1. @greeneterry

    DS106 Will Pump You UP!


    Daily Create #1527. If anyone has been here from the start, they’ve done upwards of 1527 daily creates and their brain would definitely have a six pack on the right hand side. I am coming off a maintenance week from DS106 Training. It’s a fancy term meaning I didn’t …

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    Impossible Dogs


    Is it impossible, though? Grandpa may have been from Siberia, but this Husky is all about Libraria. Inspired by Grant Snider’s Impossible Dogs artwork, Daily Create 1516 has asked us to create an impossible new breed of dog. Here’s your new buddy, who doesn’t get you in trouble when you …

  3. @greeneterry

    Tree Seed The Stars


    When you’re a silly person, Daily Creates (TDC1515) like this one, that obviously call for some response on a deeper more meaningful level, are trouble. This Daily Create is not asking for something trite. But I’m all about the trite! So I’m embracing the trite. Make a drawing with a …

  4. @greeneterry

    Math: Western Style


    It’s 1832 and 22% of the western US of A is 78% lawless. Your gang of 5 outlaws is planning a train robbery that, if caught, could put your gang being bars for 15-20 years. If the lawlessness rate is diminishing by 6% a year and you need 6 months …

  5. @greeneterry

    Triple Troll


    The Triple Troll, in spirit, is meant to irritate fans of three different things at once. This one went in a little bit of a different direction. This one will only irritate one fandom and the others won’t care at all. They are nihilists. They are too exhausted.

    I …

  6. @greeneterry

    Head West, Not So Young Man?


    TDC1503 How would I do this ? Well, I would hop on the Steel Horse I Ride (Chromoly Alloy Steel Tubing to be precise) which I have rendered into history using like 30-35 pixels in our featured image above (and to the right. It’s small so I used it twice). …

  7. @greeneterry

    Clouds: Now with Two Sides


    tdc1502 Apparently there are always two sides to every cloud but I only see one from where I am. How can we be so sure? Either way, it’s important to always listen to each and every cloud. And name them all. You should definitely name them. These two are called …

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    It’s Not 42?


    When I found out the meaning of life is not 42, I soul searched my own digital images for the meaning of life (MOL for short). And I found it in the mouth of a frog! Truth be told this is one of a collection of 3 of my personal …

  9. @greeneterry

    Space Cowpokes


    This is an investigation into the connection between westerns and space/sci-fi films. I did a little research and the connection is not even tennuous. It’s a hundreduous! A thousandous even! I don’t know how we didn’t notice, but I can’t find a single Western that does not have a connections …

  10. @greeneterry

    OER16 is 3231 Miles Away


    I’ll have to leave now for April and multiply this song by 6.462 (or 3.231 if you go by lyrics and not just the title) in order to get there on time! I made this with the Snipping Tool, Copying, Pasting, Photoshop, Low Mediocre Skill Levels and Just Enough Time …

  11. @greeneterry

    Well, That Was Easy


    Create a treasure map, you say? Well, when I need a map I usually don’t create them myself. I let the Internet do it for me. So I went ahead and Google Mapped for Treasure. And wouldn’t you know it, ‘X’ doesn’t mark the spot anymore, that balloon thingy does.…

  12. @greeneterry

    Pony Express? Not in the Great White North


    Here in Canada, we don’t trust Ponies. They are too cute to not be up to something. Also, we have access to an unlimited supply of Moose. That is why our early postal system was called the Swamp Donkey Express. Moose have the added bonus of built-in antlers to hang …

  13. @greeneterry

    Inventing an Invention


    This morning I was tasked by the Daily Create to become an inventor. What I found was, as an inventor, I am not able to invent anything. So I invented The Inventionator. It makes inventions for you by yelling into the input pipe. The next phase will be to become …

  14. @greeneterry

    A Clue into Dr. Oblivion’s ‘Missing’ Status


    Now someone like Dr. Oblivion being ‘missing’ should only be seen as suspect. To think that someone could put something over on him is laughable. So it must be by choice that he is missing.

    So we have to dig deeper. And I dug deeper. Did I answer any questions? …

  15. @greeneterry

    Making and Breaking ‘Art’


    Daily Create: Create a six second stop motion video of your producing some type of art.

    Mine is the making of a failed project. A few days ago we were to daily create a no-look drawing of a cactus. I tried it. The results were not feel-good ones so I …

  16. @greeneterry

    Week 3 Round Up, Now in Week 4


    So I’m getting behind and skipping some stuff, which I feel is in the spirit of being an open participant. If you’d like tips on how to do this, hit me up.

    Here are some excuses: work, family, moving. Good enough.

    All I could muster this week (last week) was …

  17. @greeneterry

    Go Ahead, Make a Choice


    Daily create today is to illustrate a choice. Well, I found myself needing to choose a new profile pic for something work-related (it’s a members only place, can’t tell you any more). I decided to use it for a new Twitter profile pic, too! Two birds, one choice. I looked …

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    What’s the Story with Stories?


    No Googling, no cheating. It’s time to just use what’s currently stored and available for recall in this here brain of mine to answer the question: What is Digital Storytelling?

    Let’s focus on the first part of the second word: Story. And here’s my brain’s in-depth analysis: Story, is like, …

  19. @greeneterry

    The Retired Prospector


    Levi spent his 40s, and the ’40s (1840s that is) panning, digging, clawing, mucking and chucking for gold in them hills, them dales, them vales and them northern, western and southern climes. Everywhere. He found enough to get by, if still being alive means he ‘got by’. But he’s down …

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