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    Wanted: Captain America


    Spoiler Alert: This post will spoil Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War.

    During my weekly deep search into the assignment bank, I came across the Missing Person assignment and thought it would be amusing to do the assignment with a fictional character.

    This assignment requires you to make …

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    Derry Carnival


    I was browsing through the assignment bank and saw the Event Poster assignment. It caught my eye because the example was the Stark Expo and I just recently found my love for the Marvel Universe so I thought it was pretty clever.

    I then knew I wanted to do this …

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    Literal Lyrics


    Another fun assignment I found in the bank was the Name that Single assignment. In this one, you use a simple design to describe the name of the song and your readers have to guess what it is! It sounded like it would be entertaining and not too difficult.

    I …

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    Four Picture Movie


    For my first assignment of the week, I decided to do one of the recommended ones: One Story / Four Icons. This assignment asks you to take a story/movie/whatever and compress the plot into four icons.

    I thought that this one sounded like fun and was a good transition …

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    What is Design?


    These two articles were very different from each other, but they were both insightful in their own ways.

    The first article gets really detailed about all of the different aspects that go into design. I can make sense of a lot of them, but I feel like it’s overwhelming. Do …

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    85 days until graduation

    Weekly Summary Audio Reflection

    I mixed things up and did things out of order this week because of my schedule, so I worked on the audio reflection after I had listened to the radio show. I think it would have been more beneficial to do it the other way around, …

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    Radio Show Topics?


    I think that there is a lot that we can do with an 80’s themed radio show.

    If we stick to the 80’s themselves, there are a lot of politics that we can talk about. But, since the theme is a pop-culture theme, I think we need to go more …

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    What’s that whistle?


    I chose to do this assignment after I ran into copyright issues on Soundcloud

    I knew it was possible, but I was having a hard time finding assignments to do that didn’t have to do with music. I kind of felt like I was going to run into copyright issues …

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    Scary Sounds


    Me: I have to do this story where I have to create a short story from just sound clips.

    Friend: Oh! You could do something like coming home, making dinner, showering…

    Me:…the assignment says “make it something more interesting than waking up, taking a shower and eating breakfast “

    Friend: …

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    Sound in Storytelling


    First, let me say wow – that was a really cool podcast. I listen to podcasts, but nothing like that.

    Second, due to the way my schedule has been this week, I’m doing this audio reflection after having done the radio live tweet, so I apologize if I repeat some …

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    Birds? Birds.


    On Monday night, I participated in the DS106 radio live tweet-along, where we listened to a podcast about climate change and Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. The purpose of this radio show was to listen to how the show used different audio styles and methods to convey a message.

    The show …

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    Cats remix Queen


    While searching through the assignment bank, I found this funny We Will Rock assignment where you recreate the famous beat for Queen’s We Will Rock You in a creative way.

    There are so many ways that this could be done, but I wanted to have some fun with this one.…

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    DS106 radio is bumping


    This week, I decided to start off with doing the radio bumper so I would have the opportunity to listen to it this week. I work during two of the radio show broadcasts so I am hoping to catch the one on Monday night.

    Having no experience with audio editing, …

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    One month down!!

    Weekly Summary My Experience with Photography

    I enjoyed reflecting on my experience taking photos. It gave me a lot to think about, considering that the easily accessible and good cameras (in smartphones) didn’t exist until I was in high school. It’s interesting that I can be in a class with …

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    The best picture to exist


    This assignment, a relatively easy one, asks you to post your favorite photo and explain why it is so. It is called favorite photo.

    This assignment isn’t worth a lot of stars, but I was excited to come across it because I do have a favorite photo that I …

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    A story through music


    I got really excited when I saw this assignment because I love music and I have loved seeing all of the memes online that were done similarly.

    For Playlist Poetry, you go onto Windows Media Player or iTunes (I decided to do Spotify since I think this assignment is aged …

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    Beware the Overlook


    This assignment, Create a Warning Poster, requires you to make a poster warning someone about something.

    I thought this assignment was a good way to help me develop my digital creation skills, so I decided to give it a shot.

    I wanted to make this assignment relate to our …

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    A look into my backpack


    This assignment, What’s in your bag?, asks you to take pictures of items in your bag that you use daily and explain their importance.

    It caught me eye because there are a few things that I can’t leave the house without that are a little unique, so I thought …

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    What am I?


    For this week’s first assignment, I decided to do something that I thought seemed like fun. Maybe it’s too easy or too hard, but I thought it would be worth a shot.

    This assignment is called “That’s Not What I Expected,” where the purpose is to take a …

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    For my Photoblitz, I was given this list:

    Doors can have a lot of character, be it in the hinges, knob, or style. Your feet, show what kind of day you’re having. Make the subject is isolated against a very bright background. Take a photo that includes objects near and…
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    80’s Photo Analysis


    For this assignment, I used the first link to find some photos to look at.

    For my first analysis, I chose this picture of Kevin Bacon in 1982.

    This posed picture is made to look like it was a spur of the moment picture, so I feel as if a …

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    Photography & Me


    I’ve never really been into photography – I don’t really feel the inspiration or have that creative eye that people who take professional photographs do.

    Growing up, I would take pictures of things that were memorable to me. I had a digital camera when I was little that I would …

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    3 down, 13 to go

    Weekly Summary, Week 3 Story Analysis

    This week, I read both of the suggested readings and watched both of the required videos (the first of which was pretty funny and also informative).

    My theme-related story was The Princess Bride, since it was created in 1987. It’s a fan favorite, but …

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    Psyched for Psycho

    **Spoilers Ahead**

    Before I go and see a movie, I always look to see the reviews. Is the film worth spending 30 bucks at the movie theater? Or is it just something I can wait a few months to rent for a few dollars when it comes out digitally.

    The …

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    An analysis of The Princess Bride

    This week, I decided to watch something that I have never seen before. Well, I have seen the Princess Bride, but it has been years and I forgot everything that happened. Everyone around me always raves about the movie and I hear it quoted …

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    2 down, 14 to go

    Weekly Summary, Week 2 Assignments

    This week, I chose a writing assignment, a mashup assignment, and a web assignment. I related my writing assignment and my mashup assignment to the 80’s pop culture theme by using popular songs and movies from the 80’s. My web assignment was just for fun. …

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