1. @greeneterry

    Week 2 Roundup


    Week 2 is in the past. It’s now been a fortnight. What did I learn, you may ask? Or you may not. Either way, keep reading to find out.

    Well, GIFfing ain’t easy to do as I blindly stumbled through figuring out GIMP and other GIF making things. But the

  2. @greeneterry

    Say it Like The Peanut Butter


    First ever GIF here for Western106 assignment and I went ultra complex using two whole images making the results worth two thousand words. Although lots of those words are the same so if you cross reference, eliminate remainders and carry the zero, it’s worth about 1150.

    I fear I did …

  3. @greeneterry

    Western Kindness


    Daily create is to tweet some kindness to someone you don’t know. No simpler kindness than to say thanks.

    So I’d like to say thanks to some Newcomers to Canada for reminding us that the cold, white stuff bombarding us at this time of year in Canada actually has some …

  4. @greeneterry

    Approaching things


    Just catching up on weaving my web… Yesterday’s daily create was to depict this here life pro tip visually: Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from either side.

    That puts Mitch (a noted fool), this bull and this horse in a …

  5. @greeneterry

    The Lonesome, Crowded CyberInfrastructure


    Full Disclosure: As an Open Participant with full-time work and a lovin’ family, I ain’t got a lot of time to ruminate on this here course. So what I got to give (and get), I got to give and get it quick. Enjoy it, but quick.

    Today I watched the …

  6. @greeneterry

    Daily Create: Home on the Range


    A new verse of Home on the Range, for Daily Create #TDC1471 in honour of my furnace.

    Home, home heat exchange

    Not working, no heating today;

    Today often is heard a discouraging word

    Through three sets of chattering teeth.

    Where the air is so cold, cuz it’s from outside,

    The …

  7. @greeneterry

    Week One Roundup


    Gather round the campfire while I weave you a tale. A tale about what I have done to contribute to #Western106 in its first week. A tale that will be known in legend as ‘Some things that happened’. If you’re reading this, you are part of that legend. You read …

  8. @greeneterry

    Where is the West?


    The term ‘Western’ draws to my mind dusty, sandy land with craggy mesas in the back ground. Small towns in the middle of nowhere thrown together in no time at all. Men usually look dirty and smelly. Women often wear outfits so complex you’d think they would get in it …

  9. @greeneterry

    Howdy, WesternDS106


    Mornin’ ladies and gents, I’ll be coming along this caravan ride through the wild west of the Internet. I hang my hat in Central Ontario, Canada where we have a Wild West ethos, with a little bit of North East thrown in. I passed my younger days in Western Canada …

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