1. frenchy

    On the Hustle


    I’ve been on the hustle since day one, when I usurped my big brother from the Top Son spot. Happy and quiet, I was a self-confirmed blessing to my parents after three and a half years of wah wah wah and sleepless nights (shout out to my big bro). Legend …

  2. frenchy

    i want


    I want to create.
    I want to feel the power of shaping a stranger’s feelings, invading their hearts and stroking the strings to create a symphony of sensation that will never be forgotten.
    I want to release a monster of perpetual energy that feeds and grows and spreads across genders, …

  3. frenchy

    Letter to a young friend.


    I don’t know how much I can help, seeing as I’m still a long way from where I think I want to be, but I have learnt a few things over the years. To get what you really want – which is what you really want – you have to …

  4. frenchy



    I’m only deep because I’ve been down
    Submerged and surfaced to tell the story
    – don’t fear what you do not know.
    Know that everything you are is
    Everything you need to be.
    Let one foot surpass the last and trust the path
    – that’s called faith, or Life.

    Your …

  5. frenchy

    Anti-social media

    I haven’t heard your voice in years. I’ve seen you lots though. Seen you smile and laugh. I’ve seen all your most triumphant moments, right? Seen everything you’ve wanted me to see.
    Well, me and your 734 other friends anyway. So many times I’ve meant to ring you, write to…
  6. frenchy

    Mainland Cheese


    No change eh?
    Sometimes I think us humans are like lobsters in a pot with the temperature slowly rising. We’re not going to realise how completely fucked we are until it’s too late.
    I know it’s human because I’m the same. Sometimes I feel like the ruler of a procrastiNation. …

  7. frenchy

    moment of truth


    There’s no point in being partially honest. Half a story isn’t a story. I’ve been more honest than some, less than others, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I could have told more truths, deceived less. Omission is the same as lying.
    Who really suffers? We lie to save …

  8. frenchy



    That moment when you realise that whats fun for your friends isn’t fun for you anymore. When you find yourself eyeballs deep in drugs and alcohol but sober as a judge, watching your closest acquaintances hug each other, see the spit fly from mouth to face as they deep and …

  9. frenchy

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


    Sure I was suffering from the Messiah complex, some notion of greatness that made anything short of spectacular fall flat, dead, dull. I can see why, surrounded as we are by bombardments of beauty and success and wealth. I can see why I thought that the much I had wasn’t, …

  10. frenchy

    Before the fall.


    Another attachment, another love-interest to keep my mind out of the depths of darkness so insufficiently described as boredom.
    I’m keen, like the edge of a cared for blade. Keen as the nose of a well-trained hound. Ready to do whatever I can, whatever I have to do to take …

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