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    This maze is being complete by Gory Collins and Eve Winters after their wedding. This assignment was worth three and a half stars. The maze is a two person maze where the partners have to find their way through the confusing m axe and out the other side. I did …

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    Wedding Invitation


    For this assignment, I did another design one and I created my own wedding invitation. I did not collaborate with another classmate, I just used the name for this assignment because it was one of the first girl host character names on the list given to us. I drew up …

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    For this assignments, I did a design assignment that was worth two and a half stars. For this fundraiser for this park, we are doing a “Haunted Halloween 5K Wicked Woods Fun Run.” At this fun run, runners will get a chance to meet the cast of Corpus Metus which …

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    Radio Show Review


    I listened to The Edward Creepy Show on Tuesday and I really liked what I heard! I think what made the show so successful was that each character had a different personality and different characteristics that flowed well together. Some parts of the radio show were challenging to hear but …

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    Week 2 Progress


    I am actually surprised in how this week went and how we all communicated to figure things out. I usually hate group projects but I think my group worked well together. We began by sorting out the normal things like  name and ideas. We each also named some facts about …

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    Weekly Summary Week 7


    This week I thought would be better because of the light work but it wasn’t the easiest. Getting things figured out with my group was proabably the hardest part but I think things are moving along. I was not able to do any audio assignments because I had to work …

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    Bumper Sticker for Radio Show


    I made this promo for our Radio Show. We do not have a name picked out yet but with our idea, it works without a name right now. For our radio show, we are having listeners come on the air and tell personal ghost stories so the phrase, “What Will …

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    Radio Show Week 1


    This week has been going pretty well I think with my group. We have been emailing back and forth and have a Google Doc going. We all seem to have an agreement about what we want the radio show to be about and what we are going to do, I’m …

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    Weekly Summary 5


    This week was not my favorite at all. I’m shy when it comes to things like audio so I did not like it. This week I did things out of order a bit. I tried to stay on the schedule map but I kept bouncing around trying to keep my …

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    Brainstorming Ideas


    I’ve always thought it would be interesting to do a sort of talk show for a radio station. A talk show that is aimed at viewer’s questions and problems. First I would start off with a cute idea of the day or something fun to think about just as a …

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    Last Laugh


    For the page I selected, I would create a creepy background sound. Kind of like that building piano sound. It would lead into the next scene and the music would be a softer version of the piano sounds. Sound can change the context of the  story and I wouldn’t want …

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    Real Housewives Tagline


    Real Housewifes Tagline

    “Whatever you are, be a good one.” I used this tagline because it is my favorite quote. I think this quote is important and I used it as my tagline because I think no matter what, the most important thing to do is to love yourself. No …

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    Moon Graffiti


    In the beginning, the audio is kind of hectic and panicked which is also the scene in the story. When the spaceship crashed, the music was still panicked and worrisome. Next, the absence of sound created the spooky, ghostly feeling that something bad has happened and it’s a sense of …

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    Audio Reflection


    Audio in storytelling and movies is important to set the mood for the movie. In scary movies, the audio creates the suspense and makes the viewer jump with the jump in pitch of the audio. I’ve always heard that a scary movie in mute, really isn’t that scary of a …

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    Weekly Summary Week 4


    This week was rough. I didn’t look ahead of time and put it all off until the last minute so I couldn’t do a lot of things. I feel like the week just flies by and next thing I know it’s Friday and this is due. I think I just …

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    Photo Edit



    I took my original picture (which I notice is a different version but it’s only off by one head) and added a couple of different filters to create new effects and different lighting. I actually think the edited version looks super cool!


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    Love for My Pets



    Doc and Brady are my new adopted kitties. The boys are brothers and were both found on the side of the road in the town where I am from. They have a sister but she was not up for adoption at the time I adopted the two boys. Brady …

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    Paranormal Picture


    This is my version of a paranormal picture.

    If you look close enough, you can see the double chain locks on the doors and the wearing of the frame from where this creature got inside.


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    The Ring


    The movie the ring does a lot of contrasting with lights. Often the scenes have a black versus white/light appeal. The perspective of the movie is looking in on a bunch of different people who all watched this film and were told “seven days” foreshadowing they would die in seven …

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    I do not take that many pictures often and when I do it’s either of my kittens, niece, or boyfriend. And they’re not very scenic pictures, it’s just in the moment pictures with little or no effort. I don’t try to capture any kind of feeling or focus on anything …

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    Weekly Showcase


    Gory Collins here and I am here to tell you about an event hat occurred last night. As mentioned earlier, I thoroughly enjoy walking through cemeteries. Last night on my latest venture, I noticed five other figures in the shadows of the tombstones. I approached the figures cautiously trying not …

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    Weekly Summary Week 3


    This week was not as challenging as the previous weeks in my opinion. I enjoyed learning what a host character was and coming up with one of my own. The writing assignments were tough and I found it difficult to come up with a couple things but it wasn’t too …

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    Host Character


    My name is Gory Collins. I was born in Nebraska in the woods. My mother and father went missing when I was seven so I was raised by my great-uncle and second cousin. I enjoy walking through cemeteries and eating brunch with different tombstones. At night, I sing carols to …

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    Watching TV for Homework


    This writing assignment caught my eye because I just recently started the Grey’s Anatomy series after finishing One Tree Hill so I figured I had to do it!

    Grey’s Anatomy is a series that captures the life of surgeons and interns becoming surgeons. Throughout the show, the cast is seen …

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    Haiku about Haiku


    Haiku About Haiku 

    Haikus are so fun.

    Japanese form of writing.

    Counting syllables.

    Five, seven, then five.

    Three verses per each stanza.

    Capturing feeling.

    Prompts to inspire.

    Used to create an emotion.

    A Haiku for you.

    #WritingAssignments #WritingAssignments1764…

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