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    For this 5 star video assignment I wast to create a short how to video. As I mentioned previously, I have been on a trip for the past few days, so recording videos and editing them has been tough. I decided to have my boyfriend (Jeff, who I’m on the …

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    Movies on Vacation?


    The last part of this week I was on vacation with my boyfriend! We are pretty active people so for our vacation we went to Shenandoah National Park to hike trails, visit nearby cities, and drive along Skyline Drive. It was an amazing trip, but there was not a lot …

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    My Life Today


    The first video assignment that I chose to complete was a 5 star assignment to create a movie that showed snips of my day. I was then to put them together so that if someone watched it they would be able to see what I did that day!

    These past …

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    Let’s Watch


    This week in Digital Storytelling is movie week! Which is a great excuse to stay in my PJ’s and eat popcorn all week!

    I started off the week by learning how to read a movie. I found this reading really interesting and since I love watching movies I actually …

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    Horror Nursery

    Like most of us, I sang nursery rhymes at an early age. Their easy language and catchy hooks get lodged in your brain instantly. But once you start to really listen to the words/lyrics you notice that nursery rhymes are really, really, strange….and sometimes downright creepy.

    The question of the …

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    Win GOLD


    For this daily create, I was to create my own new Olympic event. I thought I’d do a play on words and have my event be a race to the end of the rainbow…..first one there wins the gold!

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    Dream Vaca


    Today’s daily create asked me where I have always wanted to visit! I have been bugging my boyfriend for years to take me to Niagara Falls! Here is the GoogleMaps street view of the falls. Wish I was there!

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    Moving Picture Reading


    It’s movie week! And we are starting out by learning how to read a movie as instructed by the great critic Robert Ebert.

    His article on reading a movie talked about pausing and looking a frames individually while watching. The first thing I thought of was being a kid and …

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    Creepy Story


    For the extra design work I decided to do another storytime audio story. I used sound effects and music to bring the story to life. In this assignment I wanted it to sound like a story being told by me. I chose to do a sort of creepy story so …

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    Can’t Speak


    This week was all about audio!

    I started this week off by tackling the Sound Effect Story assignment. This assignment was very overwhelming at first because I was so unfamiliar with how to use Audacity. This was the the assignment that took me the longest to accomplish, but it’s …

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    What if Booth was Stopped?


    Last week we discussed what historical event we would change if we could. I wrote a whole post about this topic and decided that I would have never had the events of 9/11 happen. In that post, I also mentioned that the first historical event that came to mind was …

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    Hipster Whiskey


    Today’s daily create was to create an add/business card for a randomized “hipster buisiness.” I got my randomized name and logo which to me looked like some kind of alcohol name. I decided to turn it into a distillery company, because hipsters like breweries and wineries and distilleries… things like …

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    Headed to Work on a Rainy Day


    The Sound Effects audio assignment was pretty difficult! This is the first assignment that I tackled this week so I had a hard time when using Audacity. It was my first time manipulating audio but I think I did a good job!

    I started this assignment by thinking about what …

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    Today’s daily create was to make a fake conversation between characters!

    I made one between Princess Peach and Mario! The running joke for the Mario games is that Princess Peach is always getting kidnapped. The text conversation that I made between them shows Mario getting a bit annoyed with Peach …

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    The beginning of this week has me nervous for the rest of the week. It started out pretty similar with two daily creates. I did mine on Monday and Tuesday.

    Tuesday’s was my favorite although I wish I had been more creative with a visual for it. I was tasked …

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    Missing My Fam


    Today’s daily create asked who I would walk 1000 miles for? My family!

    I have family that lives in Germany and we don’t get to see them very often. They are a “little” farther away than 1000 miles but I miss them so much and they are always so fun …

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    I Can See It in My Mind


    Moon Graffiti was a great audio creation! The creator did a great job using audio techniques to make the story come to live. At parts, I actually felt like I was in the story.

    Many of the sounds that they used were layered. This technique made the audio seem very …

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    Can You Hear Me?


    I have no experience with audio so this week has me a bit nervous. The reading was very intimidating and I am still trying to grasp all of the different aspects that go into creating audio. I am especially nervous for having to use audio without video to tell a …

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    What Would Harry Want?


    Today’s Daily Create asked what a famous person would have on their wish list! Like many of the other daily creates I have done, I took on twist on the prompt. I created a wish list for a famous book character: Harry Potter.

    Check it out!

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    It’s All by Design


    Design is everywhere and after these past few days I can’t stop seeing design elements all around. It’s like when you are shopping for a certain car and you start noticing that car on the streets all the time. I can’t un-see all of the designs around me!

    Although it …

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    Successful Design Play


    In this talk, Paula looks back on her career and discusses the idea of “serious play”. It starts off a little slow, but starts to really kick in around the 3 minute mark. Scher recognizes that often the best work comes from serious play. The unfortunate thing is that when …

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    Design on the Daily


    These past few days I have learned that elements of design are everywhere! Without even realizing it we see so many different things that have been designed. Even our own homes had to go through a design process and so many design elements had to be implemented before you even …

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    What The Notebook Wants


    Today’s daily create allowed me to change the mood of a movie scene by changing the music! I think it came out great and it was fairly simple to do!

    I wanted to make sure that the music I used would contradict the movie scene a lot so I first …

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    This is Where I Live!


    Today’s daily create prompted me to draw a picture of where I live! I decided to draw mine using paint (throwback I know) on the computer. I did this because 1) I’m in the middle of moving and don’t know which box my art supplies are in and 2) I …

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    My Problem with Time Travel


    I have always hated time travel books and movies. Changing even one small thing in our pasts can have a huge snowball effect. It is unrealistic to think that a character can go back in time and hang around without altering the future. The worst is when a character goes …

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    Learning about Design


    Canva is website that makes it easy to design presentations, graphics, and more. They have tutorials to help you to understand how their website works while also helping to improve your design skills! It is similar to the “Tips for better photography” but with design instead!

    I was instructed to …

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    My Life in Photos


    This week we focused improving photography skills and visual storytelling. These two topic fit very well together since I was able to utilize tips for better photography when working on creating a story through visuals. Because this theme I took A LOT of photos this week.

    My favorite assignment this …

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    I’m a Star!


    Today’s daily create is actually something I already am! Sort of.

    The daily create prompted me to discuss what star I would be, if I were a star. And aside from the obvious “of course I’m a star, I’m awesome,” I actually do have a star named after me.

    As …

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    A BERRY Sad Story


    This Visual Assignment tasked me with creating a story using only 5 frames.

    I decided to show the sad story of two strawberries as they become breakfast. This assignment was really fun and definitely pushed my creativity. To create a story using just 5 frames is a difficult thing to …

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    You Should Love Koalas


    This Visual Assignment asked me to talk about my favorite photo, so here it is!


    This photo is a stock photo that was included on my very first laptop. Ever since then, it has been my background picture and my obsession. I. Love. Koalas. And you should to!

    Koalas …

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