1. @hannahbruns7

    Week 14 Summary


    It has been very crazy with finals and everything going on. I have finally finished my final project and I have to say, I’m pretty proud of it. I wouldn’t consider myself the most creative person in the world but I really thought about this one. The prompt was saying …

  2. @hannahbruns7

    Week 13 Summary


    I have brainstormed a little on what I want to do for my final project. I am going to use the prompt that has to do with the Canadians. I have written out a few scripts to use for my production. I plan on using audio, photography, and video. More …

  3. @hannahbruns7

    Week 12 Summary


    So. I have had a ridiculously crazy week. Finding time between practices and games and projects and life for DS106 was the struggle this week, I’m just being real. I enjoyed the mashup assignments though; I incorporated video into most of the ones I did because I really enjoyed that …

  4. @hannahbruns7

    I’m Ready For My Closeup


    With this assignment, I took 2 unrelated images and combined them using a superimpose app. I used a picture of Kim Kardashian’s face and I put it in place of a baby’s crying face. I had to put the background up and then take the second picture, cut it out, …

  5. @hannahbruns7

    A Changing Character – The Making of a Spy



    This was probably one of my harder pieces I put together. I knew I had to have something that related to my spy and so  I decided to tell the story of how she grew up doing normal things, went to college and graduated, and then met the individual …

  6. @hannahbruns7

    Picture a day


    For this assignment, I took a picture a day from Saturday through Friday. I used imovie to then combine the images and turn it into a movie. I had to line up the faces so it looked better!…

  7. @hannahbruns7

    What Color is Your World? 


    For this assignment, I took a day walked around and photographed everything I saw that was green, outside and in my dorm room. I chose the song “In the Mood” because this sounds like a song they would play during World War II and that reminds me of the military …

  8. @hannahbruns7

    Week 11 Summary


    Ok so I’m gonna be real honest – I did not do my best work last week. But this week I had an opportunity to redeem myself, so I really took it. I’m not super into movie making so of course to someone who does it all the time my …

  9. @hannahbruns7

    Dear 16 Year Old Me…Spy Version


    This video is what my spy, Margaret de la Tour wish she knew when she was 16! To make this video, I pieced together clips using iMovie. I used time lapse mostly for the whole thing. I incorporated various angles and such to make it more interesting than if I …

  10. @hannahbruns7

    The Beauty Of Fredericksburg



    For this video, I took a little field trip to downtown Fredericksburg. I found beauty in a range of things, from architecture to the sky to plants to murals. It was really fun getting out and doing something to create this video rather than just create something from my …

  11. @hannahbruns7

    Dorm Room Time Lapse



    In this video, I took multiple time lapse videos from throughout the day (from when I wasn’t at class or practice!) and put them together! Notice how in the first clip, the street light turns off and in the last clip, the streetlight turns on. Also, something to note …

  12. @hannahbruns7

    Week 10 Summary


    All I can say about this week is wow. Because it was a struggle I can tell you that right now. I had a lot going on this week! This week was very interesting. I liked the Video Assignments, they were very interactive and I found that you didn’t just …

  13. @hannahbruns7

    High School Memories




    This video shows many memories from high school. I put all the pictures in order from freshman year to senior year. I liked this assignment because it made me take a step back and look at many memories that I maybe forgot about.…

  14. @hannahbruns7

    Week 9 Summary


    This week was kind of difficult at first just because I felt like my creativity was lacking and I needed it a lot this week!! When I first tried to do the x-ray goggles assignment, I accidentally deleted the favorites tool bar  I needed to get the x-ray goggles and …

  15. @hannahbruns7

    Create Your Own Dream Room



    These photos ebrace elements of what I want my dream room to be like! I like lighter colors like white, light pink, and gray because they are clean colors and I like the way those colors are in the sunlight. To add onto that, I would like wonderful, large …

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