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    Trophy for Victory

    Ethan and Carl climbed the ramp and emerged outside of the labyrinth. Now in the jungle once more Carl looked at Ethan with a tear in his eye. For it was time for Carl to meow goodbye. Carl was home again. Carl left Ethan and disappeared into the trees.    Ethan…
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    Two are Better than One

    Carl made a hissing sound and Ethan looked down and told him to be quiet. When Ethan looked up Poseidon dissolved into a wispy white fog and floated into nothingness.        Now Ethan and Carl stood at the bottom of the empty sewer system. After examining the gigantic rock pipe they…
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    After being swept into the sewage system, the water levels rose until Ethan and Carl were forced to swim underwater. They soon realized to make any progress down the dimly lit tunnel they could pop up for air in spots where light shone into the water from above. At each…
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    Carl trailed as Ethan approached a door adorned in flowers the color of a setting sun. The door split in the middle and drew back to each side to reveal a spherical room garnished with linens woven with delicate silk and golden threads. Ethan crossed the room’s threshold and immediately …

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    Tall Order


    Monday is the day where most of us begin the journey of five days of long hours at work, time spent at the gym, and time spent taking care of our family.

    With that being said, here is a picure of how I get through the midday slump.

    XL Columbian…
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    Digging In


    Along the sloped ceiling the steam condensed into water which rained down onto the earth below. The dirt, rock, and water mixed to create a slippery surface on which to gain footing was difficult.

     Up ahead the path was severed by a chasm of the width of Ethan’s height. “We’re …

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    By The Skin of His Back


    Ethan emerged from the bamboo blockage into a room that smelled like sulfur and the humidity was so great that water clung to the walls. Up ahead the air became cloudy and too hot to enter Small holes emitted scalding hot steam. Carl meowed as if to say “What are we …

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    The trail was hot and moisture filled the air. Trees above created a layer that blocked out most of the sun. Two miles into his walk Ethan drank the remaining water he had. “Downtown better be near,” thought Ethan. The trail curved left, then right, and then straightened. What appeared …

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    Trip Downtown?


    A knock at the hotel room door woke up Ethan. He answered with his eyelids hanging low. “Room service for Mr. Ethan Trivian,” cheerfully announced the hotel employee. “I didn’t order room service,” barked Ethan. “I know Mr. Trivian. Mr. Sinta did’” replied the employee. Ethan didn’t know a Mr. …

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    Pulling Two Rabbits Out of A Wallet


    The cab squealed to a stop. Ethan dug through his wallet, grabbed what looked like five dollars in ones, threw it into the cab drivers hand and hurried into the airport. In his wallet he saw his plane ticket but, didn’t remember grabbing it. 

    Ethan checked in at the first …

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    Encountering a Thief


    Ethan slipped from his hotel room, past his soon to be wife’s hotel room door, down the elevator and out of the hotel. Ethan requested an Über. Its ETA was 8 minutes. A man with straight salt colored hair that stretched to his knees said “Hello!” Ethan quickly mirrored the …

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    The Beginning


    It was two weeks before the BIG day. Christine Miller would become Mrs. Christine Trivian – Married to Ethan Trivian, after only six months of dating. Christine’s father, Thomas Miller, grinded his teeth at the thought. Thomas usually got what he wanted. He had the taxidermied animals to prove it. On …

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    Story Update


    The centrifugal force created by Ethan’s spin launched his knife from its scabbard which was sheathed to his belt atop his right hip. The knife was Christine’s father’s gift to Ethan for their wedding. It had been passed down through three generations of the men of her family. The blade …

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    Customer Preferences Survey

    Takes about 1 minute

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