1. flear

    The Final Collection (Week 16)


    Finally at the end of the road! I greatly enjoyed some of the things I learned to do in this class, and the constant stretch of my creative boundaries (as well as comfort zone). This final project was probably my favorite thing of all to do, since it involved compiling …

  2. flear

    Final Project Media


    The gifs at the beginning of the story were inspired by the GIF Animate Your Day like Ben assignment. I figured it would be a cute and relatively challenging idea, that would help get into the character’s setting. This is how Sofie gets ready every day, so it’s really an …

  3. flear

    The Dress Designer Dilemma


    Sofie woke up every morning to do the same thing. She would make a cup of coffee, eat breakfast, get dressed, and then sit down at her desk to draw.

    Sofie was a dress designer. She didn’t make the dresses, she just liked to make the designs. Brides would call …

  4. flear

    Weekly Summary, Weeks 13 and 14


    Another two weeks, and only a couple weeks left to go, woohoo! This week we got to learn about remixes, and I’ve come to the realization that pretty much everything I’ve been asked to create in this class has been a remix. I mean, pretty much my entire description as …

  5. flear

    What isn’t a Remix?


    I guess I never realized before that everything is a remix, and even who we are as people is just a mashup of everything we’ve been exposed to. I mean, I’m personally aware that I start picking up speaking habits that my friends have, and I suppose now that I …

  6. flear

    Guess These!


    Can you guess the five different songs in this 10 second mashup? They’re a bit all over the place! To be honest, I could have added so many different songs to this, or made it really hard and picked my favorite instrumental songs, but I just picked a bunch of …

  7. flear

    My (Immortal) Lunch


    Hi my name is xXJadeStone_Rawr_45Xx and my lunch is a reheated leftover rice and chicken soup (but its super goth ok??) with orange carrots and sliced celery that’s cooked with chopped onions and water and it has tons of spices like oregano and a lot of people say I cook …

  8. flear

    Weekly Summary, Weeks 11 and 12


    Geez, what a long two weeks. I don’t know why I’m so tired, I think I just stayed up too late last night, but it feels like such a relief to get all these videos over with.

    I’m not much of a video person. I like watching them, and I …

  9. flear

    Delicious Smile


    Well, it’s the last day of these couple of weeks, and I am thoroughly exhausted. Working with video is tough work. But you know what makes it fairly simple for the most part if you know how to actually get the video to post?


    I watch Vine compilations all …

  10. flear

    Darcy’s Squeaky Proposal


    The 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is beloved by all. It’s sometimes credited as the beginning of the cult-ish nature of Jane Austen works. And, of course, it has a lovely, completely unnecessary scene of Colin Firth in a wet shirt.

    Really, though, this adaptation is really great. …

  11. flear

    A Conflict of Self-Interest


    Lately it seems there’s no way for me to have any free-time to do something that I want to do. Of course, I do want to learn things in school, as well as write this novel, but I also want to play video games! I bought Undertale at the beginning …

  12. flear

    I love Writing


    Honestly, if it’s not clear from how many times I’ve said it, or the fact that I’m in the Creative Writing concentration: I love writing. I’ve loved writing ever since I was a tiny little elementary school kid. I had a binder with various poems that I had written, and …

  13. flear

    Extremely Simple Timelapsed Makeup


    When I was younger, I used to shun all those girls who wore makeup. Especially if they wore it every day. “If they manage to spend so much time on their makeup everyday, I can’t help but think about how poor their grades are” and “I’m not like other girls; …

  14. flear

    Weekly Summary, Week 10


    I’m managing to get this done fairly early this night of Halloween Saturday, because Sunday is day 1 of NaNoWriMo, and I want to devote as much of my time as possible to writing my novel! Plus, I’ve finished my weekly assignments, so why not finish the summary as well?…

  15. flear

    Dear 16 y/o me (ps you’re an ass)


    Sorry for the rather crude title, but I didn’t mention much in the video how much I actually hate 16 year old me. Seriously, she was actually the worst. She probably would have believed in reverse racism. The. Worst.

    But, I still talked to her today in this video.

    For …

  16. flear

    Back to the Daily Creates


    The four daily creates for Week number 10!

    For TDC1388, a picture of my happy place

    (My bed, of course)

    For TDC1390, horrorgami (which is actually horror kirigami, confusingly enough)

    A cute little skull!

    For TDC1391, we had to give the summary of a movie in under one minute, in …

  17. flear

    Looking, Listening, and Analyzing


    So, for this assignment, I’ll be examining This Scene from the movie Good Will Hunting, which I have never seen before. Let’s start!


    The clip begins with Robin Williams in the center of the shot, and spends a long time just focused on him as he speaks. Then it …

  18. flear

    How to Read a Movie


    It’s probably an embarrassment to myself to say that I don’t really know who Roger Ebert is. I know I’ve seen his face before, and I know he has something to do with film (based on what we’re learning this week), but I know almost nothing about him. But, I …

  19. flear

    Weekly Summary, Week 9


    Getting back into the swing of things after the hectic Radio Show week was difficult. Daily creates, assignments, etc. etc. Just back to the grind.

    This week, we were learning about storytelling in the web, but it felt to me more like…regular storytelling. I’m still not sure how the web …

  20. flear

    Evaluation of Our Show (Wacky History)


    The other thing we had to do for this week was an evaluation of our own radio show, Wacky History.

    Quality of Sound

    There is some sudden loud noises, like the transition from the initial loud Rachel introduction, to the second segment that she sent to me after the initial …

  21. flear

    Evaluating The Verge


    For this week, I am one of the evaluators of The Verge radio show.

    Quality of Sound

    For the first official segment (not including the introductory section that explains what all will be discussed on the show), the music is a bit too loud and almost overpowers the voice. It’s …

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