1. Daljit Singh

    Final Project


    Yo Adrian, I did it!! I really did, for my final project I set my goal to create five animated GIFs, which to some of you is an easy task, but I really had a hard time with them, you can say they were my Apollo. In all seriousness, as …

  2. Daljit Singh

    Final Reflection


    The semester is coming to a close, which means I’m no longer required to post on the DS106 site; but that wont stop me. Iv’e learned so much and grown so acustom to posting work I no longer need that feeling of “this is something I am required to do”, …

  3. Daljit Singh

    Accepting the Challenge!


    Soon I will be doing a final project and I have been thinking about my topic for some time now. With this project I am allowed to choose my own topic, this being the fact I don’t wanna take advantage of it and take the easy way out. After all …

  4. Daljit Singh

    Digital Archiving


    After watching Jim Grooms lecture on ones digital self and what they need to do to archive it, I have learned it is very important to save anything you post in order to maintain your digital self; not only for personal reasons but others as well. Firstly I feel anything …

  5. Daljit Singh

    Postcard from Magical Places: “Uncle Bob” Remix


    Assignment: Postcard from Magical Places Remixed                                                                 Worth: 4 Stars

    For this assignment I was required to remix a postcard and incorporate a weird family member such as a “Uncle Bob”. I chose this postcard created by Scott Wilson Plunkett, because I feel it was very creative and witty. Here …

  6. Daljit Singh

    Animated Music Video: “Whats the Prequel?” Remix


    Assignment: Animated Music Video Remix                                                                                  Worth: 7 Stars

    For this assignment I was required to use the Remix Card: “What’s the Prequel?” to remix an AMV assignment, done by norihide. The original video had a theme of love and I figured a good prequel would be about feelings one …

  7. Daljit Singh

    Remix Reflection Post


    After watching “Everything is a Remix” by Kirby Ferguson, my whole outlook on the re-use of work has changed. No longer do I feel bad about taking another persons idea and twisting it making it my own, because admittedly it is something I do allot. I was glad …

  8. Daljit Singh

    Video Assignment: Movie By Numbers


    Assignment: Movies By Numbers                                                                                               Worth: 3 Stars

    This assignment me to express one number, of my choosing, and make a video where it is expressed using images of nature and everyday life. The number I chose was 13, here is how it turned out:

    For this assignment I used Windows …

  9. Daljit Singh

    Video Assignment: Video Essay


    Assignment: Video Essay                                                                                                    Worth: 5 Stars

    This assignment basically requires me to create a video, which explains why I enjoy a movie; going through things like what makes it cinematic and why it is good. For my movie I chose the move Training Day, starring Denzel Washington as Alonzo Harris …

  10. Daljit Singh

    Video Assignment: Animated Music Video


    Assignment: Animated Music Video                                                                                   Worth: 4 Stars

    This assignment required me to create a Animated Music Video or AMV, which is a video which includes some sort of animation, mostly consisting of cartoons or anime, and music with a similar theme. For my AMV I chose one of my favorite …

  11. Daljit Singh

    Video Assignment: Return to the Silent Era


    Assignment: Return to the Silent Era                                                                                  Worth: 5 Stars

    The difference between Silent Films and the movies out today are huge, they have developed so much and for the better. So the idea of making a new age movie resemble a silent film would be a task in itself; which …

  12. Daljit Singh

    Quality Filmmaking: Training Day


    In my opinion, a quality movie is a rare thing to find these days. I believe most movies out now all basically have the same feel, not that they are bad, but they simply are not memorable. I think a quality movie should incorporate a decent blend of good acting, …

  13. Daljit Singh

    Audio Assignment: Multipersonality


    Assignment: Multipersonality                                                                                                      Worth: 4 Stars

    The process of creating this assignment was simple, it was a mere matter of recording and editing. The editing software I used was Audacity, which I used to trim certain areas. The conversation is about and individual ordering at a fast food restaurant and runs …

  14. Daljit Singh

    Audio Assignment: Movie Voice Machines


    Assignment: Movie Voice Machines                                                                                                                    Worth: 3 Stars

    For this Assignment I chose to do it on one of my favorite characters from the movie and comedy sketch Good Burger, a fond memory of my childhood. The character is to put it lightly a “laid back idiot”, which is what makes …

  15. Daljit Singh

    Audio Assignment: Mainstream Chipmunkd’


    Assignment: Mainstream Chipmunkd’                                                                                       Worth: 5 Stars

    In this assignment I chose one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artist, Thriller by Michael Jackson. I really liked how it turned out, making a song which normally is intended to scare you into something rather comical. The process to …

  16. Daljit Singh

    Audio Assignment: Sound Effects Story


    Assignment: Sound Effects Story                                                                                                               Worth: 3 Stars

    For this Audio Assignment I used Audacity to edit my sound files, which I got from Freesound.org. I had a few problems with a few files, although with the simplicity of Audacity I was able to fix it. I had a mixture …

  17. Daljit Singh

    Design Assignment: Alternative Book Cover


    Assignment: Alternative Book Covers                                                                                                       Worth: 3 Stars

    The book I chose for this assignment was Animal Farm. Being that Animal Farm is a book about politics yet it is portrayed by using animals in a farm, I wanted to put a different spin on it. I used the title “Animal …

  18. Daljit Singh

    Design Assignment: Propaganda Poster


    Assignment: Propaganda Posters                                                                                                Worth: 3 Stars


    This assignment was simple to complete, it required simple editing and hardly any effort. To create it I used Gimp, in which I used the Color Picker Tool fairly often. I wanted the new text to match the old text in color so …

  19. Daljit Singh

    Design Assignment: Propaganda Poster


    Assignment: Propaganda Posters                                                                                                Worth: 3 Stars


    This assignment was simple to complete, it required simple editing and hardly any effort. To create it I used Gimp, in which I used the Color Picker Tool fairly often. I wanted the new text to match the old text in color so …

  20. Daljit Singh

    Design Assignment: Movie Trading Cards


    Assignment: Movie Trading Cards                                                                                              Worth: 4 Stars

    These are movie trading cards of characters from the movie Shawshank Redemption, one of my favorite movies I have ever seen. I chose this movie because it is one that touched me allot when I first seen it; it’s one I can watch …

  21. Daljit Singh

    Visual Assignment: An Album Cover


    Assignment: An Album Cover                                                                                                              Worth: 2 Stars

    Procedure: This assignment was quite simple to complete, and I must say it’s one of my favorite; I just love the concept. The idea of finding random quotes, titles, and pictures to create an album cover really shows one creative thinking process. This …

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