1. Gray Kemmey

    O Ruby Where Art Thou?


    I love Ruby. I have a feeling this is a theme I will visit again from time to time. I don’t mean to downplay the importance of C, but I hate coding in it.

    I took a class on parallel computing and the culminating project in that class is to …

  2. Gray Kemmey

    The Mind Behind Gray Matter


    In case you haven’t figured it out, my name is Gray. It’s not short for anything, it’s not a nickname, that’s exactly what is written on my birth certificate. I know what you’re thinking, “Where did that name come from?” and if you’re a particular breed of unoriginal asshole “What …

  3. Gray Kemmey

    Final Project Explained


    For my final project I wanted to highlight some various businesses and look at their start up stories. What are some things that went well? Didn’t go so well? Interesting information about their start up days. Point out some the successes and strokes of genius. I just wanted to tell …

  4. Gray Kemmey



    I love businesses that stumble into themselves. At first it’s easy to think, “Wow wish I could get lucky and just stumble into such an idea,” but you have to remember, they didn’t get lucky. Usually, they were working their hardest on other ventures. Caterina Fake is one such person.…

  5. Gray Kemmey



    Blogger, another Web 2.0 company, is another company that came into itself while working on something else. Evan Williams cofounded Pyra Labs in 1999. Originally Pyra set out to create a web-based project management tool, not unlike Basecamp. However, Williams built the core, simple Blogger to turn his own personal …

  6. Gray Kemmey



    Dropbox is a seriously cool company. First of all, I know you have all used it, if you haven’t do so. It’s awesome. And so is Drew Houston (pronounced like the street in New York City, not the city in Texas) the mastermind behind Dropbox.

    Dropbox got started when Houston …

  7. Gray Kemmey

    Final Project


    I have long since been interested in business’s and startups. I enjoy hearing success stories of people carving out their own piece of value in this world. They inspire me and make me think, “If they can do that, why can’t I?” And I am going to own my own …

  8. Gray Kemmey

    Retroactive Blogging


    Ten Second Rington Using Your Voice:

    I’ve always thought this was a cool sound to make with your voice. When I was a kid I would get in trouble doing that at the dinner table.

    A Sketch that Shows Perspective:

    You can look at the square in the middle as …

  9. Gray Kemmey

    Retroactive Blogging


    One Object Through Another:

    My grandmother’s living room. through my Aunt’s Nikon D60, and my iPhone taking the picture.

    Repeating Geometric Shapes:

    My grandmother’s dining room chair.

    Draw Love:

    We sent each other those the other day.…

  10. Gray Kemmey

    Make a Tutorial for Your Mom


    For this one I wanted to do something different that Mom’s would find “cool”. Additionally, it looks at the process for learning anything given some basic computer experience. I used QuickTime Player to record the screen, and a microphone to record my  voice.

  11. Gray Kemmey

    Movie Trailer Mashup


    For this one I took two Joss Whedon movie trailers, Serenity and The Avengers, and used them. It was pretty simple to do with iMovie. You load one clip in. Then drag the second clip on top of the first. A dialogue will pop up, and you chose “Audio Only”.…

  12. Gray Kemmey

    Retroactive Blogging


    My Ride:

    I recently hit a guard rail and decided to junk my 1995 Ford Winstar. Sadness.

    A Beautiful Mess:

    I’d dare say it’s magical. I’m not the least bit organized–with anything.

    Sketch of Place I’d Rather Be:

    Beach! Class was boring.…

  13. Gray Kemmey

    Movie Analysis


    This assignment built off the written analysis of Joe Versus the Volcano. I used two free pieces of software for the Mac during this process. One is called Kigo Video Converter and the other is called iSkysoft Free Video Downloader. Using these I was able to download YouTube clips and …

  14. Gray Kemmey

    Recording a Memory


    This one was a quicker “point-and-shoot”. I asked if anyone wanted to do a movie with me (I have lots of potential stars in my house) and Tanner was the first to volunteer.

  15. Gray Kemmey

    Educational Video


    This one was fun to do, but let’s be honest, anytime you get to work with a baby that cute, it’s going to be a good time. To do this one I looked at some examples of other education films. They seemed to traditionally be actors doing the act, while …

  16. Gray Kemmey

    Plinkett Review


    This one was very similar to the Movie Analysis assignment, only it had to focus on what was bad. It used the same technologies and methodologies for downloading YouTube clips, placing them in iMovie, and adding my voice.

  17. Gray Kemmey

    Retroactive Blogging


    Through the Window:

    I thought this turned out cool. You can see details of the inside of the house through the window, as well as details of the outside of the house reflected in the window.

    Three Hours to Live:

    What I would do given only three hours.

    DS 106 …

  18. Gray Kemmey

    Educational Video


    I was thinking it could be fun to do something in terms of taking care of children, specifically changing a baby’s diaper. That’s totally strange, and I don’t know why I jumped to that. Probably because one of my little brothers is ten months old now and I was recently …

  19. Gray Kemmey

    Plinkett Review


    I think for this assignment I would look at the movie I Spit on Your Grave. It’s apparently a cult classic from the 70s. Admittedly, I only ever saw the 2010 remake (which I was bamboozled into doing so). It was one of the worst movies I had ever seen. …

  20. Gray Kemmey

    Movie Analysis


    For this week’s video assignments, we were supposed to find a movie that pretty much stands out as an exemplary film in terms of what film making should be. I have feeling most people what see my choice coming, but Joe Versus the Volcano has to be one of the …

  21. Gray Kemmey

    Retroactive Blogging


    Sound of Something Ordinary:

    An essential item for any regular gym goer.

    Instrument for Measuring:

    Kind of nerdy, but if you know what it is then you really don’t have much room to talk.

    Street POV:

    What I see as I leave my neighborhood.…

  22. Gray Kemmey

    Retroactive Blogging


    Photo of Favorite Weather:

    I enjoy fairly cool weather, but most of all, I just like it when it looks spectacular outside.

    Origin of Your Name:

    As a disclaimer, this is not the true origin of my name. “Gray” is my mother’s maiden name. What made my parents think it …

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