1. genagsteffens

    Grassroots Conservation News–Where’s it at?


    I’ve gotten to where I have begun all but ignore any sort of media publication proclaiming a huge, well known organization’s (usually from the United States) efforts towards solving environmental problems.  True, large institutions are often the main culprits that contribute to these problems (or at least some of the …

  2. genagsteffens

    Life Lessons: Random Acts of Kindness



    When I was about 19, I had been traveling around South America with some people I had met in Ecuador, making my living by doing circus street performances.  During this time, I was in Colombia.  I had been hiking in the mountains for about a week, I had spent …

  3. genagsteffens



    This is for the “headless” class called ds106.  Ds106 is a course originally offered by Mary Washington University which allows people from anywhere in the world to introduce themselves to the world of digital storytelling.  This is the first time I’ve ever encountered a course such as this one–it seems …

  4. genagsteffens

    Deep, deep relaxation


    I just had my first ever professional massage.  It was mind-numbingly relaxing, and now I am ready to start playing around with wordpress and other mediums suitable for digital storytelling.  I feel awkward writing this, especially because at this moment I have nothing important to say besides “everyone should try …

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