1. @ennasuite

    Of Koi and CARP


    One of the most common and familiar designs in traditional tattooing is the Japanese koi. He appears in a variety of ways on the human body, following the natural lines and patterns of the wearer’s skin, musculature and bone structure. He symbolizes overcoming challenge and adversity and represents a …

  2. @ennasuite

    Final Course Reflection


    How did I learn in this course?

    This was definitely a course where I learned by doing. I had to attempt things, take initiative, try, fail and try again. That was true for every step along way, from setting up a blog, to linking my classmates’ blogs to feedly, to …

  3. @ennasuite

    Digital Story Critique 12: Fresh Empire


    I came across this digital story in a different way than usual. I wasn’t searching online for hip hop storytelling like I normally would. This story appeared out of nowhere and happened to catch my attention. At this point in the semester, I almost feel like I find digital stories …

  4. @ennasuite

    Assignment Bank: Visual


    (Most everyone has seen the infamous picture of The Brady Bunch where everyone in the family is showcased in their own personal box. Whether your actual family or your close group of friends, make a collage mimicking the picture shown below. In your post, explain why you chose the people …

  5. @ennasuite

    Daily Create 14


    (Type/write a favorite or meaningful poem. Put it on paper and attach it to your refrigerator or bulletin board or heck, just tape it to your bathroom mirror.)

    Tomorrow is May 1st, and this poem’s most memorable line is:

    “The month of May without France isn’t the month of May…”…

  6. @ennasuite

    Daily Create 13


    This week marks not only William Shakespeare’s birthday but also 400 years since his death in 1616. This daily create asks us to interpret a famous line from Hamlet with something involving a skull. I chose a painting done by a friend. Enjoy.

    “Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio,…
  7. @ennasuite

    Daily Create 12


    Find one special lone tree, take a photo!

    I took this photo in the San Francisco Botanical Garden on April 3, 2016. I think it looks like someone strutting his stuff in the midst of what others might consider a serious environment. Strut your stuff, tree man!

  8. @ennasuite

    Digital Story Critique 8: Detective Boogaloo: Hip Hop Cop


    My latest digital story critique is also about a detective. This time, the story is a comic strip, so I will be discussing both the visual and textual components. The artist/storyteller is Jamar Nicholas. The comic is no longer running and I had difficulty retracing its storyline, so for this …

  9. @ennasuite

    Assignment Bank: Audio


    This audio assignment is about misunderstood lyrics. We’ve all misunderstood lyrics to songs – the Jimi Hendrix example is classic: “Excuse me while I kiss this guy?” Go right ahead, sir. I’ll just keep singing along pretending I understand what you’re saying…

    For this assignment, I recorded myself rapping along …

  10. @ennasuite

    Assignment Bank: Mashup


    Since I am critiquing a digital story by rapper Lupe Fiasco this week, my mind started wandering and I realized that he bears a strong resemblance to one of my favorite reggae musicians, Garnett Silk. I would love to see a biopic made about the latter artist’s life, which …

  11. @ennasuite

    Digital Story Critique: Straight Outta Chevy Chase


    The digital story that I am critiquing this week is a 30-minute episode of the popular podcast Radiolab, which airs regularly on NPR. Radiolab is an informative and educational podcast whose structure often utilizes storytelling. The program is hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich and is described as …

  12. @ennasuite

    Chapter Critique: Social Media Storytelling


    This week I have chosen to critique a chapter in The New Digital Storytelling: Creating Narratives with New Media by Bryan Alexander. It is relevant to the digital story critique that I am currently working on because it discusses podcasts. Here the author outlines the use of storytelling tools that …

  13. @ennasuite

    Daily Create 9


    (Have you ever looked around and suddenly noticed faces everywhere? Find a “face in the wild” and take a picture to share.)

    Found this little guy smiling at me at the gym today, as if to say, “Keep going, you can do it! “

  14. @ennasuite

    Daily Create 7


    (Find an image of a well known western figure, add to it a famous quote by someone related in some way to the figure in the image and then attribute the quote to a third, related figure.)

    I didn’t get the third part, but here is a lyric from a …

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