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    What makes a superhero?

    Is it someone with an elaborate costume? Someone with strong physical ability? Or someone who has superhuman characteristics? Well according to pop culture, yes. But a superhero (without the super) is someone that we look up to and someone …

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    bad edit


    I literally did what the assignment said: 

    “Pick A Bad Photo, Apply A Vintage Effect And Write Something In Helvetica”

    So in order to do this assignment I looked through my phone because I end up with random blurry pictures pretty often. My camera can load kinda slow sometimes so …

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    Background about this assignment: 

    For this assignment you’re asked to combine two photos to create one. I am familiar with Stephen McMennamy’s work  from taking digital art in the past. I felt that I would really enjoy doing this assignment because they’re really cool pics and I’ve always wanted to …

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    Olive the Above 2017-09-01 17:15:21


    So for starters, if I were to be a superhero according to a quiz, I’d be Wonder Woman, which my roommate has agreed describes me well. I think the fact that Wonder Woman has strength in character is what I find the most flattering. Superhero’s are not necessarily something I’m …

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    Welcome to Green Olives, a blog that has almost nothing to do with olives. You can come here to get a heaping amount of vitamins and minerals  to fuel your soul such as vitamin E, to protect you from those free radicals, a good pun or laugh, and calcium to …

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