1. Chris

    Final Projects for Ds106


    Now originally I was suppose to do a horror movie mash up but then youtube blocked my video so I basically had to re do the assignment in a whole different way… I was able to save a Preview of what the horror movie mash up would have looked liked …

  2. Chris

    The creation of a great upcoming project.


    My final project will be a horror movie mash up with a unique story line, mashing up all horror movie characters and scenes from movies that would have each scene talking in a certain dialogue, for example you know how in the movie transformers, Bumblebee uses the radio to communicate …

  3. Chris

    An Album Cover [Remixed]: Go Emo Worth 4 Stars


    For this assignment im basically remixing an album cover. The orginal assignment was to make an album cover with your own designs and themes you would want in it. The way how iI remixed it was turning the colors darker to give it a emo type personality I found this …

  4. Chris

    Remix Reflection Post


    Find and embed two piece of media and juxtapose them one which is the newer ‘remix’ and the other which was ‘sampled.’ What if any relationship exists between the two creators? How do you know that one is inspired by the other? What did you find out? How does it …

  5. Chris

    Animated Music Video worth 4 stars


    Take a favorite cartoon or anime like show, take some clips, mash them together and add music to it. Try to pick out a specific theme in your clips that follow the theme of the music. Keep an eye out for changes in the music and plan your clips accordingly.…

  6. Chris

    Song Visualization worth 2 stars


    Pick a song (or a minute from a song) and create a video that displays a picture representing the lyrics. Feel free to make it silly or stick with the theme of the song.

    This video is by Weird Al Yankovic called Amish paradise which is a parody to Coolio’s …

  7. Chris

    What makes you laugh worth 2 stars


    Put the video which makes you laugh. Explain why you choose the video and what kind of situation you will watch it.

    When I watch this movie Dinner for Schmucks this part always makes me laugh like crazy. When im done this movie always knows how 2 cheer me up…

  8. Chris

    One Archetype, Five Movies, Five Seconds worth 3 stars


    Create a five second video of one archetype from five different movies cutting together one second of each. Examples could include: Prisoners, Thieves, Beauty Queens, Kings, Robin Hoods, James Bonds, Bank Robbers, Assassins, Bad Boys, Kung Fu Masters, Femme Fatales, Sports Heroes, High School Bullies, Rogue Police Officers, Brainiacs, Pregnancies, …

  9. Chris

    Movies by numbers worth 3 stars


    Create a video that artistically presents a single number in artful ways- show how it is represented in the world or nature. Add a relevant musical track, no narration, let the number and the visuals stell the story.

    For this assignment I chose the letter 1 because it just shows …

  10. Chris

    Audio Assignments 6 Context Worth 3 Stars


    Take the audio from one movie, the ambient sounds, a few words, etc. Remix it into something entirely new.

    I took the famous rhyme from the nightmare on elm street movies and remixed it with the audio sounds of the Child’s play 2 movie. Its like a face off between …

  11. Chris

    Audio Assignments 5 Cartoon Voice Worth 1 star


    Create a cartoon character voice and record it through sound cloud, It can be made up or you can mimic your favorite character.

    Growing up elmo was my favorite character to listen to, he would teach me so much and make me laugh so I thought the best way to …

  12. Chris

    Audio Assignment 4 Multipersonality Worth 4 Stars


    For this audio assignment, pretend that you are three to four persons having a regular conversation. Pick any scenario that you are comfortable with but make it convincing that there are different people within the conversation. For this assignment I made up a situation where Austin Powers is a teacher …

  13. Chris

    Audio Assignment 3 Movie Voice Machines Worth 3 stars


    Create a voice mail message for a character in a film or tv show. Use samples, impressions, and/or music to create your message.
    The voice impression I used was Austin Powers from the Austin Powers movie’s because he is a very and I would just love to imagine how his …

  14. Chris

    Daily Create for the week


    For the daily create for this week I had to take pics of a gate that would represents a path you can not enter, a place of boundary like the police do not cross tape and how my toe can be artistic.

  15. Chris

    Audio Assignments 2 Sound Effects Story Worth 3 Stars


    Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online.

    THE BABY STORY….In this sound based story I used sound emotions of the baby crying for food then, the baby gets his food …

  16. Chris

    Audio Assignment 1 May I Take Your Order… Worth 2 Stars


    Using your best accent (whether it be Australian, British or southern, ect), pretend you are at McDondalds and order something off of their menu. Be picky! For example, a coke with no ice.

    For this assignment I basically had to order food from McDonalds Using an accent, the best accent …

  17. Chris

    Design Assignment 3 The Big Hip Hop Worth 2 Stars


    Take any photo from The Big Picture http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/ and overlay it with lyrics from a Top 100 song. Similar to The Big Caption project.

    As soon as I saw this picture I knew the exact music lyric that would go with it LMAO sexy and I know it…it just screams …

  18. Chris

    Design Assignment 2 Pokemon Card Worth 3 Stars


    Create a Pokemon card for yourself, what are your powers?

    My pokemon card represnts the power of fight when it comes between me and my money and if anybody tries to mess with me I know how to defend myself and still look good doing it. I chose this pic …

  19. Chris

    Design Assignment 1 The Little Caption worth 2 stars


    Take one of your own photographs, one from Flickr Creative Commons (http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/) or one from the DS 106 Flickr group (http://www.flickr.com/groups/ds-106/) and caption it

    Did you ever think about what happens in a empty science classroom when no one is there? Well now you know when you leave a pair …

  20. Chris

    Visual Assignment 4 worth 3 stars Replay value


    This is one for the gamers. Tell an original story/scene by reappropriating screenshots from your favourite game! How? Here’s some ideas: Overwrite the text/add elements to the picture/”fake” screenshot art!


    Black Duck 1: Ready to fly south for the winter again boys?

    Black Duck 2: I sure am, I can’t …

  21. Chris

    Visual Assignment 2 Worth 2 stars..We’ve found your Match


    Take a picture of one of your closest friends and put it beside their celebrity look-a-like.

    My best friend Cherish looks exatly like R&B singer Kelly Rowland. This assignment was very interesting to me because its interesting to see how two people that are not related look exatly the same.…

  22. Chris

    Visual Assignment 1 worth 2 stars


    Take any picture and caption it with a meme, whether common or uncommon. Or come up with a personalized meme. This is one of my visual assignments I decided to do because whenever there is a picture with anybody looks like they are screaming, the first thing that comes to …

  23. Chris

    Week 3 assignment


    Tim O’Reilly basically talks about Web 2.0 which is a defined intersection of web application features that uses information sharing, user-centered design, and World Wide Web. The Web 2.0 site allows users to interact and with each other in a social media dialogue. Examples of Web 2.0 include social networking …

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