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    Week 5 Summary


    Week 5 Summary:

    This week was a crazy week and probably not my best week but I will redeem myself on week 6. I did have fun taking photos though since it got me to take more photos then I would have on my fall retreat. I forgot how much …

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    How to Be a Better Photographer


    Tips for being a photographer:

    When you start to enter the world of photography there are so many different things you can do with a picture like change the color, lighting, angle,etc. These certain things are essential to make the photography yours or in other words add your special touch …

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    Assignment #2


    My second assignment from the visual assignment bank is called Hybrid worth two and a half stars. For this assignment I had to find create a new species of animal by combining two already existing animals.


    Steps to creating the photo:

    Went to the Not Digital True Telling page…
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    Assignment #3


    For my third assignment I did Apophenia worth three and a half. Fort his assignment I had to take a picture of something and turn it into as many things as I can think of. I had alot of fun creating different images. I also had I a lot of …

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    For my photo blitz challenge I waited to take my picture until I went on fall retreat at Mar Lu Ridge in Maryland.I chose Mar Lu Ridge for my photoblitz challenge because it is away from school and I got to take good nature pictures.The the picture were taken on …

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    Juxtapose Old and New
















    I cant figure out how to embed my GIF so the link to watch it is below the picture!


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    Assignment #1


    My first visual assignment is called Splash the Color worth three and a half stars. The assignment details were to take a picture , make it black and white, but leave one part of the picture colored to emphasize a part of that picture.

    Steps to creating the photo:

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    Weekly Summary #4


    Key Points from audio storytelling:

    I listened to Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad talk about what they believe is important for digital storytelling. Ira talks about how it is key for journalists to find the perfect story. Glass talks about how it takes multiple tries to find and write the …

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    Assignment #3


    Here is assignment number three called Sound Effects Story which is worth three and a half stars. I had to tell a story using only audio sounds, so this is a story on how to tune your guitar(E A  D G B and E Strings).

    Here are the steps on …

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    Assignment #2


    Here is my audio assignments #2 called Radio Bumper worth 3 stars. I had to create a short recording that identifies a radio station with signature music or an expression that makes sure the listeners know what they are tuned into.


    My audacity decided it didn’t want to work …

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    Assignment #1


    Here is my assignment #1 from the audio assignment bank, it was called Favorite Song at one and half stars.For this assignment I had to create a sound clip of just the instrumental part to a song , for people to guess and see if they know it.


    Here …

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    Listening to Stories


    Radio Story:

    I listened to a story called Doppelgangers by This American Life. The story is about two sets of doppelgangers: the first set is between pig bung and calamari, and the second set is between two men dealing with PTSD(one man is from the streets of Chicago andthe other …

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    Audio Stortelling


    Audio storytelling the craft:

    I listened to two different people talk about how they see audio storytelling. The first person I listened to was Ira Glass’ on storytelling, who said that storytelling is a sequence of actions. A story that had sequence of events was suspenseful because the listener …

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    Week 3 Summary


    Week three summary:

    What is storytelling: I learned a lot about what it means to be a digital story, and I learned how to make digital stories. Story telling is the act of someone telling another  person, or a group of people, about sequential events ,fake or real.My notion of …

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    Peter Cottontail


    The shape of Peter Cottontail:

    Shown below is a picture of the story Peter Cottontail in the form of a story shape. According to Kurt Vonnegut’s theory of story shapes, Peter Cottontail has a defined shape that shows the ups and downs of the story. The shape of the story-line …

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    5 Picture Story:Living in Nature


    Making a picture story:

    Making the five card story was tons of fun because I got to look through quite a few pictures to decide what the best outline for a story would be for me.

    Here is the process on how to make a Flickr five picture random story:…

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    Past Stories


    Swarley the Dinosaur:

    The story I choose to talk about was the story Swarley the Missing Dinosaur by Christine’s World. The reason why I picked this story to talk about and analyze is because the title caught my eye. The story was about a dinosaur who went walking in the …

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    Collaborative Poetry


    Turns out I forgot to post my daily create on my blog and I also have to re-post it because one of my hashtags didn’t come out right.

    My poetry line:

    We do not know who we are until we look away from others, yet look to others for help.…

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    The Ocean at the end of my Backyard


    The Ocean in my Backyard:

    There is an ocean in my backyard, and this ocean is vast, full of creatures, mysterious, and a little scary. The ocean is a vast green expanse that goes on for miles.The creatures in the ocean are small, large, friendly and dangerous. The deeper you …

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