1. @gmoore333

    Google Drawing!!


    My last 2.5 Star Assignment for the week was to draw what Google was telling me to draw and have a generator guess what I drew! I guess I didn’t draw a spoon that well, but Google guessed 5/6 correct! Here are my results.

    I made these six doodles. A …

  2. @gmoore333

    Google Translate Fail


    3.5 Stars: In this Spanish video, Machu Picchu’s discovery, history, and being today is being analyzed by many members. When the translate comes up for the Spanish transcript during one small segment it looks like this……

    nos encontramos en el sector de huayras
    tambos que está en la parte posterior …

  3. @gmoore333

    Stringing Together the Daily Creates ft Pooh


    Once upon a time Pooh Bear got a friend named Ducky.

    The new animal should be a little duckling so Pooh can be it’s mentor. The little duck could be someone that Pooh takes care of and teaches new lessons to which could be really good for the young viewers …

  4. @gmoore333

    Radio Listen


    This week I listened to all of my classmates’ radio shows! I was online every night and I was pretty impressed. My favorite show however was Girl Power. With Girl Power, I loved this the most because I never even think of agents as girls. They brought in so many …

  5. @gmoore333

    Weekly Summary #8


    I have so much to do this week with going away to New York and competing so I needed to get my homework done now. I think having this motivation to finish everything was really good for my group to finish our radio show and really focus on it before …

  6. @gmoore333

    Where is BIGFOOT???


    For my second Daily Create of the week, I made a missing persons poster for Big Foot. I thought og this assignment like a missing dog poster and what I envisioned it to be like. So, I took a picture of a face of BigFoot off Google because you need …

  7. @gmoore333

    What Can You See Through the Window?


    My first Daily Create this week was to post what I see through the window. It was dark when I did this one, so I chose a picture from a month ago when I was coming back from Boston visiting friends and family. I love looking through the window on …

  8. @gmoore333

    Radio Show Progress #2


    I love my group. Yesterday we met for hours and grinded out our whole show. We started off continuing to fill in a Google Doc with all of our needed notes for talking points, scripts, order of speaking, order of the show, and order of content. Our Google Doc is …

  9. @gmoore333

    Weekly Summary #7


    This week was a really good week. First, I met with my group and put together a TON of ideas for our show. I was honestly really surprised walking away from our meeting because we already have everything so organized and together and most of it is done. That was …

  10. @gmoore333

    Radio Design Logo


    I had so much fun making my group’s logo! I made the design black and white to keep the look very sophisticated and secret agent like. I incorporated all of our character’s pictures to give the audience an idea of what the characters look like because in a radio show …

  11. @gmoore333

    Life’s Mystery


    This Daily Create was to note something that is a life mystery. For me, it’s the difference in pronunciation between Kansas and Arkansas. This has been a question in my life for so long because I like to question everything. I still don’t know why. You can see this post …

  12. @gmoore333

    A Month in a Cabin


    This Daily Create was to answer if I would stay in a cabin with all my essential survival needs, but without technology. I actually dream of this. I wish I could just go somewhere and read and hangout and think. That is the definition of serenity and peace. I want …

  13. @gmoore333

    Combining Favorite Logos


    My two favorite logos I used are Google and Yahoo because I see them all of the time. Fun fact, my first ever email was a yahoo one, and then I lost it and made a gmail. That’s honestly why I picked these. I was in a random conversation that …

  14. @gmoore333

    Radio Show Progress


    This week my group met and we were on the same page from the start of the conversation. We all decided that we were going to act as our characters and talk about our opinions on other secret agents. We created a doc that has the outline of the entire …

  15. @gmoore333

    Super Secret Opinions Buffer


    For my second assignment this week I created a buffer for my radio show. I was pleased with how this turned out and excited I could incorporate music because the last bumper I made had none and I felt this was a good touch. I decided to introduce the radio …

  16. @gmoore333

    Golf Play Indoor – By Tiger Woods Commercial


    For my first audio assignment of the week I decided to create a commercial tailored to what’s really called Top Golf, but I changed the name to something less cool. I am actually disappointed with this assignment because any video I had, all had sound and I couldn’t figure out …

  17. @gmoore333

    Weekly Summary #6


    This week I had a lot of fun. I particularly like design because in all the art classes I have taken, I have analyzed design and had to understand the different principles of design to create good artwork. So, I was pretty experienced with this which made it easier than …

  18. @gmoore333

    An Old Photo


    This Daily Create was to make a photo old. I took a picture of my fat cat Teddy and I made the picture back and white with my iPhone picture app, and then I made the photo grainy using vsco. I never thought about making a picture look old, I …

  19. @gmoore333

    The Extra Mile


    I loved this Daily Create because it meant a lot. I spoke to a student who usually never talks to anyone. I have been noticing lately when I’m early to class, but I was too selfish and concerned with things I was worried about that day to go out of …

  20. @gmoore333

    oh, THAT secret agent


    For my second Daily Create this week I made a Secret Agent name using my middle name and the food I had just last eaten. It was right after Valentines Day and had cupcakes left over. So, my secret agent was Paige Cupcake… how cute.

    Secret Agent Paige Cupcake on …

  21. @gmoore333

    My Guilty Secret


    My guilty secret is that I love the song ‘Into the Ocean’ by Blue October. This song makes me feel relaxed, but at the same time like a punk rocker. I don’t know necessarily why I like this song, but I just do and I still really enjoy listening to …

  22. @gmoore333

    DesignBlitz Summary


    This week I did a design blitz by analyzing different posters I came across. I made a blog post for each picture and analysis. I liked this assignment because it helped me understand what makes an efficient sign/poster. I understand that color, use of space, dominance, typography, and rhythm are …

  23. @gmoore333

    Minimalism – The Sophisticated


    On this card under my new necklace, the Tiffany and Co logo is simple and sweet. This exact typography can be found on every product of Tiffany’s. I think the fact that this brand is so well known and has so much money, they don’t have to go overboard on …

  24. @gmoore333

    Dominance Draws Attention – Logo Style


    In this logo of Deer Park water, the logo draws the most attention as it should. The color contrast of the dark blue and white makes it stick out, and also the fact that it takes up the whole space for the logo, puts the emphasis on the company. The …

  25. @gmoore333

    Rhythm BROKE This Poster


    After looking at my last poster, I found a poster nearby that honestly was awful. There was no theme to this poster and nothing connected. Red, teal, and green clash with each other really unattractively first of all. Second of all, the text to the left is so small and …

  26. @gmoore333

    DesignBlitz – Looking at Color


    In this poster I found in the HCC, I noticed that the colors really brought out the message of the poster. The dark background with light colors were really effective in drawing my attention. I was first drawn to the yellow “Textbook Reading”. I then thought, hm, why would this …

  27. @gmoore333

    Russians Play Hide and Seek..


    The last assignment done this week (2.5 stars)is to write on the UMW Rock, a message to the community or someone in particular. In this case, the Russians have taken Maria and Joe is trying to find her. He takes a walk on campus and sees this on the rock… …

  28. @gmoore333

    Joe Goes To The Beach.. And Doesn’t Have Fun


    This week, I did an assignment (4.5 stars) that was to photoshop people into a different setting. For this assignment I photoshopped Joe (my secret agent) and his work friend at a beach. Joe is crying because his friend won’t share his toys and also he is just really stressed …

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