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    May the Fourth be THE END (Final Project)


    Come Fourth with Bobbi Jane

    a short story written by Emily Sanborn


    Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Bobbi Jane. She was tough, she was smart, and she was caring. Bobbi was just in middle school on the west coast in San Diego, when she …

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    Weekly Sha Bang #12


    Soooo this week was interesting!

    Cannot BELIEVE we are so close to THE END!

    Week 12 was a blast because there were such a variety to choose from, from reading my book! I loved Oryx and Crake. I’ll be honest I don’t read that much but when I do I …

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    …..evidence? You tell me


    literally just clicked the down arrow to the elevator in the HCC and above where it tells you the floor it’s coming from….. this…. is what I saw.

    I thought I was only seeing things until I had time to whip out my phone and click a pic…. odd..

    for …

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    Pop Quiz!???


    Get your thinking caps on! I am going to quiz you on Oryx and Crake!

    Who is Snowman before the end? Glenn Jimmy Oryx

    2. Where does Snowman sleep?

    A house A tent A tree

    3. Why are pigoons smart?

    Human like brains They are invisible They can read minds…
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    FINSTUH ????


    This is Oryx’s fake insta! Follow her and I bet she’ll follow back!

    I used Cydnie from The Walking Dead because this is how I pictured Oryx in the book.

    Young, beautiful, powerful, and independent.

    Each picture symbolizes her character throughout the book.

    The first, is the Mango, symbolizing the …

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    Animated Gif Cover?????


    For this 5 star assignment, I decided to go about a similar route to my original book cover. I chose to keep the Snowman as the cover (as well as main character), because honestly I’m still imagining a Jack Frost in this crazy book. But I imagine them on the …

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    week shelevan 11


    Week 11 was a pt. 2 from Week 10, and we continued Video! yay!

    I really am enjoying these past few weeks, it’s helped me a lot become more comfortable creating videos and even getting creative with what to record!

    I enjoyed Week 11, watching a different movie and not …

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    Healthy Vine Challenge! ????


    My quick and easy healthy snack! I downloaded Vine Camera app on my phone, which is basically Vine. And I made my favorite lil’ salad! Caprese! All you need is tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil leaves! I typically like to use fresh basil, but Giant didn’t have any.. soooo dried leaves …

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    My fav thing to do! ??


    So for this assignment, I was trying to think of hobbies I have and the truth is I am as plain as Jane gets. I used to play soccer and enjoy exercising and stuff. But college turned that all around. My favorite thing to do is do nothing when I …

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    TDC #123


    So for choosing two Daily Creates with the ds106 squad, I enjoyed trying to think about what hasn’t already been a daily create. But I thought these were short and sweet just how they are supposed to be! Reply to me with your responses

    #1: Describe your ds106 character in …

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    Week 10 Complete ?


    Week 10 is DONE!

    Week 10 was was a 10/10. Super similar to audio week but with visuals as a plus!! It was a learning process for me, and it was so fun!

    Definitely had to step out of my comfort zone with the video creations but I can’t say …

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    Reflection & Essay Video


    Reading How to Read a Movie written by Ebert was very intriguing! I found his rule of thumbs to be the most influential so that is what I made my video essay about mainly! I liked his article a lot, because even though I am in Intro to Cinema Studies …

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    Where do your shoes take you????


    For this assignment I thought about if I was in an apocalypse where would my feet take me? My shoes are olive green TOMS, which I thought were handy for an apocalypse, they are camouflage with the grass and nature so I can hide them pretty well if I ever …

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    Signing Words!?


    This assignment I enjoyed quite a bit. For my language requirements, I am taking American Sign Language (ASL) and have actually loved signing since I was in kindergarten! Signing has come natural to me and I even took classes for ASL in high school too! Now that I am at …

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    Week 9 in the books!


    This week I felt a lot less stressed in ds106, but very stressed in all of my other classes! I was really thankful for the relief in the end because it helped me focus on my other classes.

    After working so hard on our radios for weeks now, I think …

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    Revise and Reflect


    I chose to revise my generate cool letters 3 star assignment, because it was a week where I had rushed through this assignment because my other classes were overwhelming enough. I recreated my characters name design, because I found this one fits Bobbi Jane more. I imagine if my character …

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    Final Radio Reflection


    Creating audio and listening to my classmate’s creations of radio was truly my favorite so far! Everybody did such a great job!!! I felt like I was listening to real radio stations!


    It’s cool imagining that I’m living in an apocalypse world. Weird because I keep having dreams I’m …

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    Weekly Post 7&8


    Where has the time gone?! I remember 2 weeks before Spring Break all I could think about was how close it was and how I cannot WAIT to be on break, but now…. its 2 weeks AFTER? I need the rest of the semester to fly by like this..

    My …

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    Girl Group’s progress


    It’s the week before spring break and here I am meeting with my group to create a radio?!?! what?!

    I love working with groups and meeting new people! I didn’t think we would have an opportunity to physically meet with people in the class but it’s actually the complete opposite …

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    Radio Poster


    This is my poster I created using Canva for my groups radio show! “Girls Guide to the Apocalypse” We chose this name because well… we’re all girls and we can show YOU how to survive the apocalypse. We met once as a group all together before spring break and created …

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    Week 6 of the Apocalypse


    This week I had SO much fun doing these weekly assignments!!!!!!!! (no sarcasm)

    At first I was dreading another week of tasks, but I keep telling myself to “just get through the week” and here we are now at the last week until SPRANG BREAK!!!!

    No one understands how long …

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    Design Reflection


    As I watched the two TED Talks and the Canva tutorials, I found myself really intrigued from the videos!

    From the Paula Scher’s TED Talk, hers focused on how to be solemn vs. serious. I really liked Paula’s speech and her design work as well. It was interesting to listen …

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    This is a very important hat and if it is not found, we all die.


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    Designing Bobbi Jane


    Bobbi Jane in her natural habitat. Bobbi J loves to spend her time in the woods because that’s where she feels at peace, and she can meditate.

    Through the tough times Bobbi will never lose track of actual time with her very handy special watch. It keeps her on track …

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    I thought this assignment was going to be a piece of cake while reviewing the weekly assignments. But truthfully when I went to start the blitz I just drew a blank and didn’t feel like I knew what I was doing. I thought I knew all the principles but turns …

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    Cool Letters ???


    Using coolletters.net was fun to browse and rewrite words in unique and pretty fonts. I chose to write my characters name because I love saying it out loud and how it is beautifully written (haha lol)

    This unique way to write Bobbi Jane represents her well, hard-core and bright. Doesn’t …

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    Alternate Book Cover


    Since Oryx & Crake is based around one of the main characters Jimmy aka Snowman, I chose to make the new book cover of a real life Snowman. Because that’s all I can think about while I read this book (lol)

    I used Canva for this, too!…

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    LOST HAT? ? ?


    Have you seen this hat? This hat is very important and must be found, if not…. we die……




    I used Canva to create this poster. I thought the bright colors and contrast would bring attention …

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