, it is inspiring what you can do with just your voice. Here Frank and Nick were talking and you can clearly tell who …

  13. dniepoko

    Winter is coming!


    For today’s daily create, a winter drawing was created. What says winter more than a reindeer in some snow! Personally, I am not ready for winter to come! I do not enjoy the snow, so I had to think of something happy about winter. Of course, Rudolph came to mind …

  14. dniepoko

    Edit.. edit.. edit


    This week we did not have that many assignments, instead the primary focus was on the radio show. Although there was not much to do, the radio show was somewhat time consuming.

    The Wire

    Episode 2- This episode was probably my least favorite because of the dog fight! But I …

  15. dniepoko



    Due to the fact last week was filled with midterms, then fall break nothing has been recorded yet.

    Unfortunately, due to my job I was unable to go to the meeting with the group. I kept in touch tho, to know our theme (what would you do). Our plan is …

  16. dniepoko

    Back to Audio!


    This week was back to audio. Audio is becoming a lot easier for me, the practice is beyond beneficial. I enjoyed doing the assignments, while some were more challenging than others. I am fairly impressed with what I learned how to do.


    The Wire

    Season 2, Episode 12:

    I …

  17. dniepoko

    The Greek


    For this assignment, I did an epigraph from The Wire, season 2 episode 12.

    Business, always business

    I love this quote, it really sums up The Wire, and it similar to “it’s all in the game”



    I just watched the episode and found times where people said …

  18. dniepoko

    DS 106 Radio


    I tried to keep the bumper relevant to The Wire. I found this assignment to be one of the easier ones so far!



    I went on YouTube to find the theme song of The Wire. Then I went to convert the song to an MP3 so it…
  19. dniepoko

    Spooky Spooky


    I absolutely loved this assignment! I am so excited for halloween! I am going to play this one the way to the Kings Dominion Haunt, I cannot wait! Hope you enjoy!



    I went to Freesound and searched for scary, ghost, and screams. I had to find the…
  20. dniepoko

    Paying closer attention


    This week was a lot more work, but it was worth every second! The element of design extends to so many things, which can be taken for granite. I had fun doing the assignments, although some were more challenging than others. Overall this week went pretty smoothly! If you pay …

  21. dniepoko

    Design in everyday life


    The design blitz was a little harder for me! I struggled to find things that correlated to the assignment.


    In this picture, that attention is drawn to the color changing of the leaves.This really gives off a feel of fall starting to happen because of the color change. This …

  22. dniepoko

    Explore the unknown


    This assignment was fun, I loved thinking of a logo for my blog. Since my theme is Exploring the Deep Sea of Technology, I thought “explore the unknown” was perfect. I knew nothing about technology before this class, and honestly, this course was way out of my comfort zone. I …

  23. dniepoko

    Power, Corruption, and Brains


    This assignment (4 stars) really started to make me think. I loved connecting people to certain categories. 

    Avon was in the middle, of course, because everything always comes back to him. Avon’s character is powerful no matter where he is, but he is also corrupt in the way he does …

  24. dniepoko

    Where are they now?


    For this assignment (3 stars), I changed it to where are they now within the show. I focused on the three characters who I think has changed the most in season 2: McNulty, Ziggy, and Beatrice.

    McNulty- McNulty has changed so much throughout the seasons so far. His biggest change …

  25. dniepoko

    You’re Invited!


    This assignment (3 stars) was fun and very relevant. My LLC is actually participating in the Out of the Darkness Walk, which is a suicide prevention and awareness walk.



    I was thinking about something coming up important, and I thought of the walk we are participating in. I …

  26. dniepoko

    Guess the episode


    This assignment (2 stars) was a little challenging to think of just icons that summarized an episode. I picked on episodes from this weeks assignment (episodes 9, 10, or 11). I will reveal the answer in my weekly summary!





    I picked an episode and thought deeply …

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