1. emorelleum

    Wandering Around the Internet


    (A man in suit and fedora stands before you. Looking closer, you see his cane is actually an axe)

    Good evening.

    While I was wandering around the internet, my landlord asked me to drop off a few comments, and summarize them below. If this keeps up much longer, I may …

  2. emorelleum

    Reflections on 3rd Millennium Horror


    To reflect, I listened to 3rd Millenium Horror. From the beginning, it appears that this group also worked towards a modular construction, with each member contributing. I liked the consistency of the hosts, each talked about the movies opening weekend and real world reception. Since I am writing this as …

  3. emorelleum

    An Audit with Blair


    No one is more qualified to give a status report than someone who can wander around your computer. Morlium, in a joint venture with Blair, has been directed to audit the Department of Health and Human Services. I took on this assignment because it is a good fit for …

  4. emorelleum

    An Emergency with Spooksy


    When I heard the voice of Spooksy and learned a little bit about his backstory, I thought he was hilarious. When I saw host-host interaction, I knew I had to use Spooksy as one of them. I had also had my eye on this particular audio assignment for quite some …

  5. emorelleum

    Dinner with Walter and Sally


    The fact that this week’s assignments must involve two characters constrains to a certain extent what assignments can be completed. This one looked interesting (I enjoy writing about food-related things), and certainly was a go for involving multiple characters. I looked around the characters, and found some extra company. …

  6. emorelleum

    Behind the Door


    Inside the apartments of Eagle Landing are two closet doors right inside the main door. One contains a closet, the other, a door which not even your room key can open. Upon first realizing this, I wondered for some time…what could possibly be behind this door? Spatial reasoning demonstrated the …

  7. emorelleum

    Week’s Undoing


    This week was Fall Break. All I will say is that not having a serious internet connection for 4 days at home is a serious detriment to completing everything. Not that I would necessarily want to work over Fall Break anyways (what with it being a break and all). The …

  8. emorelleum

    Radio Show: Horrible Hosts


    This is more of a completion than a summary, since we ended up completing the assignment a bit early.Shout outs to Michael Young for compiling everything, and also for Audrea and Cherish for their contributions. As expected, we did do the show in a somewhat modular fashion, and Michael did …

  9. emorelleum

    WWII Back in the day…


    Now listen here, in the Great War, some days you rode the tanks, and some days the tanks rode you. We almost bit off more than we could chew on D-Day, and had things gone a little differently, our Red Cross Parcels might have started including water wings. People forget …

  10. emorelleum

    A day in the life of a luckier version of myself


    9:00am: Alarm is blaring. Remembering the weather reports, I peek out the blinds (without leaving my covers, mind you). The parking lot is covered in sheet ice. I put my head back on my pillow and go back to sleep.

    11:00am: after much yawning, stretching, and internal dialogue, I finally …

  11. emorelleum

    the Voices…Stop the Voices


    (A man in a suit and fedora stands before you, leaning on an axe)

    Good evening. My host is a little…sleep deprived this evening. Due to his circumstance, I will be introducing his work this evening.

    Are you aware of the social definition of an introvert? It is one who …

  12. emorelleum

    Morlium Here…


    When I saw answering machine, my immediate thought was the Rockford Files, where a comedic blurb occurs at the beginning of each episode. Unfortunately, after rereading the assignment, I realized I was creating a message, rather than leaving one. Out comes Morlium again.

    As a man who resides on electronics, …

  13. emorelleum

    Good Morning, Numbers


    Another audio assignment, another chance to develop my character. What is good news to a dark, literal, unemotional character? How about getting up in a dystopian universe doing the same tired thing over and over. When I think of a greeting shouted to the world, I immediately think dystopia.


  14. emorelleum

    Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam….


    Spam? I have loads of it. In fact, it is starting to make my college e-mail unusable. Good thing I will be rid of it soon…

    After finding a suitable piece of spam, I decided this would be a good opportunity to develop my character. Low voice, deliberate speech, comically …

  15. emorelleum

    Perpetual Rain


    Weather? We have had a lot of rain recently, in fact, it was even raining this evening. Before I came to college, I lived in a corner house. Rainstorms were noisy, with more than just rain. Other sounds I would hear included heavy runoff onto wood, the sound of cars …

  16. emorelleum

    Bumper Cars!!! errr… sounds


    Since our radio group is having an interesting time finding common free time, it was important that some time be spent for the more modular portions of the broadcast. As someone who is terrible with pictorial representations, this meant an audio blurb, which meant a bumper.

    Going in, I knew …

  17. emorelleum

    Horrible Hosts update


    I will say, our team is off to a rather slow start. It was rather difficult for all of us to get into contact with each other. It would seem that most of us have a twitter account specifically for this class, and don’t have one otherwise (like me) or …

  18. emorelleum

    Wandering Around the Interweb


    As part of my continuing effort to get more into the community, I pushed forwards on the commenting on other people’s work and thoughts. Before I get into specifics, I will note a few things. I used the random post link on the ds106 feed page to find content to …

  19. emorelleum

    The Necklace


    There it was, on the desk beside her, some soul had returned it to her, unfortunately too late.

    When the Yeller’s come knocking, you had better have a good response ready. When you are a few hundred short, you have to get resourceful, real resourceful. They are only interested in …

  20. emorelleum

    Random Post of Requirement for the Overlords



    There is no story behind this picture. A story implies an end, something completed. What do you call something still in its infancy? An introduction? Yes, there is an introduction behind this picture. An introduction of a man to a woman he knew well. An introduction that could occur …

  21. emorelleum

    AMAZEing cliche post title


    HMmm…Maze. At first I was tempted to go inception on this assignment (take 2 minutes to draw a maze that takes 1 minute to solve), and do something simple and trivial. Fortunately, I came with a better idea. I am a fan of iterative design, and the easiest way to …

  22. emorelleum

    Almost a Logo


    What drew me to this assignment? An opportunity to express personality without talking about myself. How convenient. Obviously, my icon is going to be almost a square, and it has to contrast with an orange background like that of my blog. Lessgo…

    I actually took two iterations at this assignment. …

  23. emorelleum

    Designing the Minimum


    Wow, a minimalist poster? sounds like my kind of assignment. Lots of thinking, little tedium.

    When it comes to deciding what movie I wanted to do a minimalist poster on, I only had a few options. The example posters all had readily identifiable nouns in their designs, and I know …

  24. emorelleum

    Fruity Warning


    Hmm…imaginary warning label. The only question is, what can I think of that could be dangerous enough to warrant a warning label? How about whatever inspired this commercial:

    Not stated in the commercial is the following.

    How could they neglect putting that in the commercial? Must be the Alliance’s payment …

  25. emorelleum

    Non-designed Vampires


    As part of the discussion on design, I watched Planet of the Vampires. Personally, I believe there are a lot of flaws in the movie, but I won’t be talking about the plot or the acting, but instead focusing on the design elements of the movie.

    The unforgivable flaw in …

  26. emorelleum

    Designing a Design Week


    Wow, the design article is quite a read. I will focus on just a few points of the article, lest I start to ramble (there is a certain difficulty in covering 90+ pages of material, even if it is a short read).

    It is interesting that the examples in the …

  27. emorelleum

    Withdraw and Entrances


    (A man in a suit, fedora, holding a large hatchet as a cane stands before you)

    Good Evening.

    As you may have realized from my last appearance, the usual writer of this blog is…not present. As he has decided to shirk his responsibility for this post, I have taken the…liberty …

  28. emorelleum

    Morlium Presents: The Loop of Destruction


    Good Evening.

    The usual writer of this blog is…otherwise detained. Because he has seen fit to shirk from his duties and responsibilities, I have decided to…borrow his reputation to present to you that which is…disturbing to a twisted mind.

    A man wandering through the woods of time and space sees …

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