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    The Best of The Best


    So, how do you quantify the best of so many great entries?  I don’t want to put a winner out, just a display a few of the posts I enjoyed the most.  I eliminated anything I worked on including collaborative projects – hats off to my radio show colleagues.

    First …

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    Tying shoes.



    My two TDC ideas are:


    Photo Directions.

    Create your own instructions using just pictures.  For example, if you wanted to teach someone how make toast, you might take a picture of a piece of bread.  A picture of the bread in the toaster.  Etc, etc.  One picture for …

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    Journal 3


    So the video was corrupted.  I gave up again for a bit but then I received the third email.

    They’re everywhere!  The voices are screaming at me all the time.  Every time I turn on the television, it goes to static and the voices start.  I think I’m going insane.  …

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    Journal 2


    Yeah, that about spells it out.  So I decided to tempt fate and open up some of the links.  This is nuts.  Oh, but, begin at the beginning.  The email I mentioned was from [email protected] – not exactly the kind of thing you want to open attachments from.  I did …

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    Journal 1


    Okay, so I got this email out of the blue.  Normally, I just delete these sort of things because they’re stuff like *–# New Russian bRides 8 #1–  or Is Your Husband Cheating on U?.  This one was different somehow.  I’m not sure, exactly what it was that drew me …

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    Santa needs a sidekick.  12 Reindeer after all…

    Cheese?  I don’t know, but certainly not in good taste.


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    Irony Has a New Name


    I’m not sure if the world of ballet is ready.  But with Christmas fast approaching a certain someone thought it best to try her hand.  If you feel yourself a bit ill watching, perhaps it’s best to just shake it off.

    Then there’s the wonderful DMCA.


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    The World Wonders


    Somewhere in the Pacific, two mighty navies clash.  The fate of the world hangs in the balance.  One man reports on his actions in that war.  Meanwhile, we hear a message echoing in his head.  A message that almost brought disaster.


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    The Static is Normal


    I spent part of this Wednesday past listening to Creepy Chronicles.  In general, I thought there was a good deal of technical effort put into the production.  The transition between segments was smooth and the sound levels seemed to remain constant.  The individual presenters all seemed to enjoy their work …

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    Hanging About


    Every year, the Corpus Metus crew jet off for a week of relaxation, team building, and stark terror.  DS106 FM, our parent company flies us all expense paid to Sagada, Philippines.  At first, our general manager Paul Bond purchased the tickets because the vacation package was cheaper than Cancun.

    In …

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    Upside of Down


    My Happy Place as a child was the basement of an old barn on my neighbors property.  I found a few loose boards behind a bush that had sprung up close tot he foundation and that is how I got in and out.  I never went there when my neighbor …

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    ?sdrawkcaB deaR uoY naC


    AudioAssignments1332 – Reverse a song to see if anyone can guess which one it is?  Too easy.

    The below song is definitely in the theme of Tales From DS106.  In fact, the entire album really is.  The Album, which was released in 1990, was the third studio album from the …

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    All I hear is Static



    This week is the beginning of the radio program project.  It’s collaborative.  This is both good and bad.  It means that you get to work with other people and get to see different viewpoints.  That’s the good part.  The actual collaboration part is not.  I mean, think about it …

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    Thoughts and Ideas


    Planet of the Vampires.  Made in 1965, I spent most of the first part of the movie wondering if they were ever going to fire their guns.  I was debating if they even had the effects for them.  None of that has to do with design.

    The ship sets …

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    No, Not Really


    The year is 1944.  17 year old Private Tony Bonamo has just entered Paris.  He is an infantryman in Patton’s 3rd Army.  He turn a corner and sees her.  The Parisian girl is maybe 16.  She is trying to cross a street and reach a safer part of the city.  …

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    The Angel Islington


    A minimalist poster for television?  Why not?  Hey, I remember when there were new episodes of MacGyver airing (that means broadcast).  I chose something both old and new.

    +1 for anyone who understands how the title of this post relates to the poster.


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    Eat This!


    A Basic Link Analysis of Who Owns the Food We Eat

    This assignment was to detail a conspiracy.  I thought this would be much more fun.…

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    Canon in D


    Massimo Vignelli’s Canon is, actually a quite informative work.  It does touch on very important elements of style and, as a non-designer, it helps you to appreciate what you see in everything from advertisements to product logos.  I’m actually not being sarcastic here, either.  This would be a good text …

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    Ideas as Ideas


    I think there are some great opportunities for collaborative storytelling.

    Idea First.  Just be some basic ground rules.  Each author has absolute authority for their chapter, including killing characters off, so no long term plans.  If done as a serial, it will be easier than if a complete production.  If …

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    Eek Squeak – Or, Adventures in Cartoon Horror


    In the palace of the mind, there are many chambers.  Rooms well lit and home to orderly thoughts.  The places we go when in civil conversation with out sister in law.  There are also the wine cellars, home to the unique and savory thoughts upon which our personality rests.  Then, …

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    Eat Drink Man Woman


    I could take a picture of my lunch. Did you want that pre or post consumption? Pre or post digestion?

    Today, I had a moderately decent bibimbap from a food truck over on 13th street. The hot and cold ingredients came in separate containers as well as a small side …

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    I See Fields of Green, Clouds of White


    Winter was the only time I never went there. From spring, from the first time the snows melted and the mud was still so thick you couldn’t drive all the way to the first dry flurries mixed white shards with now dulled colours. I would walk there, down the lane.…

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    On the Shores of Gitchigumi


    Words written on paper

    Probably about something

    I’m not sure I know

    Some say cosmic thoughts

    Deep meaning from within you

    Bearing soul to all

    Is this comedy?

    Am I only just a jerk?

    Or is this Profound?


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    Interview With the Presenter


    This week we sat down with actor, world traveler, and religious leader Ramzes the sheep who has recently been selected to host Variety Horror for DS106.

    Ramzes at his home in Southern California

    (Actual Presenter may vary from image)

    Fangoria: So, tell me a little bit about your background.

    Ramzes:  …

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    Week 2 – Down the rabbit hole


    Okay, well after a bit of a rocky start, I am ready to start exploring a little.  WordPress is very user friendly and even a little intuitive.  Installing the plugins required for class was easy – perhaps a little too easy…

    Right now, I think the challenge of this class …

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