1. Ha-Suk Shin

    Everywhere Malware


    Memories of the Nimda virus

    What is the Nimda Virus?

    A Virus that could spread by sending itself out to your email contacts. By infecting your files and automatically spreading across your network and infecting exisiting programs on hard. And because the fact that it came a week after the …

  2. Ha-Suk Shin

    Section 3 – DS106 assignment 2


    For my second assignment I chose to do a design assignment called “Word” and directions for this assignment was to not using any colors try to represent the meaning of the word through manipulating the word itself.

    I chose upside down because I first thought about making the …

  3. Ha-Suk Shin



    “think the unthinkable”

    I really like this because i personally think that education with the internet does not allow us to think freely. We are programed to think like everyone else through news and blogs in popular sites. Higher education should focus on the creativity and new ideas of its …

  4. Ha-Suk Shin

    Web 2.0


    After reading the article regarding the web 2.0 i was pretty confused what the author was talking about. At first i thought that it is a change in the whole system of computers because of the upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0 but reading closely i found that the it is …

  5. Ha-Suk Shin



    tdc34 on the human hand. A detailed hand of the human hand lines is what came to mind for me.

  6. Ha-Suk Shin

    tdc 32


    For todays daily create i chose money and i think it is self explanatory. I want money and lots of it.

  7. Ha-Suk Shin



    Saw thing at the supermarket and bought it a few days ago because of memories.. but it doesn’t taste as good as it use too…

  8. Ha-Suk Shin



    house is so small and doesn’t really have anything to lose but if i had to choose one it would be here?…

  9. Ha-Suk Shin



    Recent hype of an Asian-American player being able to play guard in the NBA.
    Had to post his picture and root for him!

  10. Ha-Suk Shin

    The Daily Create


    For my first assignment for the DTC assignment which was to record a sound which “comforts or makes you feel safe” was the instructions. I instantly went to the sound of the train because to me the sound of train is very comforting and helps me relax in the morning…

  11. Ha-Suk Shin

    My first Ds106 assignment


    As the pokemon cards are getting pretty popular I think I will follow suit. This Assignment is “pokemon card” in the design section!

    The Assignment was to create a Pokemon card with special powers.

    Proccess: I chose to create a card of Alan turing because of his contribution …

  12. Ha-Suk Shin

    The internet!


    When I first started using the internet aol instant messenger was very popular throughout the United States. Chatting with with schoolmates and people you didn’t know back then brought the thrill that phones could not bring. In those days you could not chat for a long time because the internet …

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