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    Weekly Summary 5


    I thought that creating the media for this week’s assignment went pretty well. I was definitely much better (more efficient?) at creating the media this time around than I was when I first tried. I have learned a lot through this course about using social media and vastly improved my …

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    Final Project Tutorials


    1.  Bucket List

    I used a program online to create the picture collage. Once you open the webpage, click create collage in the top center of the screen.

    Next, you can choose the layout and background color of your collage by using the toolbar that appears on the left side …

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    Adventures of a Sea Turtle


    Once upon a time there was a baby sea turtle named Oliver.

    Oliver loved living in the ocean and he wanted to make the most of the 100+ years he would have there. He dreamed of traveling the deep blue, and after talking with several of his friends, he decided …

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    Weekly Summary 4


    One more week to go! This week was challenging for me. I have never really done anything with video editing (or filming, for that matter) so everything this week was completely new to me. Once I figured out what I was doing with iMovie, I was able complete the assignments, …

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    How You Doin’?


    The task: Take related clips from your favorite show and make a video out of them!

    My creation: a compilation of Joey Tribbiani saying “How you doin’?” with the theme song of Friends, I’ll Be There for You by The Rembrandts.

    One if my all time favorite TV shows …

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    Look. Listen. Analyze.


    I completed the look, listen, analyze assignment on the interview scene from Pursuit of Happyness.

    Notes taken during the three views:

    Analyze the camera work. Fade transition used between scenes. Time lapse used overnight. Camera cut a lot in beginning – seemed fast paced. Camera cuts back and forth between…
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    Reading Movies


    Disclaimer: When I watch a movie, I really am just focused on watching the movie. I am not super observant of the details and don’t really think about the process of filming or think about how all of the pieces fit together. With that being said, looking for the details …

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    What made you happy today?


    I took my daycare kids on a field trip on Tuesday. We loaded up and ventured out to a place called Nature Zone and then spent the afternoon in a park. The weather was GREAT, we met a box turtle named Little Bit (ddi you know that if they have …

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    Weekly Summary 3


    3 weeks down, 2 to go!

    I was terrified of this week because I am completely unfamiliar with working with audio. I was pleasantly surprised that it went much better than expected, but I am still not very confident in my abilities to alter and edit audio. I thought that, …

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    Just Keep Swimming!


    In honor of the upcoming release of Finding Dory, I decided to find a picture and sound to go along with the word ‘fish.’

    Who isn’t a fan of Dory and her motto, “Just keep swimming?”

    Always remember, when life gets you down and make you a Mr. Grumpy …

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    Reverse Audio Quiz


    The task: Take an audio file and reverse it. Then, give three clues as to what the song is and see who is the first to correctly identify the song.


    This is a children’s song/nursery rhyme. It can be played as a children’s game. It is often the tune…
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    Weekly Summary 2


    I think that this weeks assignments went pretty well. I think that this week’s assignments required more planning and generally were more time consuming for me than last week. I experimented with a couple of photo editing sites this week (I have betrayed my loyal companion, PowerPoint). I played around …

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    This photo is of a pillow that features a design of radial symmetry. I think that if you look at each unit, the radial symmetry works. Also, I believe that the repetition of the unit contributed to the balance as well. There is not an overwhelming amount of either …

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    Vignelli Reflection


    I thought that the Vignelli booklet brought to my attention and solidified for me several concepts. I thought that it was extremely helpful that he related the terms semantics, syntax, and pragmatics to the area of design, which is generally examined visually, when these terms are usually applied to writing. …

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    Been there


    The task: Take a moment from a movie that you can relate to and make a gif out of it.

    My gif:

    Oh look! I’ve been impaled!

    You know that feeling you get when you suddenly remember something you have to do? that is super boring? that is super …

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    I Made a Maze


    I completed the Make a Maze assignment. What’s more fun that successfully completing a maze? Definitely not making one.

    This was a lot more difficult for me than I expected. I think that the most challenging part for me was trying to maintain the same amount of space between all …

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