1. dradoye

    Giving and Getting Comment Feedback


    I like interacting with other students in our class.

    I am usually busy, but when I do reach out, I hear back.  And visa-versa.

    I had one other student ask me this past week how I do my photo editing.  At one point I had a copy of photo shop, …

  2. dradoye

    Design Safari


    I learned a lot about design when I was in high school.  We studied balance, rhythm, minimalism, form, color, when looking at the design of buildings.  I was in an architecture design class and we learned different styles of home and building design.


    The Starbucks bag/logo.  They use the …

  3. dradoye

    Design Inspiration


    This is a really cool talk.

    I want to be able to think about things beyond their normal use.

    I would never have thought of paper making sound.

    What really got me was redoing the NY Times. They just decided to change the material presented in the news paper.

    This …

  4. dradoye

    Amanda the Lemur





    Amanda wanted to be made into a Lemur!  So here is the final product!  Yet again I used pixlr.com!

    I used the blending tools, laso tool, and copy and past.

    You just laso around the image (her head).  Copy and paste it into the other image.  Position …

  5. dradoye



    made this with word and screen shot it to put it into an image format.  kind of lazy, but effective.


    I thought it was cool


    I am happy because I get to spend time with family and Amanda this weekend. Thanks ‘merica.…

  6. dradoye

    novel in four pictures



    sooo what is the novel???


    I just used google.  I had issues with the noun project.  I don’t think I will have any issues with usage sine there weren’t any copyrights on them, nor were there problems with watermarks.  Plus, it is for academic usage.

    I copy and …

  7. dradoye

    Routine Driver Test


    What is it? What Will it Accomplish? Who will be for it? Who will be against it?

    I have been commuting a lot lately, and this is one law that I want to put into effect!

    Hereby and forever more, drivers (starting on the date they receive their licence) must …

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    today’s daily create :(


    I am so alone today.  :(  I wish I had someone to make laugh!  I just hang out by myself here while I am interning.  Miss my family, but I get to see them for a four day 4th weekend soon! …

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    Weekly Summary Post


    wanted to put the four points up here just so I make sure I hit them all…

    How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments? What gave you trouble? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn? What would you do differently? What questions…
  10. dradoye

    Loved today’s tdc


    It was great.  I used a site called webcamtoy.com.  It has a ton of free filters and connects straight to your webcam!


    I used a bunch of them.  Check them out!


  11. dradoye

    Almost wrapping up the first week of ds106


    I think that I am getting a hang of things for ds106.  I still have one daily create left.  I did not like the newspaper one.  I couldn’t get any articles I liked in our paper.


    I will get tomorrow’s done and then put together the weekly summary.


  12. dradoye

    Michael Wesch: Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able response


    This video hits a home run with college students.  I didn’t have trouble finding it and watched the video throughout the day with breaks for chores.

    I really felt connected with the ideas that media should be fore response, interaction, and connections.  I felt convicted when he said that students …

  13. dradoye

    Gardner Campbell: Personal CyberInfrastructure Reflection



    This talk by Gardner Campbell really spoke to me.  I  began by watching the video and taking notes.  At first I was kind of disinterested.  I just wanted to get the video over with and get on with my weekend.  Time is money!!  As they say…

    About halfway through, …

  14. dradoye

    “ds106zone LoDown 001? post


    I at first could not find the blog post, but of course, it was because  I just overlooked the intro page after my initial read last weekend.

    I got onto the site and listened to the video.  It was about 8 minutes long.  I wanted to be able to comment, …

  15. dradoye

    Common Everyday Object


    At first I had no idea what to do for this assignment, so I looked around for what the heck I could tell a story about, with just the change of a color.

    I ended up with something simple and an idea began to form.

    I chose a water bottle.…

  16. dradoye

    poor Sid


    If Sid had one more day, he should totally spend the day at the beach. His day could start with a sunrise down here in Colonial Beach, VA. He could join me while I watch the sunrise, we could play in the water and play fetch like the other dogs. …

  17. dradoye

    Comments for video


    This video was very helpful.  I definitely am going to work on getting everything done as soon as I can.  I am glad that I can personalize my posts and assignments with things that interest me!  Here’s to a fun 5 weeks!!

    Intro Video for ds106


  18. dradoye

    long week…?


    I think this is going to be a long week. My internship takes up time, and I cannot get a hang of posting for #ds106 . I hope I can start seeing my photos and posts getting into the feed soon!! I also am worrying I am not doing enough. …

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