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    Guess the song


    The assignment was to create a song that gets stuck in your head easily…well this one does for me at Christmas! Can you guess the song?

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    My Day in Sounds




    This audio clip combines a pig oinking, walking up stairs, my car turning on, a pen writing, silverware clinking, a softball bat hitting balls, and snoring. I did a pig oinking because I have a pig and that’s the first thing I hear when I wake up. I …

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    Moon Graffiti


    This radio program was really interesting and I liked how it was kind of a behind-the-scenes story from history, something not many people know about. It was definitely intriguing to listen to.

    As for the audio aspect, they did a really great job with the sounds. In the beginning, they …

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    Radio Show – Day 3


    Now that I am much more familiar with Limetown and the story, I was excited to tune in today (even the though the broadcast is during my bed time!!!!!). Once again, the story didn’t really pick up where it left off the previous show. I do like that every show …

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    Radio Show – Day 2


    Today I tuned into the radio show from the beginning and I knew everything that was happening! The show got increasing mysterious. They largely use eerie background music to set the scene, and it really works. It actually makes the listener feel spooked. I thought it was a little confusing …

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    Radio Show – Day 1


    So today I got on a few minutes late to the radio show so at first I had no idea what was going on. Then, as the story progressed I understood it better. The characters were really great and they used their voices to convey their emotions whether it be …

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    Juicy Facebook conversation…about hair


    For this assignment, I struggled at first to find a conversation on me or my mom’s Facebook that was a long enough conversation to be recorded. Then, I went to my sister’s Facebook because I know she has some pretty funny things up on her page a lot of times …

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    Week 4 Summary 


    This week has been the most fun week so far! I really enjoyed it. I love taking pictures normally so it was really fun to be able to finally take pictures for a purpose. The visual assignments we were able to pick from were really fun also. I loved the …

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    Love at First Shot


    This is Matt and Nicole and here is their story. It all begins one night when Nicole’s best friend asked her to go to a hockey game. Her friend’s boyfriend was going and he was bringing his friend also who was a guy. So kinda like a double date but …

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    Shadow of a Doubt


    This shadow shows a girl on her bike. And it tells a story. She loves to adventure, yet she is stuck at school with no car. So her mom got her a bike and she loves it so much. People think she is weird because she spends a lot of …

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    Bring your pet to school! 


    I absolutely had so much fun with this assignment. As you might have guessed from the name of my blog and numerous posts I have about him, I have a pig! His name is Poppy and he is 1 1/2 years old. I got him when he was just a …

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    Bucket List!!


    Here is a collage of a few things on my bucket list.

    1. See the northern lights – Although I hate the cold temperatures where they occur, I would love to see the northern lights. I love seeing sunsets because I love the colors in the sky created by them …

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    I had a lot of fun with this activity. The instructions were to complete as many of the 7 activities as possible. I was able to complete 6 out of the 7 in 20 minutes! Looking for specific things to take pictures of definitely helped me get more creative and …

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    Photography and Me


    I think I have always been pretty fond of photography. I like taking pictures, as well as having pictures taken of me. I am not a professional photographer by any means, but I love to go out and do photo shoots with my friends. Mostly when taking pictures I just …

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    Week 3 Summary


    Wow this week was definitely a long one. The first thing I saw on the list was watch a movie and I saw Spy Kids and got so excited. I knew it was going to be a good week. I read the list and was thinking “oh this is gonna …

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    Character Dossier – Special Agent GO 


    Margaret Francis Delatour was born in the coastal French town of La Rochelle. Her father was a high-up international business man who also inherited quite a bit of money from his family and her mother was fairly well known wedding dress designer. She had no siblings and only a pet …

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    On a mission to decode “Spy Kids”


    Out of the movies we were given to watch, I chose Spy Kids. I love that movie and I haven’t seen it in a very long time so I figured I should watch it. Plus, how cool is it that we get to watch an entertaining movie for a class?!?! …

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    Dream it…Write it! WritingAssignments1860


    I always end up falling asleep when I watch a movie. Always. I started watching Spy Kids because it is part of our assignment this week (how awesome is that?!) and of course, ended up falling asleep not even a third of the way through. While I took this nap, …

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    Week 2 Summary


    This week was a really fun week, and I was so excited to dive into more assignments. This week was definitely a lot easier than last, as I was able to navigate my blog much better and also I embedded like a pro! The most difficult thing for me this …

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    Create your own cipher!


    This week I had to create a “design” assignment for the assignment bank. It had to go along with the “secret agent” theme so I looked up “words relating to spies.” I saw the word “cipher” and I knew that was perfect for what I needed to. I decided to …

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