1. @gmoore333

    Secret Agent Theme – Unraveled


    This semester the theme of DS106 is “secret agent”. For starters, I absolutely love this theme. I think it’s so fun. I particularly like that I’m going for that “secret” identity online by only wanting to post art, photography, graphics and basically all things around me that I love and …

  2. @gmoore333

    My Introduction Blog


    Hey blog! I just finished doing my introductions! For now my introductions are pretty basic because I’m a little timid about posting about myself. The first introduction I did was a short and sweet one on Twitter.

    Hi ds106! To quickly introduce myself, my name is Gabby and I'm a …

  3. @gmoore333

    My First Blog


    I’m starting this blog out probably a little unconventional. Today is my first day getting into my new Digital Storytelling class the second semester into my freshman year. I’ve been working for some time to try and get my accounts set up so I can be successful. One requirement is …

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