1. dniepoko

    Myself traced


    Today’s daily create was  fun and interesting. I love silhouettes, I copied a picture and used scissors to cut it out, then pasted it one a contrasting background.

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    Empathy Map



















    Today’s daily create basically sums up my life right now. My room is nice and messy, but my waterfall is running, which helps me concentrate. I keep saying I will finish my homework.. …

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    Clean Pirates


    For today’s daily create, the pirates have landed! We all know what they do, they just love to steal..

    The pirates have landed only to take our soap and cleaning supplies! Who would have guessed there would be such a thing as clean pirates!…

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    Looking deeper


    This week was all focused on the visual! It is truly amazing how many things contribute to creating a perfect visual. I loved doing the assignments, it is amazing what you can do to any given image.

    The Wire:

    Episode 6- This episode was so sad because D’Angelo died.. Did …

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    I have no idea why I put this assignment off, it was actually fun!

    This was my list:



    What does disappointment look like?

    Breaking an egg on the counter today while cooking was my biggest disappoint and making a mess.

    Confusion – Take a picture of confusion.

    When …

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    Surreal Lake


    This assignment was a little bit tricky for me, it was hard to find two of my pictures to correspond with each other. These pictures were both taken on my vacation in Kentucky. Creating a panorama on your own can be very tricky.




    First, I had to …

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    Mirror, Mirror


    For this assignment, I focused on McNulty. He is very easy to find mirror scenes of because they portray him always the same throughout the episodes.


    I thought about who the show focuses on more, McNutly came to mind first. Of course, they show McNutly drinking a lot.. …

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    Natural to Artsy


    This assignment made it easy to ease on into visual assignments. As always I picked to do a picture of a cow. I thought they were just incredible cute pictures!



    I googled pictures of cows and cow art. These two pictures are similar, so I picked them.…

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    Perfect day


    For this assignment, I get to demonstrate what my perfect day is! I loved this assignment because it allowed to just daydream about my ideal day. This was actually very hard to think about, there were so many options!



    Wake up to my dogs Have my favorite…
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    Vintage Blueprint!


    Something my dad and boyfriend having been talking about a lot lately, today especially is a motorcycle. So I thought this assignment would be fitting to do a blueprint of one.


    To make it look more vintage, I just played around with the saturation, contrast, and other effects on …

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    Jennifer Ralston


    The interview with Jennifer Ralston was extremely interesting! She made me realize how much sound truly does matter. The detail you have to go into just for sounds is astonishing. I never would have guessed any of the things she said. Like for silence, you actually add background sound. In …

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    All in the Sounds


    After reading and listening to this week’s agenda, I was very intimidated by it due to all the audio. Turns out, it really was not that bad! Audacity was not that intimidating and the audio assignments were enjoyable! The process of doing all the assignments was not too troubling, …

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    The Wire Radio


    Thinking of ideas for the radio show is somewhat challenging! I have came up with a few, hopefully more will come!

    Ideas for The Wire, Radio Show:

    Play favorite quotes from each season Summarize the season in quotes Mimic some of the scenes by having “Guest Stars” McNulty Bubbles Kima…
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    Music Quiz


    Picking a song for this assignment was not easy! There are so many different songs. I picked a song that I just recently heard someone else playing outside. Good luck guessing! The answer will be posted in my weekly summary(:


    One of his albums, won 3 Grammy awards He’s…
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    Country Sounds


    For my assignment, I picked to do a sound scape. I naturally thought of something that had to do with cows.. so the country came into my head. All these noises are the stereotypical country scene. All of the sounds came off of freesound.


    This was much …

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    My Morning in sounds…


    For this assignment I picked to create a story all out of sounds. This was so relevant to me because in social psychology, we just learned the impact of nonverbal communication.

    This process was pretty easy for me this time! Luckily I had already had experience using Audacity from previous …

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    My puppies!


    I absolutely loved this daily create! I got so distracted looking at pictures of my dogs. One thing I always do is treat them like a human.. it is so bad! I take them everywhere with me, so they know the phrase ‘byebye’ as going on a car ride.…

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    Books on Books


    Here is my daily create! The bottom are my pleasure reading books, which also happen to be related to my job. The middle has been my life recently! Taking two chemistry classes can be a struggle. The top picture is books that are classics. I enjoyed this assignment, but …

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    Switching things up


    This week is an easier week, everything is becoming much less complicated for me. I am finally getting the hang of things! One thing I struggled with for a few was creating the menu’s. I found this website that was extremely helpful in creating the menu’s. I think Jetpack is …

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    What puts the ‘Digital’ in Digital Storytelling?


    Web 2.0 storytelling

    Web 2.0 storytelling emerged with the material and its now huge size and full diversity. Its led a big explosion of the user-generated content. Social media has evolved in high-speed. By now some platforms would be replaced or even outmoded. “Link rot” has been an issue since …

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    Teaching Lessons


    For this assignment, I changed it a little and did a lesson in general rather than to a child. I picked the scene where Valcheck learned who is in charge. This is when Carver reveals how Baltimore is ran by power. He was ordered to have squads go to …

  22. dniepoko

    The Stringer Lion


    This assignment was a little challenging for me, due to the fact I had to paste a face onto an animal. I picked to do Stringer Bell based off of how he was in Season 2, Episode 1. Since Avon went to jail, Stringer has become the dominant one of …

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    Color splash!


    I loved this assignment! It ended up correlating really well with my summary of episode 13. The colors the characters wear are very strategically thought out. In the scene I picked from episode 13 was right after Avon and Stringer were looking for a new place to set up …

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    Bringing out the nerd


    For my daily create, I actually enjoyed thinking about formulas I could use. Since I am a Chem minor, I just had to do something involving Chem! So I picked a gas law, PV=nRT. I searched logos and for some I just picked a cool letter, such as the N. …

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    Coffee and Chem


    So for today’s daily create I had to look up what a Lune Poem was so I could learn more. This semester, I have a chemistry class everyday but Thursday. Chemistry is in my daily routine, without a doubt! Every morning I wake up and go to my Organic Chemistry …

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    Did not see that coming!



    Installing and using Known was probably the easiest thing I have done this far! It was very clean cut and simple. I like how it gives you the option of posting to multiple sites all at the same time, makes it so much more convenient.

    This week of The

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    Gif-tastic summary


    Here I summarized Episode 7 One Arrest in 6 gif’s! It was a little complicated learning how to create one, but it got so much easier after the first one. I spent a good few hours on them, I have still yet to learn how to put words on the …

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    Weekly Summary 8/31


    This week was very interesting for me, I am not very technologically savvy, so there were some difficulties. Social media is not my favorite thing, therefore I tend to stay away from it. Before this course, I have never had a twitter, soundcloud, flickr, or vimeo. It was very interesting …

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    Hey guys! I am Danielle Niepokoj, I’m a sophomore at Mary Washington.  You’ll get to learn more about me through my introductions using twitter, flickr, and vimeo. I’m looking forward to this course!


    These are my two dogs, Brandy and Maddie. I absolutely adore them! They go every with …

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