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  1. Downes

    My Skin

    April 29, 2023. This is the skin on my back, photographed fairly close up. I'm still struggling a lot with itchy skin; the itch sort of migrates, but right now it's on my back. As promised yesterday, today was a work day; I attended to some coding iss...
  2. Downes

    The Ridge

    April 28, 2023. It was a beautiful day today, sunny and warmish, with a moderate east wind, so I decided to cycle today and work over the weekend. I did a loop out to Riceville along the Ridge Road and then back to Casselman through St. Isadore. This ...
  3. Downes


    April 27, 2023. Just another dreary spring day commute. I spent the morning preparing all my slides for my presentation (I didn't even have time to join the strike over lunch) and then the presentation was postponed for a week. These things happen. ht...
  4. Downes


    April 26, 2023. Lunch at the Thai Express by the Gloucester Costco near work. The scene made me think of those 1950s diner photos. Things haven't changed, except now the restaurants are brightly lit and more varied, and the food costs ten times as muc...
  5. Downes

    Bridge Out

    April 25, 2023. This is the Touchette Bridge, a key crossing on my usual bike ride to St. Albert. As can be seen, I won't be using it for a while. Today was another day focused on my newsletter and catching up with paperwork.
  6. Downes


    April 24, 2023. Charlemagne watching me as I go down the stairs. There's a spot in the front hall where I can interact with the cats at eye level. This is now the 'petting zone'. The shadow is created by cardboard barriers we installed to prevent them...
  7. Downes


    April 23, 2023. Evn if they're not quite blooming yet, it's nice to see trilliums all through the forest floor. We went for an 8.7 km walk along the Mer Bleue trail. It was supposed to rain all day, but it didn't, though trail was pretty muddy in plac...
  8. Downes


    April 22, 2023. This is a train with two engines and two cars in Finch, Ontario. I thought it was going to rain all day, but instead the rain held off until evening and the result was a beautiful day for cycling (if you don't count the 50 kph wind gus...
  9. Downes


    April 21, 2023. This is the PSAC picket line on Montreal Road outside Mona Fortier's office. I was out on the line again today - lunch hour only, because it is illegal for me to picket with them any other time (I'm in a different union). I'm *very* sy...
  10. Downes


    April 20, 2023. A better shot of the goldfinch in our back yard enjoying the feeder. A quiet day, working from home, and recovering from the cold I got working in the office.
  11. Downes


    April 19, 2023. This is a squirrel spotted just off Montreal Road as I was headed for lunch at Bobby's table (some delish smoked meat). The restaurant just happens to be across the road from where striking public service workers were picketing a gover...
  12. Downes

    Green Grass

    April 18, 2023. And just like that, there was green grass. I'd swear it was brown yesterday. I'm always amazed at how suddenly the grass returns. I went to the office to work today, a but tricky since none of my office computers is working properly. O...
  13. Downes


    April 17, 2023. The bottom half of a goldfinch is visible below the rain shield over the feeder. This was a quiet day - also cool and rainy, so I wasn't tempted to go outdoors - a nice break after last week's frenzy. Still it included a long meeting i...
  14. Downes

    Joey Vinegar

    April 16, 2023. This is Joey Vinegar and guests performing at the Ottawa Farmers market. We drove into the city to check out the Tamal fesitval (and eat some delicious tamales from various countries) and on the way checked the market; both events were...
  15. Downes

    La Bonita

    April 14, 2023. This is a scene from La Bonita restaurant on Ogilvie Road where Andrea and I had lunch. Today everything came at once and everything went long - Andrea's appointment, three meetings, a trailer hitch installation, trip to the bike shop,...
  16. Downes


    April 13, 2023. I was only 1.7 km into my ride when the front tire of my bike blew off the rim. I wasn't really prepared, since I was just planning a short ride, so I also took a 1.7 km walk. It shouldn't have blown out; I only had 55 pounds in it (it...
  17. Downes


    April 12, 2023. This is Julia (left) and Emma on the cat shelf in the kitchen right behind my chair watching the birds at the feeders. This is the first of three medical appointments in three days for Andrea, hopefully nothing major, but they're doing...
  18. Downes

    Bike Ride

    April 10, 2023. This is my bike[packing bike, out on it's first real run, a 45km loop on gravel roads south of town. Here's my recording on RideWithGPS.. I like the way it pits in the locations of the pictures. But it's...
  19. Downes


    April 8, 2023. Scene from the qualifying rounds at the world men's curling championships. We won free tickets from CAA and it was better than I thought it would be. We were seated in a 'loge', which is basically a private box with nice chairs, a table...
  20. Downes


    April 7, 2023. Yes, I had a chocolate Easter bunny for lunch. No, not one of these - a kilogram of chocolate is too much even for me. I made too with a 200 gram bunny. It was a stay-at-home and try to recover day today. I watched a couple of ball game...
  21. Downes

    The Storm

    April 6, 2023. This is a red-winged blackbird departing the feeding area mid-afternoon near the end of the ice storm. Today was mostly the aftermath, with half an inch of ice covering everything and the power being out all day. Andrea and I spent the ...
  22. Downes

    Ice Storm

    April 5, 2023. This is a view of the ice building up in the back before my window was covered with a layer of ice. We had thunder, lightning and freezing rain, the first instance of thunder-ice since 1985. It got worse and worse and then around 9 the ...
  23. Downes


    April 4, 2023. CSECV building as seen on my walk to the office for my first day back in the office after the pandemic. I dropped my car off to have the tires changed (and to argue with them about the trailer hook they never delivered, and then about t...
  24. Downes


    April 3, 2023. This is some carrot-giner soup with added veggies, chili flakes and salmon. Delicious! We picked it up yesterday at the Farm Boy in Cornwall. Today was an indoor day - I finally finished my report and sent it in (no doubt changes and co...
  25. Downes

    Palm Tree and Snow

    March 31, 2023. March ended with a snowstorm, visible behind the palm tree in my office. I'm ready for winter to be finished now. Spent the full day on my tech barriers report. Not quite done but it will be off my desk by Monday.
  26. Downes

    Opening Day

    March 30, 2023. Another season of Blue Jays baseball started this afternoon. The marathon slugfest was decided only when Vladdy drove in the tenth run with a deep fly ball. Otherwise, my full day was spend working on the tech barriers project, which i...

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