1. Chrishawn Elliott

    King of Meltdowns

    “I’m intimidated by the fear of being average.” – Taylor Swift  This week I chose to complete the king of meltdowns, essentially I had chosen this assignment because I thought that it would fairly easy. The “King of Meltdown” was described as the easiest assignment to found on ds106. It…
  2. Chrishawn Elliott

    My Dream


    The first photo is  my dream of having a family something that I believe that every man dreams of. I cannot wait until to a wife to go home to, and spend the rest of my life with. The second photo demonstrates my dream of having a personal jet I…
  3. Chrishawn Elliott

    What People Think I Do as a Black Man


    The “What People think I do” meme has actually become very popular on the internet on social networks such as Facebook, and Twitter. Prior to this assignment I actually ran across a meme that struck my interest consequently I decided to attempt one of my own. Creating this meme was a very …

  4. Chrishawn Elliott

    Visual Learners


    To be honest when this project was first presented to us I was a little unsure about whether we should participate or not. Up until now I was unaware of the content on the website as well as the diversity of the assignments. Diversity defined as a range of different …

  5. Chrishawn Elliott

    The Adversities of My Ancestors


      An awful lot of people come to college with this strange assumption that segregation is no longer existent in
    American schools and universities. On the other hand I strongly disagree, although Jim Crow laws prohibit inequality, unenforced laws are frequently ignored by civilians. During the twenty first century you’d expect African Americans to be treated with …

  6. Chrishawn Elliott

    Dealing With Creativity Problems


    Since we started this course, blog posts have been a requirement. And up until now I have been able to quickly establish a topic. This week I gathered my pencil and pad on Friday evening and now Tuesday afternoon I have just now began. When having creativity problems brainstorming is…
  7. Chrishawn Elliott



    At the beginning of this semester I was starting to become overwhelmed with all the class work and responsibilities I took on. As the semester progress and comes to an end I have figured out that the fast pace and continual due date and deadlines do not end. Time management…
  8. Chrishawn Elliott

    The Process of Creation


    Coming into this Wikipedia project I was a little intimidated. One because I had never edited let alone created a Wikipedia article. And with the failure of our first attempt to effectively create a guide to compose a successful article increased that anxiety. But in class my partner and I…
  9. Chrishawn Elliott

    Technology Will Fail You!


    All of the biggest technological inventions created by man – the airplane, the automobile, and the computer – says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness. ~Mark Kennedy With this being our sixth blog post you would think that students would no longer procrastinate concerning their assignments. …

  10. Chrishawn Elliott

    Adjusting To Uncomfortable Situations


    Adjust is to make comfortable or suiting. There are times in our academic adventures and personal lives when we might feel that we are in a tumble drier of stressful situations. Frequently we get accustomed to our daily routines which makes even slight adjustments difficult to deal with. Coming into …

  11. Chrishawn Elliott

    Teamwork is Key!

    This week in my EH 101 class started our Wikipedia Wiki group projects. Enough said group project, working with fellow classmates to instruct our entire class on how to write better articles. Teamwork and patience are two characteristics that I need to develop both in my personal and educational arenas. A team…
  12. Chrishawn Elliott

    Conquering Time Management


    In this blog post I will explain what I have accomplished thus far in this course. I have learned or gained the ability to juggle many different situations and/or assignments at one time. Although one thing that I need or plan to accomplish throughout this course is to conquer time management. Because, …

  13. Chrishawn Elliott

    My Life Changing Event


    Since 1998 non-fiction short stories, novels, and essays have been my personal preference. Growing up in the suburbs with both parents alienated me from a lot of truth, I always had the mentality that life was a stroll in the park. Up  until my parents split and I was figuratively speaking …

  14. Chrishawn Elliott

    An Area of Great Difficulty


    The rule outlined in Vonnegut’s “How to Write with Style” that will be most difficult for me to follow is the one that says we should sound like ourselves. It is a threat to me because often times when you are given a inch you want to take a mile. …

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