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    What storytelling is to me


    What is Storytelling?

    Storytelling to me means several different things because as I got older my view on storytelling has shifted some. When I was little I associated storytelling with my parents reading books to me before I went to bed. For awhile this is what storytelling was to me …

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    Week 2 Summary


    Summary: Week 2

    This week I feel was the big week to learn how to really navigate your blog  and make it yours by adding plugins and widgets. The only thing I had trouble with was photoshop, creating videos, and adding an add comment box on my blog. I tried …

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    Assignment 1: “Say it like peanut butter”

    Assignment Directions: Take a clip from your favorite movie and make it into a GIF.


    The Story Behind the Story:  This clip is of the character Baymax from the movie Big Hero 6. The scene I choose for for the GIF is …

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    My Dog and I


    I believe that this picture is a good introduction of myself. I love nature hence I love being outdoors. Being outside during a snowfall to me is a lot of fun and brings me joy. I also love my dog , whom I am very close to and always hangout …

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    Week 1 Summary:


    Week 1 for the ds106 class was fun yet challenging. I joined the class very late so I had a very short time span to figure out how to navigate all of this new technology. I found out how ever that it was pretty fun figuring out how to make …

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    About Me


    Hello My name is Emma Sax  and this is my blog post for ds106.  I am a sophomore and I’m studying nursing here at UMW. Here are a few other accounts I will be posting on throughout the year, Twitter, Vimeo, Flickr, and Soundcloud so feel free …

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