1. @erinnmarieg

    Final Course Reflection


    Throughout our Learning with Digital Stories course this summer I continued to be amazed by how much I learned from my peers. I believe I learned the most from their stories and our discussions via Hypothes.is. I was impressed by the quality of their work and the resources they …

  2. @erinnmarieg

    Week 7 Reflections!


    It is wild to think this is the end of week 7! This course has gone by scary fast which means the summer is going by scary fast (especially for a teacher). However, it is exciting to know I’m at the finish line and about to complete my Master’s Degree! …

  3. @erinnmarieg

    Week 6: Weekly Reflection



    How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments (inclusive of at least two TDCs, your DS106 Activity Bank Assignment, response to course readings (grad students only), critique of digital story, various responses to CU Denver peers, and engagement with other online social networks)?

    I’m …

  4. @erinnmarieg

    Week 5: Reflection



    It is crazy to look back and think about week one in this course-things have really changed. I feel like I have hit a rhythm with my assignments, but not in a way I just do them without thinking-like in other courses. Instead, I understand the flow of the …

  5. @erinnmarieg

    Week 5: Story Critique


    I have to admit this week I have struggled-the news is breaking my heart. It’s made me think a lot about my students and how difficult these terrible events are for me to process, never mind a child. My search for this week’s story critique along with the range of …

  6. @erinnmarieg



    Here is my take on today’s Daily Create titled Oh…Yeah…. It asked the creator to record our best and most dramatic Oh Yeah, and share. This was my first time doing editing via Audacity, and I have to admit it was pretty fun!

    Also, as an aside I forgot to …

  7. @erinnmarieg

    Week 4: Reflection


    Halfway point! I can’t believe week 4 is over, and I’m that much closer to completing my masters!

    This week I completed all of our week’s assignments on time, and to the best of my abilities. The one assignment I felt a bit unsure about this week was the Digital …

  8. @erinnmarieg

    Week 4: Story Critique


    This week I struggled to find a story to critique that I really connected with and enjoyed. I feel like I’m spending a lot of time searching for videos and watching ones that don’t really work the way I need them to. However, the one I settled on this week …

  9. @erinnmarieg

    History All Around


    For this week’s DS106 Design Assignment I chose What Are You Missing Nearby. I picked this particular assignment because it felt like something I could realistically use in an elementary school classroom. To complete the assignment I had to find at lest four places to visit nearby. I’m currently living …

  10. @erinnmarieg

    Week 3: Reflections


    I can’t believe we’re almost at the halfway point! I feel as though I completed all of the week’s requirements, and all in the required time. The one place I feel like I could have improved was my Activity Bank Assignment. As I said in my video post I really …

  11. @erinnmarieg



    Instead of struggling with technology this week I struggled with content. So far I have really tried to have most of my content relate back to my theme of education and diverse learners as best I can. So earlier this week, when I started exploring the DS106 Assignment Bank for …

  12. @erinnmarieg

    Week 2: Reflections


    What a difference a week makes! This week certainly felt much better than week one. I feel like I once again completed all of the requirements for the weekly assignments, but through a new lense-a new understanding of what I was doing, and why I was doing it. I also …

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