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    Looking into IMJ, reading the directions! A digital story critique


    What the heck is macroanalytics, visual culture and why would you make a movie barcode? 
    While completing a recent Ds106 assignment I stumbled on this web page that takes movie stills and turns them into bar codes, montages and plots. Cool right- Well if you follow the directions…Thankfully I…
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    Where it all got started: Week 6 reflection

    Graffiti in Middle School: students interacting with Professional grade sprays and a professional artist. 

    As I look back on my experiences this week, I can’t stop thinking about how all this love got started. This week, I feel reaffirmed in my teaching style and process, building relationships and focusing on …

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    You’re no Artist: Digital Story Critique

    This is a story that broke awhile back, but because I was so disgusted at the ‘artist’ lack of humanity and intelligence and her use of digital affinity, I wasn’t sure how to add it to my affinity space without giving her any more credit or publicity. Unlike Banksy, this…
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    Going Old School- Flipping out!


    Perhaps one of my favorite Ds106 assignment bank options yet… I love when my digital self and my reality self get to come together to create something, each gets to play an important role in the production, with an end product that both are happy with. At the beginning of …

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    Digital age; Everyone’s a little Van Gogh! Reading Response

    “Indeed, the genuine sophistication of even the most basic audio and editing programs and the possibility of drawing on existing media to resource DIY media projects mean it is quite possible for the everyday person to create a polished product without necessarily being “artistic”Lanksher and Knobel (2008) After reading this…
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    Ds106 6 second watercolor 2


    6 Second lesson- Well here is something that makes me feel a little ‘Bob Ross‘ on crack, minus the afro and acrylic. Though I refrained from mentioning happy trees and clouds, I think he would have still been proud, and really anyone could compose a similar image by…
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    Andy Warhol, it’s all Re-mix! Week 2 Story Critique


    “They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol Remind you of a mindset from Lankshear & Knobel (2007) Chapter 1: Sampling “the New” in New Literacies? Warhol was the positive mindset that allowed art to move forward and allow the everyday…
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    John Lennon does beatbox…


    DS106 Audio Assignment

                                                                       http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/sounds-effects/ Keeping true to my passion, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make…
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    Digital Stories: My Abstract Expressionism


    Convergence 1952, Jackson Pollock Jackson Pollock’s style of painting, as exemplified by Convergence, is one of the most important, innovative developments in the history of painting. When Pollock created the painting, the United States was at the induction of the ‘cold war’ with Russia. Convergence was the embodiment of free speech,…
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    Bansky- TAG your it! digital story critique


    Who doesn’t love the enigma that is Bansky, is he real, is he more than one person, does he even exist…

    “Its easier to get forgiveness that it is to ask permission”quote left behind on a paper left at the site of the Bristol Tag

    This week for a critique …

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    Not just another street artist


    WHAT LIFTS YOU?  Kelsey Montague may not be a household name, but one day she will grace the pages of art history books and may become one of the most famous female street mural artists.

    See for yourself first hand the creative works behind what I think will become a …

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    Getting creative with Ds106


    So it seems in this new world of technology, I am behind the times… It took me awhile trying to find some sort of loop hole or short cut to add words to an image. Finally, I go with what I know, MSword!

    This seems redundant, as does this class …

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