1. @eendip

    The “Vogue Challenge”


    This is my submission for the “Vogue Challenge” assignment where you create your own Vogue cover. I looked up examples of Vogue covers and used them to create mine to be similar. The assignment suggests using Times New Roman for the font, however, because I used Canva, there was no …

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    Contradiction Creation


    I did the Contradiction Creation design assignment where you create some graphics where the motivational message contradicts that of the background mood/theme. Pretty much like an anti-motivational poster. I used Canva to make this. I used one of the photos they allow people to use for free, and added text …

  3. @eendip

    Laptop Lingo


    This is my spin on the Laptop Lingo design assignment. The goal was to create my own laptop cover. I used the recommended site to complete this, which was decalgirl.com to make it. I went to the website, clicked ‘”create” in the top bar of the site, chose my laptop, …

  4. @eendip

    Weekly Summary


    So after failing to do a lot of the work for last week’s workload, I made up for it on this one. To date, I’ve enjoyed the audio assignments more than any other type. It was cool to watch videos on audio storytelling, then dabble in it myself. The assignments, …

  5. @eendip

    Played From Another Room

    I did the “Played From Another Room” audio assignment where you take a song and mix it to where it sounds like it’s being played from another room. My song of choice was Wind by Akeboshi. It was (for a period of time) the theme song of Naruto and Naruto…
  6. @eendip

    Audio Reflection – “Moon Graffiti”


    I think it’s really cool the kinds of stories audio can create. Whether it be sweet, soothing sounds of romantic stories – or ominous and suspenseful sounds of a thriller. Even in scary movies, the music is what lets me know something is about to happen. The feelings that we …

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    Spooky Soundtrack


    Nothing better than listening to a spooky soundtrack during the Halloween season! I did the Spooky Sounds audio assignment where you put together different spooky sounds to make one ultimate ghoulish nightmare of a soundtrack. I used Audacity and got my sounds from freesoundslibrary.com. I layered them in Audacity so …

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    All The Relaxation

    This is a relaxation soundtrack that I created for the All The Relaxation audio assignment. I found some free lengthy sounds of nature and waves. I edited the audio using Audacity to where one clip plays at the end of the other. I even added the fade-in and out effects…
  9. @eendip

    ds106 Radio Bumper

    This is my ds106 radio bumper. I used Audacity to make it and messed around with the audio effects. I think it sounds pretty cool. Let me know what you think…
  10. @eendip

    ds106 Live Listening Session


    Unfortunately, I missed out on the live listening sessions earlier this week. From the comments I’ve seen in the Discord, the audio was definitely dynamic and the ambiance of sounds told a story. I saw people describe the sounds as ominous and mysterious. One person even mentioned how the sounds …

  11. @eendip

    The Pandemic Pod


    I think a cool idea for a ds106 radio show would be centered around talking about students going back to school or people going back to work during the pandemic. Not more so about the politics – whether it’s a good idea or not for health reasons, but more so …

  12. @eendip

    Weekly Summary


    This week went really well as far as the work for this class. I feel like I’ve found my stride with the workload and managing when to get certain things done not only for this course but for others, I’m taking. I found the reading about creating narratives in storytelling …

  13. @eendip

    Letter to Me


    Dear 18-yr old me,

    I’m sure at this time you’re looking at colleges and thinking of what you want to do career-wise. Don’t rush the process. Take your time and take moments to yourself to think about what really interests you. I know there may be people trying to tell …

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    Cruella Movie Review


    If you haven’t see Cruella or you loved the 100 and 101 Dalmations movies as a kid (Or as an adult, no judgment here), I highly recommend watching what is Cruella De Vil’s origin story. I watched it on Disney + so if you have that, then check it out. …

  15. @eendip

    Never Fear – It’s The Words of the Year (1998)


    Lately, I’ve felt myself just drifting by

    Feeling the urge to pull the e-brake to slow things down

    Watching my life unfold from the dashcam of the vehicle that is my body

    I don’t know whether it’s some sort of dark energy overcoming me

    But I feel like the perfect …

  16. @eendip

    The Secret Life of A Spy


    DAY 1087

    I think by this time I’ve gotten the hang of this job. Wake up, go to school, make friends, and blend in – you know, play the role of the innocent student. I don’t know why Mom is always saying to be careful with strangers. I mean I’m …

  17. @eendip

    Acrostic Poem


    Exceptionally ordinary

    Loving towards those who love me

    Incapable of being anyone other than myself

    Just trying to make the most out of life

    Accepting of everyone’s differences

    Humbled by blessings…

  18. @eendip

    Weekly Summary


    I think this week of assignments went really well. I feel like I did a good job to stay on top of the Daily Creates and complete them all in a short amount of time. I always focus on not spending more than 10 minutes on them and I think …

  19. @eendip

    Best Sports Play of the Past Year (IMO)


    To me, this was the best sports play of the year. The Bucks played great defense on the other side to prevent Devin Booker from winning/tying the game in the final seconds. The Bucks get a steal and convert that into a fastbreak alley-oop “AND-1” (Giannis was fouled on the …

  20. @eendip

    Peer Pressure and Nonconformity


    I don’t really know what point to start off on this topic, but I’ll start by saying this: I hate the negative presence of social media. I have multiple social media accounts and have used different platforms for years. I don’t know if social media has always been like this, …

  21. @eendip

    “Name this flower”


    So I attempted one of the visual assignments. This one asks you to give this flower a name. I think it’s only right that I go with “Rosschild.” When I first saw it, Bob Ross immediately came to mind. Although I don’t know why he came to mind, to me, …

  22. @eendip

    The Joy of ds106

    Crimson Oval (Season 18 Episode 4)

    I never watched Bob Ross attentively until now. When I was younger my parents had VHS tapes of him painting so sometimes I’d see him on the TV. I didn’t really have a perception of him other than his hair was pretty cool haha.…

  23. @eendip

    Weekly Summary


    Honestly, I did more this week in preparing for this course than I expected. Although, I didn’t really know what to expect as far as what we’d be doing to start things off. To me, the learning curve for creating the blog site, embedding social content and pages, adding different …

  24. @eendip

    DS106 Course Expectations


    I think in this course I’ll learn more about producing digital content in a way that expresses my creative side (however small it may be lol). As of the past few weeks to months, I’ve gotten into streaming video game content and learning how to use Adobe Photoshop and Premiere …

  25. @eendip



    Welcome to my blog. My name is Elijah but my best friends call me Afro because it used to be a part of my Xbox gamertag when I first met them. Born and raised (partly in NC) in Virginia, I am a 23-year-old senior at the University of Mary Washington. …

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