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    Learning to be an Innovator


    Forming new habits or changing a mindset can be very complicated and uncomfortable tasks. The life of a teacher, many times, revolves around our ability to change, create, synthesize, and adapt to accomplish our teaching goals. We also have to incorporate planning, strategies, and organization to complete the process.  All …

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    Attention Log-Stardate…

    Pexels-cc Life as a student…log one July 17, 2017 4:18-4:50 pm Sitting at my kitchen table after making cookies I sit in my kitchen because it is sunny and I like the atmosphere Using my laptop computer I am listening to the TED talk by Paul Miller-in one tab Opened…
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    Piktochart-Online Creation

    I chose the Piktograph creation tool to complete my tech assignment. I added some of my favorite technology sites, programs, and generators that I have been researching and the ones I have used the most in this class.  The Piktograph Editor is a very user-friendly site. The most challenging thing…
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    Digital Mindfulness


    Thinking back 20 years, do you ever wonder how we functioned without the convenience of the internet? There are hundreds of thousands of entertaining, interesting and educational sites that can be visited by just clicking a button.  The hours can be wiled away checking social media, playing games and adding …

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    Independent learning


    This week for my personal learning project I decided to explore a few of the generators and bots that are out there on the internet. There are some nifty ones that I think students (and teachers) may enjoy exploring. Thanks to the exposure of the Daily Create exercises I have …

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    Daily Create II

    I Love Pink-DC 1969

    My best decision ever-DC 1956

    One word poem-DC 1959

    It’s Muddy!-DC 1954

    A New Perspective-DC 2006

    Create a data set-DC 2007

    Off Beat Inspirational Poster-DC 2008

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    Tech-Take 3/Let’s make a movie!


    There are times in the classroom that teachers or students need to be able to create their own videos from either pictures or video. Editing software can help to create those fantastic video productions.  One of my favorites is iMovie. It is an Apple program that takes some time to …

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    Google Google on my desk


    Googling yourself is an enlightening experience, you can learn where you live, how old you are, if you’re married and who to, where you work, whether or not you participate in social media, and any newsworthy articles that may include your name. There are sites that offer to tell you …

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    Digital Citizenship


    Digital citizenship, a term that covers the guidelines for appropriate and responsible behavior when using technology. More specifically it can refer to cyberbullying, online safety, privacy online, observing copyrights and digital law.

    DIGITAL… Access-allows all persons the same opportunity to have digital access. Commerce-buying and selling of goods Communication-exchange of…
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    Thinking about (fun)Technology Word Art  A site where you can create graphics using words. The words can be theme oriented or whatever you choose.  It produces an interesting and colorful graphic for presentations, t-shirts, almost anything you can imagine. Students could implement this type of visual in numerous projects, using…
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    My Daily Creations ;)

    Cartoon Yourself-DC 1994

    My Band’s name and album cover-DC 1990

    Be a Creatorist-DC 1991

    My Dream Band-DC 1998

    My Dream Band-DC 1998 ASCII CAMERA-DC1971


    My random creations

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    Digital Stories and Podcasts


    Everyone loves to hear a story. A story of adventure, or tragedy, or romance or even sorrow. These stories allow us to relate to the storyteller, and to connect by sharing some sort of common life experience or emotion. Using podcasts or digital stories in the classroom can fill this …

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    Digital Storytelling 106


    The course ds 106 is, for lack of better terms, an adventure in creating. It was originally started as a class in digital storytelling that has evolved to include a learning community where people are invited to create their own individual projects.  It is a process driven class where you …

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    Technology for Classroom Teaching

    My Quest for Independent Learning

    Putting it all together


    One of the applications that I looked at is called, Poll Everywhere. This is a program where you can create questions regarding specific material and get an instant response from students. It provides an opportunity for immediate feedback to …

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    Personal Learning Cultivation



    In the article How to cultivate a personal learning Network: Tips from Howard Rheingold, he gives a short list of concise points to maintain and glean your Personal Learning Network.

    Explore– be open to new ideas and knowledge that you may find while randomly perusing online sources. You never…
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    Comma: Serial, Oxford, or Harvard


    Comma Clout

    A lot of buzz around this issue today … Barrett got us blogging when he sent this tweet:


    Per Wiki, the serial comma (also known as the Oxford comma and the Harvard comma) is the comma used immediately before a grammatical conjunction (usually and, or, and sometimes nor) …

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    A Personal Learning Network




    This system is comprised of teachers, administrators, professors and experts to help answer questions and offer professional support. These people make up a physical and online network of available resources at your fingertips.


    This network of people is your own personal professional development group. Anytime you are …

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    Learn Something New, but WHAT?


    In 1966, I know, a long time ago, I began the journey of learning. We are born learners, from the moment that we come into this world we learn. This learning process is littered with experiences that expose many of us to the good the bad and ugly of life. …

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    Passion Based Learning



    As teachers we understand the value of thinking but do we really encourage it? Most of us have looked out across our classroom at one time or another, and seen that student with the vacant, disinterested stare. Or, the student who is completely immersed in a topic other …

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    Why am I different?


    As a teacher in the 21st century, we are called on to teach a varied and unique group of people who will be leading us into the future.

    Teaching to the strengths of students.

    All of us are unique and talented. We are born with characteristics and predispositions that should …

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    Hacking your Education



    Hacking your education or exploring, tweaking or in some way improving your understanding is an approach that allows students to “fiddle with it” to gain a better understanding.

    The idea of hacking indicates to me that a person must invest the time and thought into a project in order …

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    Becoming Digitally Literate


    Photo cc-Sjoerd Los

    Learning, my daily quest. Today I am working on Digital Literacy. A quest to bridge the gap between the world I grew up in and the world I live in today.  When I was little, we had 3 channels on the television and it was my job …

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    Steps in the Right Direction

    Photo CC-Mike Willis Leslie’s Top Five Life Lessons.

    #5- Everyone is weird, sometimes.  We all have our moments. Run into the pole, trip and fall while walking the dog, walk into the wrong restroom, or just be highly un-photogenic. We are all unique individuals and we should be proud of …

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