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    week 6 – audio


    For this week in digital storytelling we we’re given the opportunity to explore via design. I never thought too highly of design but throughout this week I have gained a deeper appreciation on the subject. Whether you’re designing an ad or a comic strip, there are universal rules to follow …

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    M.M. LOGO


    If Malevolent Melody had a logo I think it would look a little something like this:

    It incorporates all that she is about which includes her magical keytar, music, and her colorful energy!…

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    The Matrix


    One of my favorite shows is Broad City. It stars two girls who live in New York and get into very funny situations. I wanted to do this assignment on a show because it connects more with me than a movie scene would. I screenshot 21 stills from an episode …

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    design blitz


    For this assignment I wanted to keep it in the area. I took a few pictures of the campus advertisements based off of the well location and the fact that it was eye catching enough to be picture worthy. Here is some things that I’ve found as well as the …

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    // design //


    You know when you make something really neat, or at least it’s neat to you and you’re all like, “graphic design is my passion!” Well, graphic design is much more than that. I truly did not know that but reading THE VIGNELLI CANON, has really opened my eyes (all …

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    week 5 AUDIO


    Okay so this week has been tricky. I truly had not messed so much with audio in my life. I have learned a lot though and hope this skills stay with me.  I think this week involved the most creative thinking and I put more pressure on myself because I …

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    radio show ideas

    talk show about favorite superheros and villains show guessing the songs in of popular superheros shows game show of naming a superhero or villain and guessing what their powers are/mean or what their weaknesses are/characteristics playlist of remixed superhero theme songs recreation of some of the superheros created in class,…
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    fire mixtape


    If mixtape is in a sentence I kind of always have to add fire before it.. sorry ya’ll. Anyway I made a playlist via Soundcloud. I actually haven’t done that before. Whenever I like a song on SoundCloud I usually just “like” it and then listen to my liked …

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    ds106 radio bumper


    I made my bumper using Audacity. I actually had a lot of fun doing it and it it taught me how to use it better using Youtube as my tutor. I ended up downloading the tune from Incompetech, which is a website made of entirely free music and sounds. …

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    ds106radio experience


    I tuned into the ds106 radio on Tuesday. It was really fun actually. I was skeptical because I really just didn’t know what to expect. We ended up listening to an hour show with a very intense plot and there were up to 8 listeners! There were guns, nightclubs, barber …

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    audio = storytelling


    Every week we learn about a new form of storytelling. I feel that each one is important since they can support each other as well as work independently and still convey a narrative. One of the magical aspects of audio is that it doesn’t require a visual to create them. …

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    week four is complete!!


    Hello to all who keep up with my blog which I hope is at least someone. Photography week has been one of my favorite so far. If you haven’t noticed from some of my previous posts, I enjoy creating things especially when they result in a visual. During this week …

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    the vision


    I watched Riverdale on Netflix in order to see the main aspects of cinematography. While watching I found a few of these characteristics and screenshot them.

    In this scene, the rule of thirds is being utilized This image demonstrates perspective, as we see an over the shoulder shot of Veronica…
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    Here is the list of the challenge I was given:

    The journey began at Custis, heres a clock to prove it.


    Something red

    Sometimes I feel old like this really giant old tree.

    Self portrait without my face. How bout a shadow instead?

    Recycle or trash it? YOU DECIDE!…

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    pixeled malevolent melody


    Okay so this assignment was very tricky. What mostly got me is how do you even make the image that pixelated size? I used Photoshop again and tried to make the photo 16 by 16 pixels which it wouldn’t let me size it that way…so it was 16 by 11. …

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    ~ flashback friday ~

    This is my girlfriend Lindsay and she’s always thinking about or drinking  juice or coffee


    For this assignment we were asked to recreate a past version of someone or ourselves. I used Lindsay as my someone for this and luckily have a whole album of pictures of her drinking …

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    Wonder Business Woman


    Here is Wonder Woman checking her many emails on her many laptops.

    For this assignment I used Photoshop and two images. The first image is of Wonder Woman and the next of a kid surrounded by the 3 laptops you see:

    Is he okay?

    To make this work, I used …

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    photography to me


    Photography is an art form that can tell a story without even using words. Its an art that expresses and conveys emotions that words may not be able to translate.

    I personally love taking pictures and even though my camera on my phone is garbage, if I have to rent …

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    Week 3


    This week I have been writing my fingers off! Not only for this class but for others as well. My favorite aspect about this week was how creative I’ve been. Writing my dossier for Malevolent Melody was most enjoyable and I’m actually surprised I enjoyed it so much. I learned …

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    Haiku it Up


    I’m not really sure what the random dailyshoot photograph is so I decided to use a random photograph I’ve taken for inspiration of this Haiku:

    The sky keeps changing

    Trees leaves are always on loop

    Nature’s precious like us…

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    Explaining the Superhero


    For this assignment, it says the explain the spy. In order for it to apply to our semester together, I decided to explain the superhero. #3stars

    My thought behind creating Malevolent Melody was somewhat inspired by Ember McLain. I was actually explaining to my friend how I want my …

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    use only the ten hundred most common words


    When I feel worried I like to listen to music. The music is often happy or exciting and never has weird thoughts of people with pick up cars. Sometimes I listen to soft music because the beats are safe and calming. If I’m feeling happier I like to listen to …

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    Day in the Life of a Superhero


    Even though I created this assignment, I don’t like it anymore because I came up with my own Superhero theme and name soooooo based off of that information, I will be creating a day in the life of Malevolent Melody. You can see more information about her in my dossier

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    Malevolent Melody was born in Brooklyn, New York. She had a tough childhood growing up and often felt misunderstood by her family. She figured that the best way in coping with differences was to be positive and keep a bright smile on her face. Her best friend was someone who …

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