1. garethidavies

    Why am I now into cryptocurrencies?


    So, I’m into crypto currencies. Rather heavily.

    I’m perhaps reflecting on what has brought me to where I am today. This can have been unconscious or conscious behaviours and decisions or both. Irrespective, these would have been driven by motives, incentives, disincentives. Behavioural economics.

    A good framework to reflect on …

  2. garethidavies

    Is War a Racket?


    The legitimate purpose of a government is to protect you and your property and keep an eye on infrastructure so that we aren’t drowning in floods on the way to our bullshit jobs where we work to buy stuff and pay for services that keep other people in both real …

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    While I have reservations regarding Moodle which I am going to set out in future blogs, I think this is a marvellous development for those of us who want to either try the open source learning management system software and perhaps develop their skills in using it or simply …

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    cMOOCs vs xMOOCs: the Battle of the Pedagogies


    This is the second blog in a short series of blogs on the recent popular phenomenon of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The first blog on their development, the backdrop and the history, is here.

    In this blog I’ll be discussing how MOOCs can differ drastically in terms of …

  5. garethidavies

    MOOCs: the What, the How, and the Why


    This is my first blog on a topic that has become very much central to my interests in the field of technology enhanced learning, initially from an academic perspective and then from a professional one. Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs.

    Say “MOOC”… by Audrey Watters @ Flickr – CC …

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    A Social Learning Network – Part 2


    After a relatively long break, this is the second part of my blog on creating a social learning network or SLN. This will not be as detailed as the previous as work on the SLN was halted for reasons I’ll discuss later, but as usual this blog provides me with …

  7. garethidavies

    A Social Learning Network – Part 1


    In my work, I’ve been tasked with creating a social learning network. In this blog and those follow, I’ll gather my thoughts and draw on a number of resources to try to make sense of its design and implementation.

    Ultimately, across the two or three blogs I’ll add, I’m going …

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    About Me


    I’m Gareth Davies. I’m from the south Wales valleys in the UK, but I have been living and working in Bangkok, Thailand for over seven years language instruction and corporate training.

    This is my blog. This blog will be concerned with me collecting my thoughts, posting up any ideas, work …

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    Flipped Learning


    In this blog, I’ll explain how I have become so interested in and enthusiastic about the potential of flipped learning. This is a moderately adapted report I wrote for my current corporate training centre (the PTC) within the British Council in Bangkok.

    It’s a report on e-learning innovation and it’s …

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    So, why am I starting a blog?

    blogging by Sean MacEntee @ Flickr – CC BY-NC-SA   

    Why do we blog? 

    I think I’d like to explore why we blog. From a learning theory perspective, apparently we blog because reflection is an important part of learning. I have often found myself writing blog-length posts on Facebook and before …

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    Multiple Tracks


    So here it is. Likely not the most original first blog post in the long list of first blog posts, but there we are. And here I am.

    I’m Gareth Davies. This is my blog.

    My blog is called Multiple Tracks for a few reasons.

    First. I like the name. …

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