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    Here I did a reflection after reading and re-editing and adding to my already existing posts. This was my final blog-post for my class, and it was a close one! I really enjoyed the class and my recording is a bitter-sweet ending. This project was for extra credit that I …

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    Phenomenal Woman Poetry Reading


    I did a reading of Phenomenal woman for my DS106 Audio category. This was a stressful assignment, mostly because I kept messing up and having to re-record. Not to mention how terrible I think my own voice sounds, all nasally yuck! In any-case i chose this poem because it …

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    The Future


    This blog-post is a response to “The Visible College: Four Futures” The video can be found Here I think that this lecture is spoken on the same gust of wind as Gardener Campbell’s article. In many ways both men are hopeful for the future of infinite possibilities. For me watching …

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    A personal Cyberinfrastructure


    Being a University student in a digital age. It is a hard topic to tackle, mostly because I have known nothing different. I even remember in the third grade when the teacher was explaining that when you open a program you click twice on the mouse. How do we know …

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    “New modes of comunication change what can be imagined and expressed…Enviroments are not passive wrappings but active processes”

    This quote was a significantly powerful statement for me. It shows that people are the limit to ourselves, if it can be imagined that it can be achieved. T’his rings true particularly …

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    Repression in China~


    For my presentation I decided to research and report on fear and loathing in China. What I discovered was not only repression in the available information, but also in the law that dictates how the persons who violate the rules are treated.

    No unit or individual may use the Internet …

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    Blogger love


    When I started this class, I was very worried. For one I had never started my own blog, nor had I read them regularly. Suer I jumped the wagon on Myspace and Facebook, and still linger, but just because I know it, it is comfortable. Like the diner with the …

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    Behind the Scene


    Sitting and listening to a presentation, while asking witty and argumentative questions comes like breathing for me, but giving a presentation was quite another story. While in theory the presentation was quite simple, the matters of the mind often get in the way. What do I mean? I mean every …

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    Tarantino Story


    Ill-Timed Travel

    Tracy had never wondered what her friend was like in youth, she was exactly the same just in a different time and place. 

    The sharp pungent scent of chlorine and echoed laughter of children set the stage. Normally the gentle whispers of energetic nurses and could be herd, …

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    My thoughts on a Cyber Bullys~

    When thinking about a Cyber Bully I imagine someone who is just nasty to others on a chat. Cyber-staking and sexual predators on the internet is really what I think we should be watching out for. Teenagers  being the key targets for exual predators, …

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    Hale Art


    Ok so mid-mogolian artist awe, I found this guy David Hale So I found three of his images to put in as banners too, I will put the full images here as well. You can read his BIO on that ^ same page. Again this will eventually be a re-vamped …

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    Mongolian Art


    So for those of you who noticed I recently found this artist online that I thought was absolutely breath-taking! I fought with myself over what picture, and how I should crop it so that I may use it for my banner. I hope they don’t get mad at me! I …

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    Our class was assigned the project of making a presentation on Prezi<check the link to see our project! I was one of the few people who prefereed Prezi to Powerpoint. I think it is because I have little to no experience with powerpoint, and therefore I am an open …

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    State of the Net



    As we are learning and listening to more about the publicatinos on the internet, the more I am realizing what a big mess it is. Twitter is dominated by idots with feelings to express but nothing of value to say. Similarly so many junk videos and crap animations take …

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    Three Word, Sunday


    So for this weeks DS106 assignment I shall write a piece of prose biased on the Three Word Wednesday I went to this Website and got the words that I will use:

    Angelic adjective: Of or relating to angels. Foster; verb: Encourage or promote the development of (something, typically something…
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    Hand of Friendship


    Here is my lovely roommate Bambi, drawing on my temporary tattoo of a taxi, for my other project. I snapped a picture of her hand drawing the taxi for the Daily Create. She is a relatively new friend, only since I moved to Japan have I gotten to know …

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    Temporary Tat


    So some of you may know, but I was run over by a Taxi cab last Thursday. Resulting in my absence from class, among other paramedic filled adventures. I was looking over the Daily Creates and I saw some scars and some self-made tattoos and I got the of marking …

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    Social Gaming~


    So to start off, I had no clue what Social Gaming was. Actually this was very important because as I looked at our infografic things were not getting clearer. The stats were clear and colorful, but I am highly skeptical about the statistics provided, it reminded me of a friend …

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    Unconventional Food, Featuring Ken-san


    For my Daily Create today I am doing the Unconventional Food. This may feel fairly conventional but let me direct your attention the very official scene behind the delicious looking clam-chowder. This was at a food-tasting at a very fancy restaurant that I work at, we had only limited time …

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    Water Road.


    So I was going to skip this one, but after seeing some of the incredible projects from our class I decided to give it a try. This photo was taken last spring, in the hopes of spurring on this spring. This was taken with my iphone and it was in …

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    Triple Troll


    This is my DS016 triple Troll


    Story and Process: This is a picture from San Fransisco and it worked great for my project because this man is stuck in a chaotic wire-infested room with no reason or rhyme that I can see. My quote “I accept chaos, Im’ not …

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    Something LOUD!


    My favorite loud person, for the Daily Create:

    She is a four year old with a sassy side~ She may not be loud in volume but her ideas are loud.

    That is why she is my daily create! This photo was taken when she was three, she is now …

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    Daily Create


    Here is my first Daily create. I took a picture of my feet!

    Actually this is a picture from a year ago exactly! But I still have the same slippers

    Photo taken by my old roommate in Kuramae Oak-share house.

    Setsubun, the bean-trowing demon-thwarting holiday that still doesn’t really …

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    Oops, I did it again~


    My next assignment was inspired by R. Kelly Can Fly? I really liked the idea and often spend my  time reading funny articles about bizarre crimes. like you do. I was looking and I found a less funny more sad story:

    This fella looking classy abusing these people

    I just …

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    Frap on Acid


     Look Look, my first image manipulation! As you can see Starbucks coffee (some frozen blended number) with some wild but not totally unbelievable colors. I used photoshop for the first time in about, oh six years, and it is not my absence from using the program but rather how much …

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    What kind of name is Vannevar anyways?

    Clearly a fashion role-modle for future generations of the fashion disinterested

    When deciding who of the pioneers to choose to research more (rather than reading a little until I found someone I was interest in) I decided to chose the best one in the most sensible way. the most attractive …

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    WANTED:1965 220SE Cabriolet


    Dust, leaves, cracked leather, slow time down. The aggressive ripping of a seasoned stight-six. The stuttering of the motor echoing your own heartbeat. A healthily smooth sound, ready to go. This car makes me sad. I remember the white flowers, and the impassioned speeches. The lack of tears. Then the …

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    For the sake of prosperity


    Welcome to my blog.


    I hope you find it entertaining and stimulating, but not necessarily in that order. I suppose this will catalogue some of my day-to day activities and thoughts as I see fit. Thank you for those who are interested in the lives of the mundane. For …

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    A semi-sweet and sarcastic look at things from behind my glasses.

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