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    Daily Create Support


    I created some prompts for Daily Creates. I made:

    Food Paste: What food would be your favorite if all food was in paste form?

    Last Meal: If you got to pick your last meal, what would it be?

    Holiday Tradition: What is a holiday tradition that you have?

    You’re an …

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    Final Project


    This is my final project! Pastee-Freez!

    The name is a twist on the restaurant chain called Tastee-Freez. Pastee-Freez is a paste based restaurant chain. For my project I created a series of GIFs that are over on my Twitter along with a tweet with the company logo.

    I created my …

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    Week 12 – Mini Documentary


    This week I was tasked with creating a mini documentary. For my interview I got in contact with a friend of mine who knows someone who has just become an ambassador for the college of education at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS. She was glad to help me with …

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    Week 9 – Video


    This week of tasks was pretty simple. The planning of my mini documentary is going pretty well and I think it will turn out well. The video assignments this week were a good refresher on video editing and worked well to help familiarize me with new video editing software. Overall, …

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    Mini Documentary Progress


    This week I have been tasked with creating a mini documentary. So far I have found my subject and have scheduled to meet with them. I am currently working on compiling questions to ask them during the interview. I think the project will turn out well.…

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    Radio Show Progress


    This week I finished my contribution to the class radio show. I created a mashup of radio commercials from the 80s that all lead into each other.…

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    Week 7 – Online Radio Show


    This week was a time consuming one. Me and the rest of the class are getting ready to put together an online radio show. Along with starting the work on the radio show we were also tasked with creating a poster or graphic for the show and completing a few …

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    Radio Show Progress


    For the radio show, the members of the class have been working using Microsoft Teams. Using this app we can easily communicate and share our progress. We have thrown around a few ideas of how to create the show but we haven’t decided on the way we’re going to do …

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    ds106 Radio Show Poster


    One of the objectives for this week was to create some sort of poster or graphic to go along with the radio we’re working on. I created this poster using a background that represents some of the colors and patterns that the 80s are known for. I also added in …

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    Make it 800% Slower


    One of the assignments I chose this week was the Make it 800% Slower assignment. For this assignment I took a popular 80s song, Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, and slowed it down to turn it into something else. I didn’t slow the song down all the way to 800% …

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    80’s Product Radio Commercial


    For one of my audio assignments this week, I created an 80s themed commercial for a new boombox that is trying to compete with the Sony Walkman. I used an 80s electronic loop for the background and recorded some audio for the narration.

    The audio I used was made by …

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    One of my tasks for this week was to do a DesignBlitz. I had to find 6 good examples of design elements and 2 bad ones.

    Here’s the good ones:

    I thought this poster I recently created has a good use of line.

    This is a part of the typeface …

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    A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing


    For this assignment I was tasked with combining two rival companies logos. I’m a fan of Microsoft and I’m against almost anything Apple makes so I thought it’d be a good idea to mash the two logos together. It makes Apples logo look a little better.…

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    PSA Billboard


    For this assignment I was tasked with creating a billboard addressing something that aggravates me about people, society or the world. I thought this would be a great excuse to let people know that just throwing trash out the window of your car isn’t cool and they should wait to …

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    Design Readings Reflection


    Design is a topic that I like very much. The great thing about design is that there are so many ways to use it. Everyone has their own way of designing and their own ideas to bring to life. Understanding the elements of design is also important if you’re trying …

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    ds106 Audio Assignments


    This week I was tasked with completing 9 or more stars worth of assignments in the Audio section of the ds106 Assignment bank. Here is my work:

    Sound Effects Story (4 stars)

    Make Your Own Ringtone (3 stars)

    Imitate Some Weather (2.5 stars)…

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    Photography Tips


    While I’m by no means a pro at photography, there are a few basic tips about photography that I know are extremely helpful when trying to get good photos.

    The first tip is using the Rule of Thirds. I learned this back in high school when I started taking a …

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    ds106 Photo Assignments


    This week I was tasked with completing 8 stars worth of assignments involving photos on the ds106 assignment bank. Here’s my results:

    9-Step Photo Collage (3 Stars)

    Cropped Signs (2 Stars

    Create A Game of Thrones House (3 Stars)…

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    A Day of My Life


    For this day of my life I used photos to represent my average weekday. Most days i go to work, school and come home to do homework.…

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    Week 3 – Shape of Stories


    This week had pretty simple tasks but they still kept me busy.

    For starters I went onto Twitter and participated in some Daily Create activities. My twitter handle is @gannon1980s

    After that I watched a couple videos. One was over good forms of storytelling and the other was over how …

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    Writing Advice


    This week I have been tasked with finding a couple good resources for advice on writing. I myself am not great at writing but am trying to get better so researching advice should also help me as well.

    For my first resource I found an article from Goins, Writer:


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    ds106 Writing Assignments


    One of my assignments this week was to complete 10 stars worth of assignments in the writing section of the ds106 assignment bank.

    This week I completed:

    assignments.ds106.us/assignments/instagram-is-done-describe-your-lunch-to-me/ (3.5 stars)

    For lunch today I made a sandwich. This sandwich was made with rotisserie seasoned sliced chicken breast, pepper jack cheese, …

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    Week 2 – Creativity and Copyright


    This week covered a very important topic for anyone that wants to create: copyright.

    Being aware of copyright laws and what you’re allowed to do is important if you’re going to be creating anything. There were many great resources to help understand copyright in this week’s assignment. I wrote reflective …

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    ds106 Assignments


    I did a few of the ds106 Assignment bank assignments and here are the results

    A combination of Mini and Audi Logos

    A Star Wars haiku:

    A long time ago

    in a galaxy far away

    light and dark balance

    and finally, I took a closeup photo of something. See if …

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