1. @erinnmarieg

    Beautiful Mess Mashup


    For this weeks DS106 Assignment Bank Audio creation I chose to complete “Sounds of Your Day.” I first discovered this assignment last week, when trying to understand what exactly an “Assignment Bank” was exactly. I was first drawn to it, because right now my days are pretty LOUD. With one …

  2. @erinnmarieg

    Week 2 Reading Response: Remixing More Than Just Music


    Recently I’ve noticed more and more of my students reading graphic novels during their independent reading times, and I have to admit I sometimes think, should I encourage them to read a chapter book instead? However, I then remind myself that I’m just happy they are not only reading, but …

  3. @erinnmarieg

    Paperback Paradise


    I finally used Photoshop! Feeling proud.

    Today’s Daily Create asked us to search the web for an old paperback cover and use it to make a new cover. Staying with my interest of education here is what I came up with:

  4. @erinnmarieg

    Week 1 Reflection


    Overall, I feel like I succeeded in completing the requirements of this week’s assignments. When I first looked over DS106, our syllabus, blog, etc. I was overwhelmed by the challenges facing me. I have never blogged before, never used twitter, and honestly had no desire to, but this class has …

  5. @erinnmarieg

    Upside Down Daily Create


    TDC1361 asks the creator to take a photo and flip it upside down. I chose this one because I liked the different perspective. Makes me think about all the different perspectives I have in my classroom some days. I also chose it because today’s daily create wasn’t one that I …

  6. @erinnmarieg

    What’s in the bag?!?


    A view into my teacher bag. Visual Assignment 1556 required I take a picture of the essentials in my bag. Luckily my school bag was sitting right next to me filled with papers begging to be graded.

    I connected to this visual assignment because what I’m carrying around in my …

  7. @erinnmarieg

    Getting my create on


    My first Daily Create! I won’t share how long it took…between my struggle with image size, switching between desktop and iPhone, and my general over-analyzing…it’s embarrassing.

    Daily Create asking me to share what has made me happy recently was not a difficult task though, once I fought with the …

  8. @erinnmarieg

    A Teacher in a Tech World


    Yesterday after a busy day with my fourth graders I came home and spent hours in front of my computer, outside of my comfort zone. Blogs, Twitter, GIFs, oh my, all things I’ve never spent much time thinking about, and when I’m surrounded by report cards that need to be …

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