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    Power To The Body


    The first assignment of the week (5 stars) was to create a book cover with design in mind. The book cover had to be about Body Image. First, I fund clip art of a girl looking in the mirror and seeing a fat version of herself. I picked this because …

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    Weekly Summary #5


    This week was a little challenging, but I figured it all out and finished this week and I’m proud. This was definitely a learning curve. To start the work I first downloaded Audacity and played with it. I had to watch a couple videos on it because it is tricky …

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    Sound Effects Story – Joe kills a Russian


    For this assignment, we were to choose five sounds and create a short story. I decided to use a knock on the door, dogs barking, baby crying, a gasp, and a gunshot. This story ties into my character Joe Moore finding a Russian who is involved with kidnapping his wife, …

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    Joe Moore’s Secret Words


    For this assignment, I had to write a poem that could maybe fit in with my radio show. I figured, maybe there’s a point where I can add this in to explain how life is life for a secret agent and that it isn’t always amazing as movies crack it …

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    Spooky Sounds – Don’t Listen at Night


    An assignment I did this week was to make a minute or more remix of a bunch of spooky sounds. To do this I recorded a bunch of different spooky sounds or songs that I know from YouTube and I compiled them all into one sound editing app to fit …

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    Allow Titleist to Enhance Your Golf Game


    My first ever audio assignment, I created a business for Titleist to simply help and train young people. I used an old video on my phone and I used a sound editing app called GoPlay to put my voice over of my business and slow down the video so I …

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    DS106 Radio Bumper


    This week, I got to create my own radio bumper. I am nervous about the sound aspect, but honestly this one was fun to create. I wanted to give this radio show a slogan I haven’t heard anyone do yet so I gave it “Only the best, only the greatest, …

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    It’s A Bug’s Life


    The Daily Create I did on Feb 9th was to take a photo of the creepy crawlers who live around me. This Daily Create just happened to be on the day that I scared myself so bad by something that wasn’t real. I was half asleep in the morning and …

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    Make the Heroic Sound Prosaic


    A Daily Create I did on Feb 10th was super funny, but I did feel bad for making fun of this guy and downplaying what he did. For this Daily Create I had to put a bland statement on a heroic picture to make it seem like an ordinary thing. …

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    Unexpected Music


    A Daily Create I did on Feb. 11th was a pretty cool one actually. I had to search up a way people create music in an unusual way. What I found on YouTube was a whole band of people who personally make their own instruments for every concert, and play …

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    RadioShow Agent Ideas


    The first thing that comes to my mind about making a radio show with ds106 is grouping together and interviewing our characters. A lot of times when I listen to the radio, there’s an interview that’s on for some famous person. I think it’d be cool, new, and creative. Another …

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    DS106 Radio – The Dopest Out There


    I participated in my first live tweet for the ds106 radio show! This was actually really cool because it taught me a lot about sound that I never really picked up before when I listened to the radio previously. It was quite interesting to hear the sounds and how it …

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    Sound is the Ultimate Storyteller


    In my opinion, sound drives stories by creating mood with happy music or scary/dark music. However, it goes beyond that. By hearing familiar sounds such as silverware clinking, you automatically think of a dining setting where a scene is taking place. This week, I listened in to the ds106 radio …

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    Weekly Summary #4


    This week I first watched a really awesome clip and read an interesting chapter about photography. I then made a post speaking about my current photography skills and what I think I can do to improve my skills. This was interesting because I never step back and analyze my own …

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    PhotoBlitz PHUN


    I just did a really fun photoblitz and I moved speedy fast and got all of them done! I actually didn’t think I’d have fun with this, but I did just because I got to find things and get creative with my surroundings. I think the only downside to this …

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    For this assignment I needed to add two images together and create a shocking message. I made this about being careful trusting people because they may not be the people you think they are. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to use my secret agent character. I used a …

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    The Secret Bears…. SHH


    For my third assignment this week I decided to do some photoshopping. The assignment was to take a picture of myself three times in one area. I am not using my own identity here so I used a stuffed bear. I held my phone in one position on a table …

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    Come to Snyder’s Lake Camp!


    For my second assignment this week I decided to make a camp poster for a camp I used to go to. In this case, I used to go to Snyder’s Lake Camp in North Greenbush, New York! To create this assignment I first found one of the only pictures of …

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    Weiner Dogs LOVE Tacos


    This assignment is to take any 5 pictures and make them into a story. I went about this assignment by first picking the pictures I thought were super cute and also pictures of my personally favorite dogs that I wanted to post on this blog to share with the world. …

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    Briefly Reflecting on my Photography Skills


    Currently I take a lot of pictures of flowers. They really are my favorite pieces of this Earth. I usually take close up pictures of the flowers to get as much detail as I can. I look for good lighting and flowers that have a pretty solid background that won’t …

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    Weekly Summary #3


    This week I read a chapter in a book called: The New Digital Storytelling by Bryan Alexander and also watched a short YouTube clip called, “Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories” After watching and reading, I watched the film: The Pacifier. I gave an analysis of the movie in …

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    Joe Moore- The Detective of the Future


    Now Joe is not just your average Joe even though he loves America, steak, his Corvette, Coke and the movie Joe Dirt. Joe is first of all the coolest guy you’ll ever meet. Everyone loves him. He’s the most sympathetic, nice, intelligent person in the city of Albany. Joe is …

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    Thank You Mom – Weekly Assignment #2


    My second writing assignment this week was to write a letter to my mom! I did this on Instagram with a cute animated picture of a mom and a baby that represents my mom and I. I enjoyed this assignment because I feel like most people don’t tell their parents …

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    What Makes The Pacifier a Good Movie:


    After watching The Pacifier, I have to say that I’m intrigued. I think the story was written and casted perfectly. Here are my thoughts:

    The ideas in the video applied to this story because first of all it keeps you guessing as to what’s next. When he was telling his …

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    Alternate Ending of Step Brothers: Spy Edition


    If you’ve ever seen the movie Step Brothers, you know that at the end of the movie Dale and Brennan come together (after parting ways for a while) at the Catalina Wine Mixer and play one last song together and save the whole mixer (their jobs depended on it). For …

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    Weekly Summary #2


    This week was a really cool week. I finally got to start creating things!

    First off, I was introduced to Daily Creates. This week, I did four!

    My first Daily Create was more of a doing than creating. To celebrate MLK Day I decided to suggest that people use their …

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