1. Gorgon Chest

    Building a Hard of Hearing Robot…


    This was a combination of two little vehicles. My original idea was to create a virtual University of Mary Washington in the game Minecraft. This however was very ambitious and when I started I quickly found out that it was too big of an undertaking all things considered. We had …

  2. Gorgon Chest

    Week 9: Summary


    This week I ran over a lot of new things for my character. There’s new characters, new places, and a lot of history for humanity. I’m not a big fan of aliens and feel that it takes some special consideration to add aliens into a story and have it be …

  3. Gorgon Chest

    Donnie Rejj: Locked and Found


    -Locked and Found-

    “Commander Washburn, Triton signature detected in the Aries system calling all clear for material assimilation.”

    Commander Adrian Washburn expected the Triton asset to acquire the mining station in a day or two not a mere eight hours. What kind of man was this? Was he even a …

  4. Gorgon Chest

    Donnie Rejj: Humanity Lost


    -Humanity Lost-

    Colonel Daemon Fitz stood on the command deck of the INF Nautilus upright as if he were a permanent fixture upon the vessel that was commissioned to his command. His left hand was affixed behind the small of his back while he held a cup of mess hall …

  5. Gorgon Chest

    Donnie Rejj: Mining Station Job


    -Finishing the Mining Station-

    Rejj walked briskly down the stations main corridor heading towards the generator deck. He knew the layout plans of the station but not the hidden nooks and crannies that most likely existed behind loose panels or bulkheads.

    He wondered if Danny was a fighter or if …

  6. Gorgon Chest

    Weeks 7 and 8 Review Time


    Well here we are at the end of weeks 7 and 8. Spring break broke me and I’m glad to be back in the saddle as it were. Tons of fun doing the radiocast! Being on TombCast with James and Mason was awesome! Two great guys that really outshined these …

  7. Gorgon Chest

    TombCast Promo Pic


    The name is TombCast Radio So I made this gnarly looking thing. Minimalist you may say but it was fun to make. The fewer the elements the better the add. All I’d have to do is plug in showtimes on the wooded section and this would be for real. I …

  8. Gorgon Chest

    Post RadioCast Post…


    Now that there’s a final product I almost miss it in an obsessive way but I don’t want to touch it again. It’s like watching yourself in a video or listening to yourself. I don’t want to do it for a while right now. James and Mason were awesome partners …

  9. Gorgon Chest

    TombCast Radio Production…


    Starting off with the RadioCast group there wasn’t any friction which I think was attributed to our small size. There was enough to tackle that I don’t think anyone really wanted to make waves about what was what. At least that was my feeling. If an idea was plausible and …

  10. Gorgon Chest

    Week 6 Summary: Design


    I would have to venture that this week I explored some different aspects of what design is and how I view things with design in mind. I find that there are so many different perspectives and stories that can be told with more than just words, pictures, or videos. Adding …

  11. Gorgon Chest

    Boba Fett… Returns?



    It’s no mystery that I love Sci-Fi and that after all the hype over Star Wars: The Force Awakens there have been some confirmed movies based around the Star Wars Universe. One of these is rumored to be a more origin story or at least a chapter of the …

  12. Gorgon Chest

    Firefly Wanted Posters


    As usual I broke away from the normal and jumped into the science fiction side of things. Firefly stands out as being a western style space opera revolving around a lovable band of outlaws that would do almost anything for each other. I imagined that this is what would be …

  13. Gorgon Chest

    The Vignelli Factor


    It’s fascinating to see the many different aspects of design that Massimo Vignelli lays out in his book “The Vignelli Canon”. The varying types, techniques, and usability of a design viewed through his eyes as a early designer is still reflected today in what we do with computers.

    The first …

  14. Gorgon Chest

    Week 5: Summary


    So I added the “Big Mamah Jamah” up first with my character story to audio with The Mining Job. It was a lot of fun and really got me thinking smaller. Unfortunately I have to eat half the elephant before I can enjoy the smaller pieces as weird of …

  15. Gorgon Chest

    Week 4: Summary


    This has definitely been an interesting and fun week. I prepared myself for a lot of photo shop and image alteration but it wasn’t to the degree that I couldn’t handle I suppose. most of the work I did I was able to take care of in Microsoft Office. I …

  16. Gorgon Chest

    Die Photoblitz Ist Auf!


    20+1 minute photoblitz! This was fun! Worked up a sweat running up and down the stairs! Enjoy!


    What a wonderful smile!

    Frozen food in the In-Laws freezer…

    This is how I reflect on Starry Night.

    This is Ralph…. he is my fish.

    There’s a boat in there somewhere……

  17. Gorgon Chest

    “Do Ya Feel Lucky?… Well Do Ya?”


    As I’ve made it clear in the past I am an avid fan of science fiction so being that I created a character that was totally science fiction and mysterious and could possibly be I decided to place him in a universe that had these weapons in them. These weapons …

  18. Gorgon Chest

    The Pixel Bunch!


    This actually looks a lot easier that it was. This was hard. I thought I was going to have fun doing it but it’s almost daylight and I have spent way to much time on something that looks so simple and still have a few little problems here and there. …

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