1. ellieks314

    Shakespearean LOLcat


    I love memes, and I love Shakespeare. So of course, I had to do this DS106 assignment. I used imgur’s meme generator, since it’s so simple. I also made a tutorial to help out anyone who hasn’t made a meme before.


    The assignment details can be found here.…

  2. ellieks314

    PSA Billboard


    After a particularly infuriating trip to target, I decided to use the DS106 PSA Billboard assignment to vent my frustrations (Why do people think they can just walk around shopping, playing horrible music LOUDLY on their iphones?!). To accomplish this submission, I messed around with Gimp – a free photo-editing …

  3. ellieks314

    Historical Selfie


    When I saw that DS106 had an Historical Selfie option, I was so excited. I knew I had to use one of my favorite historical figures -Marie Antoinette. To make this project happen, I had to download Gimp (basically, a free and less-user-friendly version of Photoshop). After about an hour …

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