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    Digital Story Critique 4: We gon’ be alright


    The Grammy Awards are tomorrow night. Kendrick Lamar is going to win several Grammy awards. I say this with as much certainty as the artist himself possesses when he says, “We gon’ be alright” – the chorus from the song Alright, which is nominated for an award and will win …

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    Digital Story Critique 3: It’s 1995! …but it’s also 1963


    If any art form could exemplify Lankshear and Knobel’s definition of literacy, it’s hip hop. The authors discuss literacies as:

    “socially recognized ways of generating, communicating and negotiating meaningful content through the medium of encoded texts within contexts of participation in Discourses”

    As an art form, a social practice, a …

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    New Literacies, Chapter 2

    “Ways of Being in the World”

    I am really enjoying New Literacies so far. This second chapter goes into more depth about how research has come to conceptualize multiple literacies based on interdisciplinary studies in fields such as social linguistics, anthropology, social cognition, cultural psychology, history, and cultural studies – …

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    Digital Story Critique 2 – Where are you from?


    In researching digital stories related to my theme I am slowly coming across the work of educators and scholars who are blending educational technology, digital media and literacy, hip hop studies, etc. A search for “hip hop + digital storytelling” lead me to the work of Emily Bailin on multiple …

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    Assignment Bank: Visual


    I used a word cloud generator to create a visual representation of a paper I wrote on helping adult learners persist in college through academic advising services.

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    Daily Create 2


    My imagining of a cattle brand with my initials S and L.

    I remember trying to decipher cattle brands as a kid watching old cartoons and always hearing that sideways letters were read as “lazy”. So this is my Lazy Susan brand.

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    New Literacies, Chapter 1

    “Skills plus Community”

    Chapter one of New Literacies: Everyday Practices and Social Learning by Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel attempts to address what is meant by literacy and literacy education. They offer an historical overview of how literacy emerged as a societal goal as well as how literacy education first …

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