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    I had a blog once….


    A friend mentioned to me today that they had recently started blogging. They went on about how much fun they were having, and what a great experience it is to have a voice online.

    This sparked something in the back of my brain. I thought to myself, “Oh yeah…I had …

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    Summary…Week 5!!!!!


    Wow guys, I can’t believe this is coming to an end. Nostalgic song below:

    Here is what I did with my week!

    Video Assignments:

    Both worth 5 stars

    Mashup Assignments:

    5 stars

    Remix Assignments:


    3 original+2 remix

    My Inspirations:


    Daily Creates:

    Final Project:






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    I really loved that Claire recognized the similar aesthetic features between the pig nurses and the Seuss Universe. They look as if they mesh so well together.

    This was my favorite assignment that Andrew completed this semester. I loved the contrast between the culture of gaming and the stuffy, snotty …

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    Collage Tutorial


    This tutorial isn’t really about the subject matter, just a way to make a collage for the assignment. I will be using Picasa.

    This is what the program looks like when you boot it up. You can go to create and then collage and it will bring you to this …

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    Supercut Frasier


    I was having a really difficult time thinking of a phrase or theme to super cut in one of my favorite shows, which is hilarious because as soon as I decided on this one it was relatively simple to find examples of Frasier screaming at his brother, Niles. This was …

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    Weekly Summary 4


    For the second half of the week, we were to complete 15 stars worth of video assigments. I feel like I say this every week, but I had the most trouble with this one! The best thing I learned out of all of it was definitely the YouTube Editor. So …

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    5 Second Film


    Okay, so this is actually an 11 second film, but it was hard to edit the words of two little girls. This was probably my favorite project yet, just because I believe my nieces to be the most adorable creatures on the planet. For this, they “reenacted” a clip from …

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    Vintage PSA


    For this assignment, I decided to take a modern issue (GMO Wheat) and tried to make it feel vintage and a little corny. For this, I used Mpeg Streamclip to cut up the clips and put them together how I wanted them. Then I uploaded them to YouTube and …

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    Weekly Summary 1/2


    Look, Listen, Analyze


    Exploring the Episodes Even More




    Genres of Youtube




    Daily Creates

    I’ve learned quite a bit about the technique of film and video so far this week. At times, it was a bit complicated, and I felt like I was back …

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    Discovering Genres


    I really enjoyed reading over the genres listed in the google doc, mostly because of how unique they are. Usually, when reading about film, one would see a slew of common and familiar genre titles. These, I feel, are aimed more at the audience of the internet, or Youtube, rather …

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    Exploring “Night Call”


    It actually wasn’t too difficult to find a little bit of information of the Twilight Zone episode “Night Call”. This isn’t too surprising as this series originally aired during a very turbulent time in history and in itself was ground breaking.

    “Night Call” was set to air on November 22nd, …

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    Look, Listen, Analyze


    The camera work from the get go brings up many negative connotations. In the opening sequence, a wheel chair is positioned to the left of the screen in the lower half of the frame. Ms. Keene then appears and adjusts to her right, towards the telephone and openly confronts the …

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    Weekly Summary #3


    Radio Show Reflection:

    This week was by far the busiest of them all. It was difficult to divide tasks between group members and pick a clear direction. I think our strong points definitely came whenever to discuss our ideas. It was hard to write something after I hadn’t for so …

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    Scottlo Reactions


    Whenever I summarize the episodes one by one, I find it hard to materialize something to say. I think week by week however, it is much easier to talk about the pod casts, what they consist of, and what we have learned from them. I thought that they were longer …

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    Time Remix


    Last week, I attempted to mash up The Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough At Last” and The Venture Brothers here. This time around, I decided to mix it up a bit and make it a little more fun. I was originally going to include a remix of an adventure …

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    Edit of Song Mash-Up


    So, I previously endeavored a mash-up of Bob Seger’s “Night Moves” with Tina Fey’s parody of “Night Cheese” (Go watch 30 Rock, now). I originally wanted the entire song to be involved in the process but realized after that it was only a certain clip that I wanted to used. …

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    Edit of Sound Story


    This week, due to the pressure of the radio show, I decided I would attempt to edit my previous assignments. First, I wanted to make my sound story more…rich, I guess? I didn’t necessarily want to make it longer, just tell a bigger story in the time I gave it. …

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    Weekly Summary #2



    I enjoyed reading and researching Creative Commons and seeing just how it affected how I do my work. It makes me more deeply appreciate the public domain and that people want everyone to be able to share anything informative or educational.

    The Scott LoDown podcasts are a neat way …

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    Scott LoDown Reactions


    Scott LoDown 005: This podcast talked a bit about participation and the comments that have been flying around the blog. It was discussed that your site should not be generic, because that is your only way of being known in the class. I agree with this, but it’s also been …

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    Elements of Design


    The elements of design surround us no matter where we go; we are constantly being reminded of the design choices of others by observing the world around us. Where as a design is the overall function of a piece of work, visual design is more about how the design is …

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    Creative Commons


    Creative Commons is an organization that describes itself as “a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools.” They offer copyright licenses to those who wish to share their work with the public under their own circumstances. The following graphic can also …

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    Sound Story (Midnight Sun)


    For this assignment, I want to try and tackle a sound story. I have learned A LOT about audacity this week. I stalled for the first 3 days just trying to be able to figure out how to load music anything into the program at all- but I think as …

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