1. @EmilyHo81494168

    Good for the Soul


    The first assignment that I chose to do this week was Places of Peace. I was really excited to be able to do this assignment and think of all the places that I love and feel at peace. I first started off by going through my photos and thinking …

  2. @EmilyHo81494168

    Quarter of the Way Done


    This week was really fun and I really enjoy working on all the assignments this week! It was nice to be able to pick the writing assignments that we got to do this week and put a lot of heart into them.

    I first started off with starting on my …

  3. @EmilyHo81494168

    Full House!


    Growing up and still now one of my favorite shows has been full house! I loved everything about this show growing up. The characters, the house they lived in, the family dynamic, etc. Full House was a T.V. Show that began airing in 1987 and finished it last episode in …

  4. @EmilyHo81494168

    Dear Future Husband


    Something I think about pretty often is who my future husband is. I have been meaning to start writing letters to said husband for a while but always put it off, so when I saw that one of the assignments that I could do for this week was to write …

  5. @EmilyHo81494168

    No Limits


    I have some many things that I have want to do in the future that when I saw that creating a bucket list could be one of my assignments, I was so excited to be able to write them all down! I am so excited to travel and experience so …

  6. @EmilyHo81494168

    My Weekly Recap


    I felt like this week, I really got to experience this class and tap into my creative side. I really enjoy all the assignment that I got the opportunity to do this week.

    First, I started working on the daily creates. I really enjoyed these little activities that I got …

  7. @EmilyHo81494168

    Traffic Codes


    The assignment that I first chose to do was Make a Simple Program. In this assignment I was tasked to create a simple program, that can solve a problem. When thinking about this assignment, I want to solve a simple problem that we face everyday.

    Once think about this …

  8. @EmilyHo81494168

    Week 1 Summary


    This week was a really nice introduction week to what this course is going to be. We first started off by creating all the different account that we will be using in this class and made some introductions:


    Hi everyone! My name is Emily and I am a junior …

  9. @EmilyHo81494168

    The 80s


    What first comes to mind when I think about the 80s and more importantly when I think about the music, TV and films that came out in the 80s, I think about my dad and his love for 80s rock bands. Growing up whenever I was in the car with …

  10. @EmilyHo81494168



    Hi class! My name is Emily Howard! I am a Junior at UMW and I am majoring in Math. I super excited to be in this class and learn more about the 80s!

    Hi everyone! My name is Emily and I am a junior at UMW majoring in math! So …

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