1. emmasaxophone

    Reading Movies


    I read the article How to Read a Movie by Roger Ebert which talks about how to begin to analyze a movie. He teaches a session at festivals and universities called ” shot at a time”. He says to begin to start analyzing a film you need to research the …

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    Radio Show evaluation


    The Verge:

    The verge was the radio show that my group did, and was about different medical topics. The quality of the sound was great overall although the volume could have been improved during Stephanie’s segment. The sound overall was pretty good, the sound flowed well together there weren’t any …

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    Assignment #2


    The second assignment of the week that I decided to do is called Character Resume worth three stars. The assignment requires you to create a fake resume for a fake character.


    Iridessa Ivy

    1332 Sesame St, Mooncrest, PA,92130

    Cell: 267-436-5128

    [email protected]


    I have a bunch of great skills …

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    Assignment #1


    My first assignment of the week that I chose to do was an assignment called Find a Digital Tool worth 3 stars. This assignment required you to find an online tool and create a brief tutorial on how it works.

    Here is my tutorial on Pixlr:

    Pixlr is very …

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    Assignment #2


    For my second audio assignment I chose to do the assignment called Life In Two Minutes worth 2.5 stars.This assignment required me to create a story that describes a significant moment in my life.


    I went to the ds106 page and clicked on the tab components. Under the components…
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    Assignment #1


    The first assignment I did was called Spooky Sounds worth 4 and a half stars. For this assignment I had make a track using spooky sounds , to try and evoke a sense of fear in the listener.



    I went to the ds106 page and clicked on the…
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    One word


    I took the word diverged from the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost:


    Two friends returned to each other

    They shared stories and laughs

    Hung out with the one’s brother

    As the week ended they diverged

    They await for another break…

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    Weekly Summary 6



    Vignelli: I read a very interesting handbook about design and all the different parts and techniques used in creating it. I found I already knew alot of the techniques from last week about photos but I learned a few new things like positioning, symmetry, paper size, formatting,etc. The design …

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    This week I read about the different types of design techniques from the handbook called The Vignelli Canon by Vignelli. Vignelli talks about three of the most important aspects in designing which are semantic, syntactic and pragmatic. He also talks about timelessness, intellectual elegance,visual power and may other factors …

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    I had to create a Design Blitz using some of the design techniques which to me resemble a lot of the techniques I used for my Photo Blitz. I took 8 pictures but am only using four.


    Color means a representation of a certain color that draws someones attention …

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    Who are you?


    My third assignment I did was called Who are you? worth four and a half stars. In this assignment I had to create a picture using pictures that represented each letter in my name and something about me.

    E- Represents an elephant because I like elephants. I think they are …

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    Here is my First assignment called This Assignment is Suspect, worth three and half stars. The assignment was to create an assignment board and show the interaction between everyone.


    The story is about my missing shirt! My first suspect was my dog because he likes to take my …

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    Long Distance Relationship


    Here is sixth and final assignment for the week called Long Distance relationship worth two stars. There weren’t any directions on how to complete this assignment so I used the example they gave and re-did it to fit what I believe.

    Here are the steps I took:

    Went to the  …

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