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  1. Elizabeth Castillo


    I took the online ds106 class. I would really recommend it to anybody to wants to gain any interest in blogging. learn how to create your own blog….i did not know how to get the webhost or domain until i took this class developing creative projects that involve computer programs learn how to use audacity- ...
  2. Elizabeth Castillo


    NEW  EDITED VIDEO: old video sources used… blog: I did all my editing on iMovie. I took the Hookwinked 2 Trailer and converted it into mp3. When i added the Audio to the Fast five trailer, most of the dialect did not match with each other.  In the Fast Five trailer, i  deleted some clips and ...
  3. Elizabeth Castillo


    by Alice remix: took scenes from Alice in wonderland and added music to it. The music and visual work well. The rhythm In the music is shown thru the movement of the characters (This was one of my favorite videos from the readings) Video on five dangerous things your should let your cars do. Lets ...

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