1. Emily DelRoss

    The Grand Finale!!



    (That title makes the topic you are about to learn about far more interesting than it likely is to you. I figured no one would willingly click on something entitleed “The Heat Pump Explained.” But more on that in a quick second…)

    It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. …

  2. Emily DelRoss

    A Real Life Doodle Note!!!


    So check this buisness out!!

    I was reading this book “‘Learning from Las Vegas,” by Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown and Steven Izenour…and BAM!!!! A doodle!!! In fact, there were multiple!!!

    The book is about the symbolism in the modern architecture of urban sprawl. Its pretty interesting because the authors …

  3. Emily DelRoss

    Doodly Doo


    Thought I would do a little bit of multitasking in class today and doodle some notes for my final project. Because they were notes for DS106 I was doing them on the fly…. This explains things such as “multipule.” Which I learned is not a word. Womp womp. But here …

  4. Emily DelRoss

    Serenity Now- Rhode Island Style


    Just wrapped up my last video assignment!!!!!!!! This is the “Serenity Now!” assignment (which is worth 3 stars). I chose to do this one because of the title. I judged an assignment by its title, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Seinfeld is quite possibly my favorite tv show …

  5. Emily DelRoss

    News on the March: Batman- Wanted


    Hi there! Just had a super fantastic weekend with my parents! They came in to Fred for my junior ring ceremony and then stuck around an extra day to hang out with me. We went to DC in Saturday which was excellent because it was the kite festival on the …

  6. Emily DelRoss

    TDC Weekly Recap


    Sunday, March 25: Create a self-portrait , without your face, that identifies you.



    Thursday, March 22: Philosophy Series: “Do you believe in luck?” Explain with a story.

    On Luck: ”It will all work out…. because it has to work out.” -Nanny


    Wednesday, March 21: Make a photo …

  7. Emily DelRoss

    Remembrance of Things Past: The Weird Yarn Game


    With the completion of this two-star assignment (bringing me up to a grand total of 16 stars), I think I’m gonna call it quits on video assignments for the week (with hours to spare, wooo!)

    This assignment was pretty simple. The most challenging part was picking a childhood memory that …

  8. Emily DelRoss

    Video Essay: “The King’s Speech”


    After hitting a whole bunch of stumbling blocks, I am done with my first video assignment!!! Wooooo!!!

    You can watch it now, but be nice. In retrospect, did kind of a silly thing; I videoed myself. So you not only have to listen to my voice, but you also have …

  9. Emily DelRoss



    So I just watched Andy Rush’s “Fast, Cheap, and Under Control.” He was fantastically detailed and had an enormous amount of resources that seem to be super useful for video editing business. I was feverishly taking notes the entire time (because I’m a paranoid OCD freak who gets scared she …

  10. Emily DelRoss

    Preproduction: Opening Credits Redux


    I think for this assignment I would like to redo the opening credits of the movie “About a Boy.” This is another of my favorite movies. I know its silly and predictable at times, but I just love it; it makes me feel happy whenever I watch it.

    I can’t …

  11. Emily DelRoss

    TDC Weekly Recap


    Sunday, March 18: Windows, gates, & doors represent the liminal state between two realities. Photograph that idea.

    Boundary: Luckily these drawers act as boundary between my disorganized clothes and my somewhat organized living space.


    Saturday, March 17: If you had 3 more hours to live, what would you do, …

  12. Emily DelRoss

    Daily Create: Weekly Recap


    Sunday, March 11: Celebrate religious architecture with a photo of your favorite temple, mosque, church, etc.

    St. Barnabas Church: This is the church I grew up going to. Although I don’t attend mass regularly anymore, it is still reminds me of home and is really comforting.


    Thursday, March 8: …

  13. Emily DelRoss

    The Final Cut!!!


    Guess what just happened?! Eagle Radio!!! Margaret, Leslie, Candice, and I just wrapped up our last group meeting to polish up our radio show- and, I believe it’s safe to say that we are done!!!

    I must say, this is quite a relief. As I’m sure it has been pretty …

  14. Emily DelRoss

    Letters in Your Surroundings


    Just made up a new design assignment! Yayy!

    The inspiration of this assignment was my trip to Savannah, Georgia this spring break with my friend Caitlin. We had a super fun time walking around River Street and taking a trolley tour of the city. I had never been there, so …

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