1. @erincaine3

    Week 1 Summary


    During this week’s “bootcamp”, we had to set up a blog, create various social media accounts, post introductions, reflect on The Joy of Painting by Bob Ross, and set goals for the course. When I saw all the assignments at the beginning of the week, I got very worried about …

  2. @erincaine3

    What do I hope to get out of ds106?


    I am taking this class because I am considering a major in Communication and Digital Studies. This course seemed like a really interesting way to get more familiar with many of the digital processes that will be involved in my major if I choose to go down this path. Last …

  3. @erincaine3

    The Joy of Painting


    Although I’ve seen many references and clips of his videos, I have never actually watched a full Bob Ross video. I was assigned Season 24 Episode 7: Back Country Path, and I really enjoyed it. I already love painting, so I really enjoyed watching him, but I wasn’t expecting to …

  4. @erincaine3

    About Me


    Hey everyone! My name is Erin and I am a sophomore here at UMW! I’m still undecided, but I am considering and major in Communication and Digital Studies. In my free time I love reading, painting, and spending time with my friends and family. I am looking forward to getting …

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