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    Weekly Summary 13/ Final Project Update


    Jasmine, Morgan, and I had a great time working on our radio show together, so we decided to team up for the final project. This week we set up a google doc and planned out what we want to do with the help of the prompts provided to us. Now …

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    Animoji Karaoke


    This is embarrassing lol

    I chose this song (Are You Bored Yet? by Wallows) because I am seeing them live in May and their new album is pretty good. This Animoji is supposed to look like me, but the only accurate thing is probably the glasses. They didn’t have many …

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    Spoiler Alert!


    Here is the best 30 second spoiler you will ever see. This was the biggest shock of an ending I have every experienced in a show. I am usually pretty good at predicting endings in television, but this one got me. #VideoAssignments #VideoAssignments1917…

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    Weekly Summary 10


    For my 10 stars of assignments I decided to go all out. When I took DGST 395 we read a book called Little Brother by Corey Doctorow. For my final project, I wanted to do a trailer for the book. However, I was never happy with what I was finding, …

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    Weekly Summary 9


    Web assignments this week came at the perfect time for me. About a week ago, a job that I have been interviewing for asked me to create a website about myself; basically a portfolio. I knew how to do it so it took me no time at all, but I …

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    Weekly Summary 8


    This week went a lot better than I expected. Before spring break, my group was a little overwhelmed with the Radio Show assignment. We didn’t have a solid idea and we were not sure what direction we wanted to go in. After the break, and some thought, we decided on …

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    Weekly Summary 7


    This class has given me a new respect on people who work with audio everyday. Audio work is very fun and rewarding, however, it is very tedious. Our radio show is going well so far. It takes a lot of planning, but I think it will all be worth it. …

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    Radio Show Progress


    So far, the Rouge Agents radio show is going well. Planning is the most crucial part of this project. As of now, we are going to focus on a game show approach. We all wanted to incorporate the characters we created in some way, so we decided to put them …

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    Rouge Agents



    Welcome back to Rouge Agents Radio! Stay tuned for today’s game, Two Truths and a Lie. We have Scott Wilton, Megan, and Jess Carter as our special guests this evening. So don’t touch that dial! You are in for a great treat!

    Welcome to ds106 radio, our special segment …

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    Music Mashup


    For this music mashup I chose to smush together a song by Oliver Tank and a song by Billie Eilish. The contrast between Billie’s high voice and Oliver’s low voice is very satisfying. Their lyrics go back and forth and sort of create a conversation within the song. #AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments2024…

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    Create a Place


    I love the sounds of a big city. I could never live in a big city, but they are fun to visit and explore. Sound can take you almost anywhere if you just close your eyes. #AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments2118…

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    Weekly Summary 6


    Design is a part of everything we do. Even writing a paper requires some kind of design or outline. No matter what we are designing, creativity and thought must go into it. This week I designed post cards, posters, and a logo of my name. You can do almost anything …

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    Design Thoughts


    Design thoughts are incorporated in everything we see. Logos, posters, books, photos, videos, and much more require extensive design and creativity. When it comes to the “rules” of these items and design, they can differ from person to person. Posters typically have a graphic of some kind, information for the …

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    Week 6 Motivation


    Ringo is here to tell say, “you can do it!” This quote by Walt Disney is very famous, however, Ringo make its look much better. His wink really seals the deal. To my fellow seniors: keep going, we’re almost there! #DesignAssignments #DesignAssignments1887…

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    An Upcoming Event: Please RSVP


    This is a poster for an upcoming event. I am not sure when it will be, but I will let you know as soon as I can. Well I won’t, but someone will. #DesignAssignments #DesignAssignments1893…

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    Fredericksburg: Your Dream Vacation


    Here is my destination post card. I can’t wait to send it to all of my friends! Fredericksburg definitely is not the first place I think of as a nice destination vacation, but it is also not the worst place. #DesignAssignments #DesignAssignments2059…

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    Cool Letters


    This website is really cool and I am glad I found it as a reference to use in the future. Writing my name is fun and all, but this website does a lot of exciting things that you can customize. #DesignAssignments #DesignAssignments2101…

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    Weekly Summary 5


    Last semester I took Technology for Musicians and we used Audacity a lot. Before that, I was already proficient in most video editing softwares, so it was really easy for me to pick up the ropes of Audacity. I love using Audacity and seeing the crazy stuff it can make. …

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    Moon Graffiti: The Podcast That Made Me Jump


    As the audio for this podcast began, I was immediately taken to a space ship over-looking the moon. My mind was able to be quickly immersed into an imaginary atmosphere and interested in the story that was about to be told. The conversation between pilots seemed normal until: CRASH! A …

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    Sally Sells Seashells


    Tongue twisters are hard! I chose my favorite one, “Sally sells seashells by the seashore,” and added some ocean sounds to the background. I could not say “Sally sells seashells by the seashore” more than one time, so I just used the same audio clip over and over and stopped …

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    Mixtape By Me


    This is a “mixtape” I send to my friends when they ask me for music suggestions. The modern digital world has made it much easier to share “mixtapes” with the world. Spotify is my personal favorite took for this, but Soundcloud is a close second. Digital music allows us to …

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    This is an audio edit from Trump and Hillary’s Presidential debate. I hope one day taxes are reduced to cookies; I think life would be a lot easier. #AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments2299…

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